How To look younger?

Fibroblast skin tightening

As a woman ages she starts to experience a loss of volume in her skin. This results is saggy skin and wrinkles. There are several treatment options available for skin tightening. Today we will discuss a new technique called fibroblast skin tightening to get rid of lose and saggy skin.

Fibroblast skin tightening is a new treatment procedure aimed at tightening your skin. A hand piece is used by a dermatologist which generates a so called plasma flash at its tip. This flash is used to vaporize a tiny micro millimetre sized dot. This tiny dot then contracts the skin in its immediate vicinity. This is done at further points and a reduction grid is created. Due to the way they are arranged, these points can even out excess skin.

This results in the tightening of the affected skin and reduction in lose saggy skin. If the area to be treated is large then your health care provider will apply an anaesthetic cream to numb the area and avoid pain. The small dots created in specific pattern will trigger a skin tightening reaction.

Preparation for fibroblast skin tightening

Your health care provider will ask you many questions which you must answer correctly to provide the right information. Like if you are suffering from herpes infections. Plasma therapy cannot be performed on fresh wound on the face.

Secondly you must also tell your doctor about the medication that you are currently taking or have taken recently. You also must tell your doctor about any operations or other aesthetic procedures like botox that you have carried out on your skin recently.

How long before your skin heals?

The treatment results in individual small dry scabs. These scabs need 5 to 7 days to fall off and will be treated with a specially formulated care cream as prescribed by your doctor. There will be slight redness that will last for 2 to 3 weeks. There won’t be any bleeding.

When undergoing fibroblast for eyelid tightening swellings of varying degrees can occur for a couple of days.

How many sessions are needed?

In order to achieve an optimal result, several sessions are usually necessary. The number of sessions depends on the severity of the findings and the age of the patient.

Post treatment

Immediately after the treatment small scabs will appear. These scabs won’t be bleeding. Your doctor will give you some disinfectant cream to apply over them. Now you must not remove these crusts. Avoid scratching these scars as this will result in scarring.

Dab the areas twice a day with a lint-free cloth or otherwise as advised by your doctor. In most cases the scabs will come out on their own. This process will take a weeks’ time. Then a new pink colored skin will appear.

Avoid any form of sports, swimming and sauna till all the scabs have fallen off and the wounds are completely healed. Also avoid any form of massage, exercise or exfoliation on the treated areas.

Avoid smoking. Smoking will result in a significant deterioration in blood flow in the wound area. This will result in slower wound healing.

You must avoid any form of exposure to the suns UV rays by using sun protection. This must be done for the first three weeks after the treatment. This is done to avoid pigment shifts in the skin which can happen in some cases. So use a sunscreen with SPF above 30.

There will be slight reddening in the skin in the areas where the skin has fallen. It will usually take your skin a month to return to its normal color.

Possible side effects from fibroblast skin tightening

As mentioned above there will be redness, scabbing and pink skin. But most of this will disappear in a months’ time. This is because fibroblast skin tightening treatment is low complication and tissue friendly form of therapy.

Hypersensitivity or allergic reactions to the local anaesthetic, wound healing disorders, skin infections, scarring, slight swelling, redness, tingling, herpes simplex (cold sore) discharge and depigmentation (lightening) of the skin have been reported very rarely.

If one of these undesirable side effects occurs, it can usually be corrected during follow-up treatment as arranged by your health care provider.

What is cost of fibroblast skin tightening?

This depends upon the area treated. Like you may have to pay 500 dollars to treat forehead lines. The upper or lower lip will be costly at around 700 dollars. For under eye region you may have to shell out around 600 dollars. This again depend upon the level of lose skin and the state in which you are undergoing treatment.

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