How To look younger?

Cucumber skin care

I am sure all of you my readers must have seen people relaxing on a hammock with a slice of cucumber on their eyes. This is because cucumber is a great ingredients with many beneficial nutrients and vitamins. As a result cucumber skin care must be a regular part of your skin care routine.

We have come up with a few homemade cucumber masks for you. But before learning to prepare any masks it is important that you know about the benefits that cucumber have for your skin.

Cucumber skin benefits

Right from moisturizing your skin by hydrating it to treating conditions like acne cucumber skin care has a range of benefits. Cucumber can help you to look younger by diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin.

Hydrating your skin.

If you have dry skin then cucumber as a home remedy is excellent for you. It’s a well-known fact that cucumber is high on water content. This makes it perfect for hydrating dry skin. This will make your skin glow.

Cucumber anti-aging benefits

By promoting skin hydration cucumber will promote moisture content in your skin. This will diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. Remember this is only temporary way to fight signs of skin aging.

Fights against free radicals

For a more permanent solution for wrinkles and saggy skin you will need to use cucumber skin care for its anti-oxidants. These fight free radicals which damage collagen in your skin. Cucumber is rich in anti-oxidants.

It is rich in vitamins A and B1. These both are needed to protect your skin from damage due to the suns UV rays. Cucumber is rich in vitamin C which is also another important anti-oxidant. Cucumber peel contains silica, excellent for tightening sagging skin. Cucumber also contains caffeic acid, an oxidant, known for its anti-aging properties, which help smooth expression lines.

This properties of cucumber make it perfect for a fight against skin aging. This means you can look younger using cucumber skin care.

Cucumber for skin brightness

As mentioned above cucumber is rich in vitamin C. hence cucumber can brighten your skin and result in an even skin tone. Cucumber can reduce dark spots and blemishes.

Cucumber can prevent acne

Cucumber can act as an astringent. This means it can tighten your skin pores and decrease you pore size. This will control the production of oil in your skin and prevent acne.

Cucumber for puffy eyes

As mentioned above slices of cucumber are always put on the eyes while relaxing. This is because cucumber can help to get rid of puffy eyes. Cucumber is rich in vitamin K which will brighten dark circles. Also due to its hydrating effects cucumber can have a cooling effect on your eyes. This will help to get rid of puffy eyes.

Cucumber skin care

Now since we know the benefits of cucumber skin care, it’s time a read about a few home remedies and masks prepared using cucumber.

Cucumber slices for the eyes

Due to the high concentration of water in cucumber its slices can help reduce puffiness. They can also remove signs of tiredness in the eyes. Before cutting slices keep the cucumber in the fridge for some time. This will help to improve the appearance of tired eyes. Keep the slice for 15 minutes to get rid of tired eyes.

Cucumber moisturizing face mask

Cucumber being high in water content a mask will have moisturizing effects on the skin. For this mask you need half a cup of chopped cucumber, half a cup of chopped avocado, one egg and two teaspoons of powdered milk. Beat everything in a blender. Do this till you get a homogeneous paste. Now keep this paste in a refrigerator for half an hour. Then spread the paste evenly over your face. Keep the paste till it gets dry. Remove it with warm water.

Cucumber yogurt mask

For this mask you need half a cucumber and a tablespoon of natural yogurt. Put the ingredients in a blender and blend till you get a paste. Apply this mask on face and neck. Keep the mask for 15 minutes. Finally remove the mask rinsing with warm water.

Cucumber face mask

For this mask you need a small piece of cucumber and a drop of rosemary essential oil. Put this items in a blender along with a whipped egg white. You will get a face mask that should be used only around your eyes and mouth. Gently spread with your fingers and remove after 15 minutes.

In conclusion

Cucumber skin care can help you to moisturize your skin and get a lovely glow. It can also help fight signs of skin aging like wrinkles and saggy skin. Cucumber slices can get rid of puffy eyes. You can also treat a condition like acne with cucumber skin care.

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