How To look younger?

Does losing weight make you look younger

Losing weight is one of the ways that can make you look younger. We all know that having belly fat makes a person look older than their actual age. But significant weight loss can cause a reduction in volume that keeps the skin firm.

When we lose weight there is a corresponding loss of fats. This loss of fats is evident in the face also. It is more significant in the lower half and neck. This results in saggy skin around the lower half of the face. As a result wrinkles are formed.

Losing weight suddenly can have an opposite effect on your face and can make you look older.

How to avoid wrinkles when losing weight?

Then if losing weight is necessary to look younger but the mere process will make you face look older then we have to find a way to avoid wrinkles when losing weight. If we can do this then we can actually have the benefit of losing belly fat. Mentioned below are some of the ways by which you can achieve this.

1. Include bodybuilding in your exercise routine

We always advocate the use of aerobic exercises to look younger. We even stress on the need to play your favourite sport to avoid aging skin. But it is important to do bodybuilding in your exercise regime. Most people who want to lose weight want to do cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling and brisk walking. But it is also important to replace the fats with lean protein. Body building can help you to do so. This will help you in maintaining your new weight in the long term and prevent saggy skin. Having a good level of lean mass allows you to spend more calories throughout the day, even when you are not training. The best exercise routine will be to do aerobic exercises thrice a week and weight training for twice a week.

2. Eat the right foods

Don’t go for calorie restrictions when you want to lose weight. There are certain foods that are high in calories but also good for your skin. Like salmon is a fish which is high in calories but it also has omega-3 fatty acids which preserves the moisture in the skin. So you need to avoid bad calories to protect your skin.

Don’t consume white sugar. It is high in calories and also has a damaging effect on the skin. So avoid food products that contain white sugar.

Food restriction will also restrict nutrients to the skin which it needs to maintain its firmness. Also production of collagen a protein which is needed to prevent wrinkle formation will get effected if you go for a crash diet.

Avoid French fries, alcohol, doughnuts, sugar pastries, coffee and processed meat if you want to lose weight in the right manner.

3. Precautions to take while exercising outdoors

Doing aerobic exercises or playing sports is one of the best ways to lose weight. We recommend you to do this three times a week. But most of these activities are done out in the sun. Here you will come in contact with the skin damaging suns UV rays. These rays create free radicals in your skin which damage the collagen in your body. This will result in sagging skin with wrinkles and sun spots.

Therefore you will need to use sun protection in the form of sunscreen on your entire body when you work out in the open. This measure will protect your skin from the skin damaging UV rays of the sun.

4. Improve the production of collagen

Due to loss of weight as mentioned above there is a probability of the appearance of wrinkles on your face. One of the steps that you can take to prevent aging face is to improve the production of collagen in your skin. As mentioned above collagen is a protein that strengthens the skin and prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. This can be done by eating foods rich in collagen or by eating foods rich in anti-oxidants.

Foods rich in collagen can directly improve the collagen levels in your body. Egg white and chicken are a very rich source of collagen. You can try bone broth in your soups.

Anti-oxidants help to get rid of the free radical that damage collagen. You can eat tomatoes, carrots, blueberries, strawberries and cabbage to give a boost to the anti-oxidants in your skin.

5. Drink lots of water

Another reason why we get wrinkles is the lack of water in our body. This causes dry skin which is more likely to wrinkle formation. Now when we exercise we lose a lot of fluids. Therefore it become more important to consume lot of water. This has to be done throughout the day. Also don’t forget to drink water when you exercise.

Drinking a glass of water before meals can help you to lose weight. This will happen as drinking water will create the impression of a full stomach. Thus you will eat lesser. Normally we recommend to drink eight glasses of water, but since you are exercising you must drink another couple of extra glasses.

6. Avoid making faces while exercising

Another reason for the appearance of wrinkles when we lose weight is the faces that we make while exercising. We have recommended two days of weight training. During weight training we make a lot of expressions on our face. These expressions generate small momentary demarcations on the skin due to the movement of the muscles. Now as we age these muscle contractions will definitely mark the skin make these dynamic lines static in nature. By static we mean that they will appear even when the face is at rest. Hence it is necessary to avoid making faces when you exercise.

In conclusion

We have recommended 6 tips for you to prevent wrinkles which get formed due to sudden weight loss. You have to exercise in a manner that the weight loss is more gradual. By using our tips on the type of exercises to do, the foods to eat, the foods to avoid and other points you will be able to avoid formation of wrinkles during weight loss.


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