How To look younger?

Chamomile for skin care

Chamomile is a popular ingredient that is used in skincare. We have come up for you with a few ways by which you can use chamomile to improve the condition of your skin. The first one is by using a DIY chamomile face mask.

This is a simple DIY face mask recipe. For this mask you need ¼ cup of chamomile tea (cooled), ¼ cup honey and ½ cup oatmeal (finely ground). Brew the chamomile tea and let it cool to room temperature.

Keep the chamomile tea in a bowl and mix it with honey and oatmeal till they are well combined. Cleanse your face and apply the mixture on your face. Avoid the eye area. Leave the mask for 15 minutes. Finally rinse off with water and pat your face dry.

The advantage of using this face mask is that it is gentle and nourishing. This makes it good for all skin types. The oatmeal has the ability to exfoliate your skin, while the tea and honey can soothe and hydrate your skin.

Secondly we have a DIY chamomile oil cleanser for you. For this you need ¼ cup chamomile flowers or chamomile tea bags, ½ cup carrier oil (coconut oil) and a jar with a tight lid. Place the flowers or tea bags in a clean dry glass jar. Now pour the carrier oil over the chamomile until it is fully submerged.

Now close the jar with a lid and place it in a warm and sunny spot. Keep it there for a couple of week to infuse the oil with chamomile.  Finally strain the chamomile by using a fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth into a clean container.

To use this oil, apply a small amount on your face and massage it gently for a few minutes. Wash away the oil by using a wash cloth. This will wipe away the oil and any dirt or makeup. 

This cleanser is a gentle and effective way of removing makeup and impurities. This cleanser can also soothe and hydrate the skin. This cleanser has a shelf life of six months when stored in a cool dry place.

There are a couple of other ways by which you can use chamomile oil into your skincare routine. First of all you can use it as a tea toner. Brew a cup of chamomile tea and let it cool. Apply the tea to your face as a toner. This will soothe and calm your skin.

You can also use chamomile to reduce puffiness and soothe your eyes. Brew a cup of tea and let it cool. Soak a couple of cotton pads in the tea and place them over your closed eyes. Keep it for 15 minutes.

Remember to always first test the skincare product on a small area of your skin and check for any allergies. If there are none then you can use it on your face.

In conclusion

You can use our DIY face mask or our DIY facial cleanser to obtain the benefits of using chamomile on your skin. Your skin will be nourished and hydrated.

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