How To look younger?

Benefits of looking younger than your age

Most people want to look younger than their age. But are there any benefits of looking younger than your age.

Is it better to look older than your age or younger?

When it comes to benefits of looking younger than your age it depends whether you are a man or woman. For most man it is good that they look older. This can help them in their career as a man who looks mature is easily given more responsibilities. You don’t have a lot of CEO’s who are in their 20’s or for that matter politicians. So looking younger than your age is a disadvantage for most men. It can be beneficial for some when especially when you are looking for a younger partner. But in most cases it is good when man look their age. But with woman the case is different. Let me explain in detail.

As a men ages his face becomes more masculine. His jawline becomes more visible. His chin becomes squarer. Gray hair makes some man look more mature. While the characteristic features of female faces (high cheekbones, full lips, larger eyes than men, etc.) fade under the effect of time. Aging therefore makes the appearance of men more typically masculine, but that of women, less typically feminine! 

Therefore looking younger as afar as women is concerned is important. This is the reason why in the movies “James Bond” and elderly Sean Connery could effectively nail the role. But the “James Bond Girl” always used to change. As we are concentrating more on women in our blog it means looking younger than your age is clearly beneficial for you. But it’s not like looking older has got its benefits for women.

Women and aging

When a women is in her teens then it is beneficial to look a little older. This can help a woman to enter any club. Women also want to look more adult when they are in their teens as they find women older than them to be more mature. But once you enter your 20’s you will start to feel insecure as your aging. Because now you will find that you are fast approaching 30.

So you go for expensive skin care routines to deal with slightest signs of aging like fine lines. Once we reach out thirties insecurity grows year after year and such aesthetic procedures, such as botox, fillers, if they were distant before – or should – now become closer. 

Benefits of looking younger

  1. When you look younger than your age everyone gets surprised when they come to know your actual age. There is a kind of appreciation that you get for looking younger. This makes you feel good about it. No one likes to be called old. If someone over estimates your age you don’t like it. It’s quite natural.
  2. Then there is rejection that can come from your partner if they find you looking older. All know that men prefer younger woman. This is natural as younger women are more fertile. Now this thought is ingrained in our subconscious from the time we were living in caves as early Homo sapiens. It was necessary to have as many kids to protect your bloodline. So younger the women the more the children one could have.  Therefore men are inclined to prefer younger mates. Hence if you look younger than your age the chances are more that your mate will never leave you.
  3. Not to mention the frequently asked question “When are you getting married?” or “When is the baby coming?” Looking younger than your age is beneficial in this matter for a women.
  4. When a woman looks older than her age she will attract the attention of older man. Looking younger can help to get the attention of older and younger men also. This can help you in finding a better mate.
  5. Looking younger has its own health benefits and people who look younger tend to live longer. This was found in study conducted by Danish scientists on 387 pairs of twins. Those looking older died earlier than their younger looking sibling. This is because key pieces of our DNA called telomeres which is linked with a cells ability to replicate itself is also linked with younger looking person. A shorter telomeres signifies faster aging and is linked with many diseases. In the study the people who looked younger had longer telomeres.

Many people will advise you embrace the way you look. This can be fine in some cases. But if you can look younger than your actual age with a little effort and spending almost zero money then why not try it. We have for your four such ways by which you can look younger.

Four ways to look younger

Avoid the sun. Yes this is the first thing to do if you want to look younger. You can do this by using sun screen when you move out in the open. Suns UV rays damage the collagen in your skin. Collagen is a protein needed to keep you skin firm and prevent wrinkle formation. By using a sunscreen you can protect your skin from the suns UV rays. You also have to wear sun glasses to protect the eyes as the skin around the eye is very sensitive which can lead to eye wrinkles.

Drink lots of water. This is another step that you can to look younger than your age. This will ensure that your body is well hydrated and give moisture to your skin. This will in turn prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Sleep for 8 hours. This is another step that you take. When you sleep your skin gets a chance to rejuvenate. Also by sleeping you can prevent dark circles.

Avoid alcohol. Though this is the fourth step it is very important one. Alcohol causes dehydration. This is the reason why you feel thirsty after a night of binge drinking. This dehydration dries the skin of its moisture resulting in wrinkles. Therefore you must quit drinking water. Or if there is an important party. Drink lots of water. This will help to prevent dehydration.

Are you healthier if you look younger?

One benefit of looking younger is that you are healthier. Looking younger than your age will make you feel younger. This has a positive effect on mental health which reduces your risk of depression and severe diseases like dementia. Depression and stress can cause other diseases like hypertension.

In conclusion

There are many benefits of looking younger especially if you are a woman. It can help you to attract a better partner. It can keep your present partner attracted to you. It can even make you live longer. The point is it is so simple to look younger. You can use our four ways to look younger. Steps which are so simple that anyone can follow.


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