How To look younger?

Botox for wrinkles around eyes

Wrinkles around eyes

There are three face lines that are formed around the eyes. They are brow droop, crow’s feet and tear trough. These wrinkles are formed due to age and exposure to the suns UV rays. Botox is not effective on such wrinkles

Botox works well on wrinkles that are formed due to repetitive facial expressions like smiling or squinting. This is because botox works by paralysing the muscles where the injection is injected.

Of the three type of wrinkles crow’s feet is formed due to repetitive facial expressions. Also one of the cause of under eye wrinkles is smiling.

Therefore botox will be effective for wrinkles around eyes like crow’s feet. You can also use botox for wrinkles under eyes .

Before the procedure you must avoid drinking alcohol for at least two weeks. Also avoid takin aspirin for at least two weeks. This will prevent bruising. If you have done the botox procedure during the last four months then you are not eligible to receive it again.

Botox for wrinkles around eyes

First of all the area around your eyes will be cleaned. A topical anaesthesia will be applied around your eyes. This will numb the area around your eyes.

The botox injection will then be injected in your skin using a very fine needle. The doctor will ask you to move your muscles to help find the best place for injection. This usually takes around 10 minutes.

The doctor will ask you not to rub the injected area for another two days. You will also be asked to avoid rigorous exercises and sunbathing. You will also need to avoid drinking alcohol for the next 24 hours.

You will need to avoid any face massages, exercises, facials or exfoliating scrubs for at least 24 hours.

The effects of botox last for three to four months. So you will have to repeat the procedure every four months.

Side effects of botox for wrinkles around eyes

Botox is a very safe treatment procedure. But it must be done by an experienced professional. Research your professional to know about his or her success rate.

You may experience flu symptoms, headaches, bruising around your eyes, swelling around your eyes and redness at injection point. You will also have drooping eyelids or eyebrows, dry eyes or overactive tear ducts.

If you have slurred speech, trouble breathing and swallowing, lack of bladder control, weak muscles and unclear vision then consult your professional immediately. This can happen due to spread on botox injection to unintended areas of the body.

Advantages of botox

One of the most important benefits of botox is that it is minimal invasive or is non-surgical in nature. This means you don’t have to cut your body. Also it means you don’t have to inject an anaesthesia.

You can also go to work immediately after the procedure as there is not cut made or anaesthesia injected.

The effects of the injection can be seen in as little as two days. But it will take a couple of weeks to see the full effect. This makes this injection very helpful if you want to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes fast.

Disadvantages of botox for wrinkles around the eyes

The problem with botox is that you have to repeat it after every four months. This will become costly over a period of time. In case of dermal fillers you can wait for a year before repeating the procedure.

Also there is no fix if the procedure goes wrong. So you will have to wait for three months till the effect fades away. Therefore it is important to choose a proper professional after conducting a good research.

In conclusion

Though there are other treatment options to get rid of wrinkles around eyes, botox is used by many health care professionals as it is minimal invasive. Though you have to repeat the procedure after every three to four months the success rate of botox is quite high.

It all depends upon the professional you choose so a proper research on your health care provider is also important.


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