How To look younger?

Face wrinkle exercise and massages to look young

Wrinkles are most prominent sign of aging. If your face has wrinkles then you will definitely look older than your actual age.

Now collagen is the protein in our skin that prevents the formation of wrinkles. As we age the production of collagen gets affected which leads to formation of wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and between the eyebrows. Wrinkles are also formed on the cheeks and lips. These are the names of wrinkles on face that a person will get as she ages.

One of the reasons for wrinkles is the suns UV rays. They generate free radicals in our skin which damage the collagen in our skin. Pollutants and smoking also can cause damage to the skin.

Now there are many treatments for wrinkles. You can try some natural remedies or use anti wrinkles creams or serums. You can use exfoliation techniques, fillers and even surgeries.

But there is another alternative to all this methods and it is free. This is face wrinkle exercises.

As with body exercises this facial workouts will tone the muscles of the face. They offer a long lasting anti-aging effect. But they must be carried out daily.

Take time for around 15 minutes a day to rejuvenate the skin by performing facial exercises.

Below are some suggestions that you must read.

Tips for you to read

Before practicing facial rejuvenation exercises it is important to take a note of the below tips provided to you. It will be better if you write them down.

Prevention is the best way to prevent wrinkles. Hence you must start practising these exercises in your twenties. If you are not in your twenties you can still practice them and see results.

During day time your face goes to a lot of stress. Therefore the best time to practice these facial exercises is at night.

These exercises must be practiced slowly and calmly. You must be aware of the movement and hold each pose for at least 5 seconds.

One important step that you must perform before practising these facial workouts is to remove any make-up. This will oxygenate your skin tissue which will make it more receptive to the exercises.

Now you can start by doing these exercises twice a week. You can slowly increase the intensity over a period of time. This must be done in a gradual manner. We recommend every alternate day.

It is important to stand in front of the mirror when you perform these movements. This way you will see the symmetry of the two parts of the face. 

Exercise for wrinkles

We have provided exercise every part of your face. From your forehead to your eyes or your cheeks and chin. We have tried to cover every part of your face. You can give priority to the part of face which looks most aged.

Exercise to tone the skin 

To tone your skin you have to close your mouth and move your tongue to the right and to the left. Then do the same with your mouth open. You can then move your tongue up and down. These exercise will strengthen your skin and prevent wrinkles.

Exercise for forehead wrinkles 

Your forehead is one of the most visible areas of your face. Therefore it is imperative that you get rid of your forehead wrinkles.

Place your hands on the side of the forehead, above the eyebrows. Apply force on your fingers and pull them towards your hair. Make an attempt to frown. Maintain this position for 10 seconds. Then rest for five seconds. Repeat this process for at least six times.

Exercise for double chin

Lift your chin. Place your right hand under your jaw muscles. Stretch forward and up. Now try to gently open your mouth in the same position. Hold this pose for around 5 seconds. You can relax afterwards.

You can further intensify the above exercise. You have to open your mouth wide open. Move your jaw in and out without reducing tension.

Exercise to firm the neck 

There is a simple exercise to strengthen your neck muscles. Pronounce the letter X in an exaggerated way 10 times each night. Do this and you will see reduction in neck wrinkles.

Exercise to strengthen the cheeks 

Cheeks are a very important part of our face. Therefore it is necessary to have wrinkle free firm cheeks. Thus we have provided two exercises for the cheeks. Inhale air to inflate your cheeks to the maximum. Now relax and repeat the process ten times. Now you can start to twist your lips to the right. This way your left cheekbone will be pulled. Now perform the same operation to the left. This way you pull your right cheek bone.

Another exercise that you can perform for your cheeks is to open your mouth as much as possible. Force all the muscles that surround your cheeks. Then clench your teeth and make faces with your lips.

You will see a change in your cheeks in a matter of few weeks.

Eye wrinkle exercises

Eye wrinkles are the first to appear as you grow old. Therefore it is important to strengthen your eye muscles. To improve the condition of the skin around the eyes, the following exercise can be put into practice.

Place your index and middle fingers on your brow bones. Place the sides of your thumb on the cheekbones. Now keep your eyes wide open and stretch your skin upwards. Try to close your eyes for 15 seconds. Do this slowly. You have to relax and open your eyes. Then repeat this exercise. Do this for at least 10 times.

Another easy exercise that you can perform is to open your eyes as wide as possible. Then look up for at least five seconds. Then look to the left for another five seconds. Finally do the same while looking to the right. It is advisable to repeat the exercise five times.

Lip exercises

We mostly tend to forget that even lips can get wrinkles. This is something that even lipsticks won’t be able to hide. Again lips are first part of the face to be seen. Therefore it is important to exercise your lips.

Pronounce the vowels A, E, I, O and U several times loudly. Stretch your mouth in an exaggerated way. The exercise has to be repeated many times. Also this exercise has to be performed at different times during the day.

In conclusion

When it comes to wrinkles we first think of implementing a skin care routine. This is a nice way to begin with. But any good skin care routine involves you to spend money. If you have the time then you can save money by trying our facial exercises.

But it is important to follow our suggestions before you start the exercises.

The above eight exercises will help you to improve the structure of your face. It will strengthen your face to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. It will also get rid of the already existing wrinkles on your face.

You will need to find the area of the face where the skin is saggy. This is the place you need to concentrate. You will need to begin with facial exercise for that spot.

Practice our exercises regularly to have a firm skin and look younger.


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