How To look younger?

Facial massage for marionette lines

Marionette lines are wrinkles that start from your chin and go all the way down to the chin. They become deeper as we age. This is because of the of expressions we tend to express a lot in the area where marionette lines are formed. Whether it is smiling or gritting our teeth due to stress or tension. We hold this area tightly which causes this marionette lines to appear.

Also as we age we lose the collagen and elastin in our skin. This happens as the production of these proteins comes down as we age. We must not forget the harmful effect that the suns UV rays has on collagen which is needed to keep the skin firm. Due to our bad skin care routine of not using sunscreen in our teens we tend to get marionette.

Another reason for the appearance of marionette lines is our diet. A diet rich in sugar and carbohydrates will damage the collagen which will cause marionette lines. So we need to some facial massages for marionette lines. This will strengthen the skin around our face and ensure blood circulation to these areas.

There are many treatments available to treat marionette lines. But in this post we would like to concentrate facial massages for marionette lines. The good thing about these massage is that you won’t need to spend anything. For treatments you have to spend a lot of dollars. Facial massages for marionette lines can done from you home and are absolutely free as they don’t need any equipment.

Exercises for marionette lines

For the first exercise you need to make a nose with your mouth. Wrap your lips tightly around your teeth. This will make an O with your lips. Now with both your index finger tap on the marionette line all the way to the nose. You have keep tapping from your chin all the way to the nose along the marionette line and above.

Just from this one exercise you feel the muscle under your skin tighten. Do this exercise while standing in front of the mirror so that you can tap properly. The massage with your index finger is simply great as it improves the blood flow to the marionette lines. This will carry blood, oxygen and nutrients to this part of the face.

The two fold benefits of tightening the skin around the marionette line and supply of nutrients to the skin there will make your face look more youthful.
To see meaningful results with this exercise you will have to do it daily. This will really fire up the muscles but then to see meaningful results you will have to work over weeks or even months. Then you will see the deeper lines and wrinkles start to disappear.

The second exercise that we have for you will need your two fingers and thumb. You will have to pinch the muscle along the marionette fold and all the way up to the nose. The wrinkles called labial folds which are formed from the lips to the nose will also benefit from the exercise.

So you have to keep pinching up and down. You need to be careful to not pull your muscles. You need to pinch down into the muscles. You will start to get a warm feeling which is a great sign that the blood flow to the top layer of your skin has increased. This will help the skin get essential nutrients.

Again this exercise has to be done in front of the mirror. Also you need to do this exercise for a few months to see meaningful results.

The third exercise that we have can be done anywhere. You do it in the morning or evening. You can do it even in your car. Smile by slightly pulling the corners of the lips outwards, without grimacing or squinting. While doing this the rest of your face must be motionless, almost frozen. This exercise must be repeated in small jerks for at least 10 times. You may feel the exercise is very simple, but it needs directing the tension exactly at the level of the small muscles of the corner of the lips. Facial gymnastic exercises like this are good when you lead a busy life.

The benefits of doing this exercise is that the skin around your marionette lines get firm. This will reduce the sagginess in that area and make the skin firm.

The forth exercise that we have for you is an interesting one. Pretend to give a kiss by squeezing your mouth towards the centre. Reopen your mouth outwards stimulating a smile. This exercise has to be done 10 times. You need to pay close attention when doing this exercise. This exercise like the previous ones must be done in front of a mirror.

Other solutions for marionette lines

The above four facial massage and exercise will help you to get rid of marionette lines. But if you want to prevent them then you will have to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. This can be done by drinking 8 glasses of water a day. This will increase the water content in the skin and prevent the skin from getting dry. This will prevent skin sagginess. Saggy skin gives rise to wrinkles like marionette lines.
Another step to prevent marionette lines is to sleep for eight hours a day. When you sleep hormones are released which increase the amount of antioxidants in your body. This antioxidants fight free radicals which harm the collagen in the skin. Also when you sleep for 8 hours your skin gets a chance to rejuvenate. This will give a nice glow to your face.

In conclusion

Marionette lines make a person look old and you must prevent them at all cost. By doing face massage for marionette lines you can improve the blood flow to your skin around these lines. This will provide your skin with essential nutrients that are needed to have a firmness. These facial massages will also strengthen the skin around the marionette lines and help you to get rid of them.

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