How To look younger?

Hairstyles that make you look younger

There are many methods that you can use to look younger. Sleeping for 8 hours and drinking 8 glasses of water is our favourite. Also a good skin care routine which consists of a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen can help you to look younger.

But these methods take time to show their effect. They usually will work after several weeks. What if you have to look young in a matter of couple of hours? Is there something that you can do if you want to look young very fast?

Yes there is a way by which you can look fast. The answer is a proper hairstyle. A youthful hairstyle can make you look younger by at least 10 years. This can also happen in a matter of years.

So which are the hairstyles that will make you look younger. We have made a list of six hairstyles that will take at least 10 years of your age.

1) The pixie cut

A pixie hairstyle is mostly short on the sides and back of the head. It is slightly longer on the top of the head. This haircut is suitable for oval faces and highly recommended for people with such a face structure. It brings out the cheekbones and lifts the face. This way you will look playful, sporty and dynamic. This will make you look younger. You can try this haircut if you don’t have an oval face. But our experience says it won’t look nice on you.

2) Beach waves

One sign of aging are wrinkles. These are formed when your fat loses collagen. The beach wave can hide your wrinkles.

The beach wave hairstyle is a hairstyle that has relaxed curls. The beach wave offers a very natural look. It visually balances facial features and brings movement to the hair.

Again I would ask you to consult your hair stylist before going for this hairstyle as it may not go with your facial structure. This way it will look odd on you.

3) The fringe hairstyle

Fringe or bangs refers to the face framing layer of hair over your eyes. Since your hair is over your forehead in this hairstyle your forehead wrinkles get hidden. In fringe hairstyle the hair is generally left around your neck. This way you can hide the small imperfections on your neck. This will also hide your neck wrinkles. It can be short, long, oblique or straight, it all depends on the shape of the face.

The best part about fringe is that it can go with any hairstyle. For round face you can go with thick, side swept bangs. For square shaped brow grazing bangs. For oval shaped just anything will do.

4) Side Fringe hairstyle

Side fringe are bangs that often cover one side of the forehead. They look great on heart shaped faces. They are ideal for fine hair. They are good at covering wrinkles on eyes and forehead.

They bring the focus on your eyes. They also highlight your cheek bones. This makes them ideal for heart shaped faces.

It would be good if you consult your hairstylist as side fringe bangs may not suit your facial structure. This way it may look odd on you.

5) The square bob

Your hair loses its shape when you get old. This is the reason why a square bob is perfect when you age. Due to its shorter hair length, it makes the hair voluminous, making you look more relaxed and fresh. 

Now a square bob looks good on oval faces. You can go for short or long. But if you have a square face cut then go for long bobs. You have to avoid a sharp blunt bob that hits at your chin. It will create a boxy effect.

6) Curly hairstyle

Long, straight hair tends to visually pull facial features downward. In addition, as already explained above, as you age, your hair loses its volume, so if you want to keep your hair long, go for curls! They bring mobility and dynamism to the look. You will look younger!

Curly hair frames an oval shape very well. If you have along face shape then short hair with large curls will be good. This will make your face look more balanced.

Hair colors to look younger

Now an important aspect of hair styling is coloring you hair. But the type of hair color you choose depends on your skin color. We have researched different types of hair color for different type of skin tone for you. Read more about gray hair aging here.

For Fair Skin

Such women must go for blond, ash red or light brown hair color as theses colors look nice on fair skin. For rosier skin go for golden and platinum blonde. For light skin with light eyes black will be a good color due to the contrast that will be formed. For fair skin with dark eyes then go for a dark brown color.

For Average Skin

Such women must go for brown and copper tones. You can even try gold as this will help to brighten your face. You must avoid blonde color for average to dark skin types. This will make your face look artificial. To lighten your face you must go for caramel color.

For Dark skin

For dark skin women looking for a great look must go with reddish brown or black. In fact if you have dark skin and light eyes go for the color black. This tone will enhance the color of your eyes.

Tips for hair health

Now for good hairstyle that makes you look younger you need to have healthy hair. This is also achievable. You need to use shampoo and conditioner to protect your hair.

The shampoo must concentrate more on your scalp. Use the conditioner more on the tips of your hair. This is the proper way to use shampoo and conditioner. Also if you have oily hair then wash it more frequently.

If you go for swimming then protect your hair while swimming. You need to wear a tight fitting swim cap to protect your hair. This will protect your hair from the damaging effect of chlorine.

Now as far as foods are concerned eggs are the number one food to consume. They are a great source of proteins and biotin. These two nutrients are essential for hair growth.

Foods rich in vitamin B are important for your hair as it helps to carry oxygen to your scalp. This will promote hair growth. Whole grains, seafood and dark leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin B.

You can eat berries also to promote hair health. These are loaded with compound and vitamins which can promote hair health.

Oranges are another fruit that helps in the prevention of hair breakage. Milk is also known to promote hair health.

In conclusion

If you need to look young in a matter of few hours then a good hairstyle can help you. But you need to choose the type of hairstyle you need. You can select one from the list we have provided or ask for help from your hair stylist.

Also don’t forget to color your hair according to your skin tone. Promote your hair health by selecting proper hair products and eating right foods.
This way you can look younger fast. 


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