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Hand Wrinkles Treatment

We are made to think that facial wrinkles are the only signs of aging. This is not entirely true. Our hands show signs of aging when we enter our forties.

In fact, the hands age five times faster than the face, and almost ten times compared to other areas of the body.

This happens as the skin on the back of our hands is exposed to sunlight and other pollutants.  This can be avoided if we wear gloves when we move out in the sun. But this has to be done during our teens.  

Hands, being the part of the body that we use most of all, they are subject to contact with numerous substances. 

The skin on the back of the hands, particularly thin, delicate and constantly exposed to multiple external agents (climate, detergents, soaps and detergents) is subject to dehydration; with the passage of time it thins further, loses tone and elasticity. 

Skin thinning makes the veins and tendons annoyingly visible and, as if that were not enough, unpleasant dark spots (age spots) also appear on the surface of the back of the hand.

The signs of aged hands

As written above we already had the opportunity to see what are the factors affecting the aging of the hands. These factors lead to tell-tale signs of aging. Three of the important signs of aging are.

  • Dark spots, also called age spots;
  • Reduction of adipose tissue with consequent bony appearance of the hand;
  • Thin, wrinkled and sagging skin.

To reduce the evidence of these imperfections, today it is possible to undergo various aesthetic medicine practices. In fact, these treatments contribute to the reinvigoration of the skin tissue, giving a fresher and more youthful appearance to the hands.

With so many practices available you have the chance to choose a single treatment or a combination of treatments. Your doctor will evaluate your situation after meeting you first.

In fact, each subject presents a specific situation, which requires specific treatment.

Treatment for aging hands

Your hands need daily treatment to maintain a youthful and well-groomed appearance. With the use of daily cosmetics that protect from the sun (like sunscreen), wind and dehydration (like moisturiser), the formation of wrinkles, dark spots and loss of softness are prevented.

With the treatments from the beautician it is possible to treat and nourish them in depth, while with the care of the aesthetic doctor it is possible to restore their fleshiness, erase discolorations, revitalize impoverished skin and marked by time. 

Chemical peeling

In this treatment some chemicals are used. These specially selected chemicals are chosen to meet the needs of all patients. They reactivate cell regeneration by removing dead skin cells.

The process results in skin inflammation that is going to stimulate the skin tissue to produce the lost collagen and elastin. These two substances are naturally produced by the body. In addition, chemical peels can act on the superficial layer of the skin as well as on the deep one.

What makes the difference is the chemical agent used, selected according to the desired result. The chemical peeling is also excellent for reducing the evidence of dark spots and to restore the lost brightness to the skin of the hands.

Radio Frequency

By acting on the fibroblasts (the cells that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid) it restores tone, turgor and elasticity to the skin; it also improves microcirculation and nutrient supply to the tissue thanks to the use of an active hand piece that raises the temperature only in the desired area. 

The effect is a real remodelling of the skin, with a satisfying anti-aging effect.


Microdermabrasion, as the term itself suggests, is a treatment that involves the removal of the most superficial layer of the epidermis. This process results in smoothening of the skin surface. This eventually reduces the signs of skin aging.

An added result of this process is the gradual disappearance of the visible veins without any side effects.

The effectiveness of this process is proven by the fact that it helps to reduce the signs of scars, wrinkles and even stretch marks.

Bio Stimulation

The last technique that can be considered to be one of the most effective to rejuvenate the look of the hands is bio stimulation. The advantage of this technique is that it is very safe, as it does not involve injecting any external substance in the hands.

The doctor will take a small amount of your blood. This blood will be centrifuged in a special machine. Subsequently, the cells obtained from the process are injected again so that the epidermis is stimulated to produce new collagen. 

This will result in an improvement in terms of greater ton and elasticity.

By using the above techniques you can reduce the three signs of hand aging which are

  • Dark spots, also called age spots;
  • Reduction of adipose tissue with consequent bony appearance of the hand;
  • Thin, wrinkled and sagging skin.

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