How To look younger?

Fruits that make you look younger

Let’s agree we all love fruits. They are far tastier than vegetables. Let’s again agree, we all love to look younger. What if we can look younger by eating our favourite fruits?

Yes it is possible to look younger by modifying your diet. Exercise is tiring. It needs a lot of effort and discipline. Though exercise will make you look younger. Hence why not consume tasty fruits to look younger.

The process of aging is a simple one. We have a protein called collagen. This protein is responsible to keep our skin firm and wrinkle free.

Due to exposure to the sun and other pollutants, free radicals are created in our body. These free radicals hamper the production of collagen.

To neutralize free radicals, we need to consume anti-oxidants. These are present in our favourite fruits in abundance.

So we can eat our favorite fruits to look younger. If you want to read about all the foods to consume to look younger then you can read "What foods reverse aging?"

What is the best fruit for anti-aging?

Avocadoes is the best fruit for anti-aging. It’s a fruit that can make you look younger. Avocadoes have lots of natural oils and anti-oxidants. These are best for our skin health.

The natural oils nourish and hydrate the skin to prevent wrinkles. The anti-oxidants Vitamin E and Vitamin C fight free radicals to boost collagen production. This process lowers wrinkle formation.

Eat avocadoes three to four times a week for younger looking skin. By doing this you will also improve your hair and nails.

Your skin needs to be hydrated

Along with anti-oxidants your skin needs to be hydrated to look younger. Dehydration will lead to dry skin and wrinkle formation. Hence drinking lots of water is the best anti-aging tip that you can follow.

Along with that it is important to consume fruits that are high in water content. To look younger you have to consume fruits with high water content and lots of antioxidants.

We have made a list of fruits that hydrate your skin and fight free radicals.

1. Blueberries for anti-oxidants

Blue berries are packed in anti-oxidants. They have a high content of Vitamin C and Vitamin E which can fight free radicals. They are known to fight pre mature aging.

Vitamin E is also known to boost the production of collagen in our skin. Blueberries can also brighten up sun damaged skin. They also improve blood circulation to the skin to give your skin a natural glow.

2. Watermelon for skin hydration

Watermelon is high on water content. Consuming it regularly can boost the hydration levels of our skin. As mentioned above dehydration can lead to dry skin which can cause wrinkles to form. Hence eat watermelons to prevent wrinkles and look younger.

Watermelons also have Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which are anti-oxidants. These can get rid of free radicals to boost collagen production.

The best thing about watermelons is that it works for all skin types. Try watermelon juice during summer season on regular basis.

3. Red grapes for resveratrol

The skin of red grapes contains resveratrol a compound credited for its anti-aging properties. Studies were conducted in which showed that this compound slowed the production of free radicals, a proof of its anti-aging properties.

Also according to a recent study eating grapes can make your skin look 10 years younger. This happens as red grapes provide a strong shield against UV rays.

Grapes in general are also known to improve blood circulation, which can give a youthful glow to your face.

Therefore red grapes must be one of the fruits you must eat if you want to look younger.

4. An Orange a day keeps the wrinkles away

This is true as research has shown. Regular intake of this fruit can have anti-aging effects. Oranges are a rich source of vitamin C. This is an anti-oxidant which is also known as ascorbic acid.

Oranges are also known to aid in weight loss. They are high in fibre and water content and low in calories. This can create an impression of being full. They can also burn belly fat. Being rich in water content, oranges can keep your skin hydrated. This can prevent the onset of wrinkles.

They are available throughout the season. This is another advantage.  You can have orange juice in the morning for breakfast to start your day full of energy.

5. Other important fruits with anti-oxidants and water content

There are many other fruits which have anti-aging properties. Kiwis are known to be rich in vitamin C. Eating kiwis can protect you from sun damage.

Strawberries is another rich of anti-oxidant which can prevent wrinkles and saggy skin.

Pineapple is another fruit with antioxidants and high amount of water content. Including this fruit in your diet will keep your skin hydrated.

You can also try papayas if they are easily available.

Consuming theses fruits can make you look younger.

In conclusion

Consuming fruits are a great way to look young. You can try them as whole fruits or you can have them as juice or smoothie.

As we grow old the production of collagen drops in our bodies. Hence we must increase the consumption of fruits which can give a boost to collagen production in our bodies.

Fruits are also tasty and available throughout the seasons.


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