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Castor oil skin moles

Castor oil has several skin benefits. One of the benefits is said to be removal of moles. However there is little support from the scientific community for such a claim. In most cases moles are benign skin growths, but in rare cases they may develop into melanoma a type of skin cancer.

Therefore before attempting to remove skin moles from your skin it is important to get them checked by a dermatologist. If you are sure that it is not a case of melanoma then only you can go ahead and try to remove it.

You must be cautious while using castor oil to remove skin moles. Castor oil can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions in some people. It is recommended that you apply oil on a small area of your skin before using it on your face. 

How to use castor oil for skin moles?

Now you must understand that removing moles with castor oil is not a medically recommended procedure. You must consult a dermatologist before attempting to remove any mole. This is especially true if it is changing in size, shape and color.

Still if you insist to remove it using castor oil then here are some steps that you can follow.  First of all you need to clear the area around the mole with mild soap and warm water. Now take a sterilized needle and puncture the mole. For sterilization of the needle keep it in boiling water or wipe it with alcohol.

Once the mole is punctured rub the castor oil onto the mole. Make sure to cover the entire area. Place a bandage or tape over the mole to keep the oil in place. You will have to leave the bandage on for many hours. Alternatively you can also keep it overnight. This procedure has to be repeated till the mole disappears.

As mentioned this method is not scientifically approved and may not work for everyone. Also removing the mole can result in scarring and infection.

How else to remove skin moles?

If you want to remove moles in a proper manner then there are some surgeries that a dermatologist will perform. The first surgery is laser surgery. This is a safe and effective method that involves using a laser to remove the mole.

The second surgery is excision surgery. In this method the mole along with a small amount of the surrounding skin is cut off using a scalpel. This procedure will be done by a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.

These two are proper ways to remove skin moles. This is because you can get your diagnosis also done and see whether the mole is cancerous or not. Also it is a guaranteed way to remove the mole, while with castor oil there is no guarantee. Finally there won’t be any side effects.

In conclusion

Self-removal of moles is not a recommended procedure by the scientific community and must be done in consultation with a dermatologist. If you want to remove your mole then there is laser and excision surgeries that can performed.

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