How To look younger?

Gray hair Aging

Does gray hair age a woman?

The answer in most cases is yes. Gray hair will make you look at least 10 years older than your age. This is because we have been made to believe so and it is difficult to change the views of the society.

So if you have gray hair in most cases you will look older than your actual age. Though with the right hairstyle even a gray haired woman will look younger. But this is easier said than done.

Therefore it is important that you come up with the right solution for this problem. So why do we get gray hair in the first place.

Reasons for graying hair

The color of your hair is defined by a pigment in the body called melanin. As you grow older your hair follicles stop producing melanin.  So you end up getting gray or white hair. This happens as your hair lacks color due to the lack of melanin production.

Another reason is the production of free radicals in our skin. Free radicals are created in your body due to exposure to pollutants and suns UV rays. Studies have shown that you can get gray hair due to free radicals.

Your genes are another reason why you can get gray hair. Most of the cases of gray due to genetics happen in early life. This is the reason why some women have graying hair as early as in their twenties.

Stress, yes you heard stress is another factor that can lead to graying hair. Studies have shown that stress can affect the production of melanin.

Now since you know the reasons for graying hair what can you do to remedy this problem?

Can you reverse gray hair?

Yes off course it is possible to reverse your gray hair. Mentioned below are the steps needed to reverse your gray hair.

1. Consult a hair stylist

If you have gray hair and you want to find a solution for it then you must ask an expert. By expert we mean your hair stylist.

Everyone is different. For some people it will be nice gray hair. For some people it will make them look old. So you cannot generalize your gray hair problem.

You may have extremely gray hair or just a little bit of gray hair. It’s not right to dye it all once.

Therefore it is necessary to consult an expert before dyeing your hair.

2. Do not dye the entire hair

One mistake that everyone makes when they find gray hair is to dye their entire hair. People start to think that dyeing your entire hair will make you look younger.

So you become addicted to it. You have to dye your hair every time it grows. It’s like vicious circle.

Also when you dye your hair you color your whole hair. Your hair is vibrant and has many shades. When you color your whole hair it becomes heavy and compact. It does not look natural. This is the reason it’s best to consult your hair stylist.

3. Try hair shampoo

Nowadays in the market many hair color shampoos are available. You can try them as a fast solution.

Now hair color and shampoo are important solutions for people with genetic problems. Or people with problems in their genes that make them look old. These women will have gray hair problems in their 20’s

For normal gray hair problems you can try other solutions like diet etc.

4. Foods to prevent gray hair

If you want to prevent graying of hair then you have to ensure that you get certain nutrients. Certain vitamins and minerals ensure that your hair follicles produce the pigment melanin, which is needed to make your hair look black.

Copper is a mineral which can boost the production of melanin in your hair. You can find copper in beef liver, peanuts, almonds, lentils as well as mushrooms. Consuming these foods can help you with graying hair.

Apart from copper, iron, calcium and vitamin B-5 can help you with the problem of graying hair. You can try dairy products, dark leafy vegetables and fish for these minerals and vitamin.

5. Prevent stress to reverse gray hair

Stress is another primary cause for gray hair and you have to avoid stress to look younger. There are some tips that we can provide to prevent stress.

My personal favourite is to play your favorite sport.

This will take your mind of anything that is troubling you. Also it will make you tired and help you to sleep well.

You can also try relaxation exercises like guided meditation. Yoga can also help in reducing stress.

6. Hair products with antioxidants

As mentioned, free radical damage our hair and cause gray hair. In order to neutralize them we need antioxidants. So by using hair products that contain certain anti-oxidants you can prevent hair aging.

To neutralize free radicals choose hair products that contain Vitamin C, E and A.

How to choose a hair color?

The color that you must choose for your hair depends on your skin color. We have mentioned the type of colors that you must choose below.

For Fair Skin

Women with fair skin must opt for blond, ash red or light brown hair color. These colors will look nice on you if you have fair skin.

If you are fair and have a rosier skin tone your best bet will be golden, platinum blonde.

Now if you have fair skin but your eyes are dark then you must avoid light blonde. This will make you look artificial. In such situations it is good to go with a dark brown color.

Now if you have light skin and your eyes are also light then you can go with black hair. This will lead to a contrasting look which will define your features.

For Average Skin

For medium colored skin brown and copper tones will look nice. You can even try gold. This will help to brighten your face. It will also soften your features.

In case of lighter but average skin dark brown is a good option. Black can also be used for those who prefer dark colors.

You have to careful while choosing colors for dark average skinned skin. You must avoid blonde colors. This will make you look artificial. You have to make your face bright. So you must go with caramel color. You can leave the root in its natural color.

Other good shades for medium skin tones are chocolate and eggplant.

For Dark skin

For dark skin women looking for a great look must go with reddish brown or black.

In fact if you have dark skin and light eyes go for the color black. This tone will enhance the color of your eyes.

Avoid cool tones like ash blonde. They won't help accentuate your features. Still, if you want to try them, go for highlights combined with other warmer tones, such as gold.

In conclusion

In most cases gray hair will make you look older. Therefore you must take care of graying hair. This is possible if you visit your hairstylist for suggestions regarding hair coloring. You also need to adopt proper diet and avoid stress to prevent hair graying.

Choosing the right hair color is also important and it depends upon the skin tone of a person.



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