How To look younger?

Cosmetic procedures to look 10 years younger

There are several treatment options available for you to look 10 years younger. These are minimal invasive in nature. But they don’t last for a long period of time and you need to repeat them. Most of them will last for less than a year.

If you want to undergo treatment that last longer than you will have to go for cosmetic procedures. One such procedure whose effects last for around a decade is facelift. This treatment is known to restore the firmness and elasticity of the skin and can make you look even 20 years younger.

Now facelift is good for patients who have signs of facial aging like sagginess but still have some elasticity. This means anyone in their 40’s to anyone in their 60’s can undergo this treatment.

In this treatment, through cosmetic surgery the muscles of the face are tightened, and the skin adapts again above them. 

Before the surgery

Before the surgery consultation will take place in which a professional will make a thorough assessment of the patients face. Most doctors will photograph the patient for before and after photos.

It is necessary to check the bone structure of the face and evaluate skin and face of each person.

The person undergoing facelift procedure has to be healthy. If problems are found in the tests performed then the person has to restore his or her health before undergoing the cosmetic procedure.

Complete blood count, X-ray, urine test, coagulogram are the tests requested for patients who will undergo plastic surgery.

The person undergoing facelift will have to stop using medications that alter coagulation and healing process. This has to be done seven days prior to the surgery.

The night before surgery the patient must have a light but nutritious meal.

The treatment procedure

The person is first injected with a general anaesthesia. The procedure takes three to five hours and the patient will have to spend a couple of days in the hospital.

If a person has low rate of sagging you can go for mini lifting. This technique works best for the cheek and neck. For high degree of facial aging traditional facelift is good. This technique covers the entire face.

Facelift can also be used for forehead and eyelids. This is the most common complaint of patients.

After the procedure

After the procedure is complete the patient will feel some discomfort that is relieved with analgesia. You will have swelling in the face and neck, bruises, feeling of tightness. If you are a smoker then you will have difficulties in healing.

Do not exercise for 30 days after the facelift. Take the prescribed medicines on time. Do not come out in the sun. If you have to then use a sunscreen and a hat to protect the region.

Eat right and stay hydrated. Use any cosmetics that are approved by your surgeon only.


Recovery will occur after two weeks. The patient can return to work three weeks after the operation. The new appearance will be visible from the first moment. But you will have to wait a while to check the final results. Facelift is good as the results last for several years.

Who must avoid this procedure?

Smokers must not go for this treatment as healing process gets impaired due to smoking. People with clotting problems, autoimmune diseases and heart problems must also avoid this procedure.

If you belong to the above group then you can try minimal invasive treatment options like botox or fillers.

In conclusion

Facelift is a good cosmetic procedure if you want to look 10 years younger. Though costly than other treatments the effects are long lasting. So it comes cheaper in the long run.

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