How To look younger?

Coconut oil skin Lightening

Everyone wants to have a fairer complexion without any blemishes. We all want to avoid uneven skin tones. Coconut oil skin lightening is a method by which you can achieve a fairer and even skin tone without having to spend lots of money.

Here in this post we have come with some home remedies using coconut oil to get rid of uneven skin tone and other blemishes on your skin. But before moving ahead let us see what research has to say about coconut oil and its benefits for the skin.

What does science have to say about coconut oil?

Coconut milk has been used to lighten skin tone from ancient times. Research has supported the effectiveness of this practice. Coconut oil can help people who are suffering from hyperpigmentation.

Virgin coconut oil has active natural healing components. It is known to lighten uneven skin tone. It can get rid of wounds, scars and dark spots on your skin.

Coconut oil is rich in anti-oxidants. This makes it effective in the fight against free radicals. Applying coconut oil in a topical way can be helpful for skin inflammation and to achieve a clearer and lighter skin tone.

Coconut oil can also get rid of the dead skin cells and regenerate new healthier and fairer skin below.

Now since we know the benefits of coconut oil for skin lightening it is time to know about the homemade masks and remedies. But before moving ahead we would request you to do a patch test on the inside of your arms to check for any potential allergies that you may develop.

This will ensure that you don’t have any ill effects of the masks on your face where it will be visible.

Virgin coconut oil

You can use virgin coconut oil directly to give you the best skin lightening results. You don’t have to mix it with any other ingredient. Apply virgin coconut oil directly to the areas with uneven skin at night before going to bed. Gently massage the oil on your skin for a few minutes. This will ensure that the oil is absorbed by the skin. Leave the oil overnight.

Wash the coconut oil in the morning with warm water. Do this every night till you start to see your skin develop a lighter complexion.

Coconut oil with baking soda

Baking soda is excellent as far as skin exfoliation is concerned. It can also prevent clogged pores from forming. On the other hand coconut oil can inhibit the irritation caused by the peeling of the skin during exfoliation.

To get more effective results you can mix lemon juice and tea tree oil to the above combination. The citric acid in lemon juice can help to treat fine lines and irregular pigmentation. Tea tree oil can help to clear skin infections. But as mentioned above first do a patch test to see for any side effects like skin irritation and redness.

For this mask you need 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 3 drops of tea tree oil, ½ tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and 1/8 tablespoon of coconut oil in a bowl. Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl. Stir it till you get a paste. Now apply this paste on the dark areas of your skin.

After this wash your skin thoroughly and dry it. Do this process once a week till you achieve a whiter skin tone.

Coconut oil with sandalwood

Sandalwood oil or its powder is known to be beneficial for skin lightening. In combination with coconut oil it can help to lighten uneven skin tone. It can also help you to get rid of dark spots and brighten your skin.

For this mask you need equal parts of virgin coconut oil and sandalwood oil. Mix them well till you get a thick liquid. Apply this liquid on your face. Keep the liquid on your face for around 10 minutes. During this time the liquid will dry naturally on your skin. Finally wash your skin with warm water.

In conclusion

Coconut oil skin lightening will help you to get rid of uneven skin tone due to the various properties associated with coconut oil. You can also get rid of dark spots and brighten your skin. Don’t forget to do a patch test before applying on your face.

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