How To look younger?

Carrot skin care

You can achieve carrot skin care in two ways. One is by consuming carrots on a daily basis. Two is by applying a carrot mask on your face. This is because carrots by nature are filled with nutrients. They are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Due to the high content or vitamin A they are excellent to maintain eye health.

But then carrots can be great for skin care due to the high amounts of vitamin C. They are also rich in natural oils which can help to improve the moisture content in your skin. Let us first start by looking at the benefits of consuming carrots for skin care.

Benefits of consuming carrots every day for skin

By consuming a carrot a day you can look younger than your age. This is because of the vitamin A and C present in carrots. These two are anti-oxidants. This means that they can neutralize the free radicals that are formed in your skin due to suns UV rays and other reasons. This will improve the content of the protein collagen which provides firmness to your skin. As a result you will develop fewer wrinkles and look younger.

Carrots as mentioned above can help to maintain moisture content in your skin. Moisturized skin diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. One point to note is that this won’t prevent the formation of wrinkles. Your wrinkles will be less visible.

Carrots will protect your skin from the sun. So you must eat carrots daily if you are exposed to the suns UV rays daily, especially during the afternoons. The carotenoids contained in the beet will protect you to a certain extent against harmful solar radiation. This will protect you from sunburn. However you must use sunscreen when you move out of your house. Carrots are only for additional protection.

With carrots you can have a great complexion. Many cosmetics today advertise the presence of carotenoids. This is because the carotene compounds can deposit in the outer layer of skin, giving your skin a healthy-looking, golden-reddish tint. This will help you achieve a great complexion.

Carrots are also known to treat many skin conditions like acne and dermatitis. They can also heal scars and blemishes on the skin.

Prepare carrot juice

You can eat raw carrot or with a salad. You can also drink it as a yummy juice. For this you can use our carrot juice recipe.

For this juice you need a carrot, an apple, 1 tbsp. sugar and ice cubes. Wash the ingredients with water. Peel the carrots and cut them into thin slice. Cut the apple also into slices. Now mix all the ingredients in a blender. Mix well till you get a thick paste. You can add water or milk to adjust the consistency. Drink this juice every morning to look younger and to have a glowing complexion.

Use a carrot mask for skin care

You can get carrot skin care by using a face mask made from carrots. Since carrots are rich in antioxidants like vitamin A and C, a carrot mask will help you fight signs of skin aging. It will also help to keep your skin moisturized. Do not worry, by using carrot mask your face won’t become orange or yellow.

For this mask you will need 2 medium carrots, a tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and half organic lemon. The honey and olive oil will have a moisturizing effect on your face and the organic lemon will boost the anti-oxidant content in your skin.

To prepare this mask first peel the carrots and then scrape them into fine graters. Then steam the scraped carrots. Mash the boiled carrots to a pulp. To this mix add the honey and olive oil. Squeeze the lemon juice in this mixture. If your skin is dry then add less than eight drops of lemon juice.

Wash your face with a facial cleanser to clean your face. Apply the mask on your skin and keep it for 15 minutes. Then remove the mask with a paper towel. Finally rinse your face to remove the mask residue. Do this for twice a week.

This anti-wrinkle carrot mask will provide firmness to your skin. It will also help you to achieve a glowing complexion.

In conclusion

Carrot skin care can be performed in both ways by eating carrots or by using it as a face mask. You will look younger and have a glowing face if you use carrots for skin care on a regular basis.

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