How To look younger?

Botox for wrinkles under eyes

If you are reading this post then chances are that you must be having wrinkles under your eyes. This is a fairly common problem in elderly people, but can occur even during your twenties.

In this post we will write about the most common treatment option used for under eye wrinkle which is botox. There are other options also like anti-wrinkle creams and dermal fillers. For the best possible treatment you will need to discuss with your doctor. But right now we will talk about botox for under eye wrinkles.

Causes of under eye wrinkles

Under eye wrinkles are of two types namely static and dynamic. The cause of under eye wrinkles depends upon the type.

Dynamic under eye wrinkles are formed due to repetitive facial expressions, in this case smiling. While smiling our eyes acquire a particular expression. When we stop smiling our eyes return to normal. As we age this expression lines become permanent and make us look older.

Static under eye wrinkles are due to the normal process of aging. As we age the levels of the protein collagen start to decrease in our body. This protein is needed to keep the skin firm and prevent wrinkles.

Another reason under eye wrinkles is the suns UV rays. These rays create free radicals in our body which damage the collagen in our skin. As mentioned above collagen keeps our skin wrinkle free. This contributes to under eye wrinkles.

Some of the other reasons for under eye wrinkles are smoking, drinking alcohol, stress and lots of sugary foods.

Botox for wrinkles under eyes

Botox injections work by paralysing the muscles at the injection point and restricting their movements. So they are good for wrinkles formed by repetitive facial movements like smiling. This makes them perfect for wrinkles under eyes.

Tell your doctor whether you had botox injections during the last four months. You will have to stop taking any blood thinners several days before the injection.

Before the injection a numbing agent will be rubbed below your eyes. This will numb the area. All you will feel will be a pinching sensation. Your doctor will ask you not to rub the injected site for the next few days.

You can return to work right after the injection. There will be redness, swelling pain for the next couple of days which is normal. You will start to see results in the next few days. The treatment has to be repeated after every three months as its effects start to fade out.

Prevention of under eye wrinkles

If you don’t want to undergo botox for wrinkles under eyes, then it will good to prevent the. This can be done easily. One of the reason for wrinkles as mentioned above is the suns UV rays. You need to protect your eyes from them. You can do this by wearing sun glasses. Wear glasses that will protect your eyes from the suns UV rays.

If you don’t like to wear glasses then you can wear a hat that provides shade to your eyes.

In conclusion

Using botox on under eye wrinkles is an effective way to treat them. This is because these wrinkles are formed by smiling and botox works well on wrinkles which are formed from repetitive facial movements.


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