How To look younger?

Features that make a woman look younger

When we look at someone we try to judge their age.  At times we judge their correct age. At times we judge them as older. At times as younger. This clearly shows that there are certain features about our body that can make us look younger or older.

There are different features that make a woman look younger. Taking care of these features can make you look younger for a longer period of time. According to us there are six features on different parts of your body which determine your age. You need to concentrate on these features to avoid looking old.

What features make a woman look younger?

There are six features that can make a woman look younger. They are fuller eyebrows, skin volume, firm neckline, fresh eyes with no dark circles, wrinkle free hands and slim belly. There may be other traits by which people can determine your age. By in our opinion this six are the most important. So you need to concentrate on them if you want to look younger.

1. Fuller eyebrows

Thick full eyebrows are a sign of youth fullness. This is because with age thanks to the natural process we tend to lose hair over the body including our eyebrows. Therefore for a woman to look younger it is necessary to have thicker and fuller eyebrows.

If you feel that you are losing too much eyebrow then you need to remedy this problem. It is okay to lose one to two hair a day. But if you are losing more than this then you have to massage your eyebrows. Apply castor oil on your eyebrows before going to bed. Keep it overnight. If you want more such eyebrow massage options that read our blog post.

You can also use makeup tricks to have thicker eyebrows. Remember one thing this is a temporary solution. For permanent solution you need to massage your eyebrows. You can read about makeup tricks for thicker eyebrows in this blog post. Don’t forget to remove your makeup before going to bed.

2. Skin Volume

As we age important factors that contribute to skin volume start to lose their ability to keep the skin firm and prevent sagginess. There is reduction in the production of the protein collagen and elastin. This contributes to formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Our skin develops sagginess and starts to hang due to effect of gravity. Therefore maintaining skin volume is essential if you want to look younger.

To this you will need to follow good skin care routine. Wash your face and then use a facial moisturiser depending on your skin type. Exfoliate your skin once a week. Use sunscreen whenever you move out of your house.

You also need to eat foods that boost the supply of collagen in your skin. Egg whites, chicken and bone broth are foods rich in collagen.

You also need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. This will keep your skin hydrated. Also sleeping for eight hours a night is essential. This help your skin to regenerate.

By maintaining skin volume you can look younger than your actual age.

3. Firm Neckline

Having a firm neckline is another feature that makes a woman look younger. As mentioned above due to the effects of aging our skin loses volumes and we get loose saggy skin. Fine lines and wrinkles start to appear on our skin. On top of all neck is an area of our body that we hardly take care of. Not at least as much as our face. To have a firm neckline you will have to do all the steps mentioned in the skin volume section.

Apart from this you can always do neck exercises and yoga to strengthen the skin on your neck. You can stick your tongue out of your mouth for around sixty seconds. This will work the skin below your jaw.  There are several treatment options for neck lines that you can check in our blog post.

4. Fresh eyes with no dark circles

Dark circles or puffy eyes are another sign that will make you look older than your age. Having freshness on your eyes is necessary for you to look younger. One of the reasons that you get dark circles is lack of sleep. You need to sleep for at least 8 hours at night. Other factors such as fatigue and allergies also damage the freshness of your eyes.

The skin under the eyes is very delicate and over time it becomes even thinner. Due to this, blood vessels become more visible and dark circles appear. If you can’t sleep for 8 hours a night then you will have to use cosmetics and concealers to hide dark circles.

5. Wrinkle free hands

Like your neck, hands also get neglected. We don’t use any skin care on our hands. This results in wrinkles and fine lines on the hands. To prevent this you will have to use all the skin care routine tasks mentioned in the skin volume section. Apart from this there are several massages that you can use to get rid of hand wrinkles in this blog post.

You can use Vaseline on your hands. Vaseline creates an impermeable layer on your skin. This will prevent dirt and pollution from entering your skin. But it will allow moisture to enter your hand skin. It will also lock the moisture in and keep the hands hydrated. Moisturised hydrated hands will prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on your hands. Youthful wrinkle free hands are a feature of a young looking woman.

6. Nice slim belly

Having a nice slim belly is another feature that makes a woman look younger. Having too much of belly fats will definitely make you look older than your age. Therefore you need to lose belly fats. This is a very tricky situation because if you lose fats fast then you will have lose skin around your face. Which will result in sagginess and make the skin prone to wrinkle formation.

One best solution to lose fats is a proper manner is to stop eating any food after 8 pm. At night when we sleep your body burns the least amount of calories. This leads to accumulation of fats around your belly. By not eating anything after 8 pm. Will help you to lose this excess fats. You can look for more solutions to lose belly fats properly here.

In conclusion

The above six features can make a woman look younger. So it is important that you take care of these features if you want to look younger.



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