How To look younger?

Honey skin tone

Honey skin tone is regarded as the pinnacle of skin care. The term started in Korea. We all know how Koreans have lovely youthful skin. How their companies invest in research and development to come up with the best skin care products.

Honey skin tone is a tone in which your skin is very hydrated and moisturized. When a person has a honey skin tone their skin glows. Honey skin tone will also make a person look younger than their age. With such a skin tone your skin will glow at peak level. When sunlight hits a person’s face their forehead, cheeks and bridge of the nose starts to glow.

Let us see below how you can achieve honey skin tone

How to get honey skin tone?

The best way to achieve honey skin tone is through a proper skin care routine. We have a two-step routine which you have to do daily. Start with cleansing your skin with a good facial cleanser. This will remove all the dirt, makeup and pollution from your skin. Follow this by applying a moisturizer on your skin. Since the pores of your skin are open the nutrients from the moisturizer will seep deeper in your skin.

You will have to exfoliate your skin twice a week. This step must be done after cleansing your face and before applying moisturizer. Exfoliation will remove all the dead skin from your face and allow healthier skin to grow in its place.

Use sunscreen when you move out of your house. This will protect you from the free radicals created due to exposure to the suns UV rays. Reapply sunscreen after every two hours of staying out in the sun.

Another easy way to get honey skin tone is by drinking lots of water. You can start your day by drinking two glasses of water. Try to drink more than ten glasses of water a day. This will remove all the toxins in your body, which will in turn provide a natural glow to your skin.

Eat lots of nuts, fatty fish, avocados and green leafy vegetables. Also drink lots of green tea.

As far as home remedies are concerned you can apply virgin coconut oil to promote skin glow. This coconut oil is a good moisturizer. But you must apply it only if it agrees with your skin. Massage a small amount on your face. Keep it on for a few minutes. Then cleanse your face with a facial cleanser.

If you can then try some you can go for some skin brightening products. There are many available in the market. See which products suit your skin type and use them accordingly.

Benefits of honey skin tone

As mentioned above your face will glow naturally when your sunlight hits your face. This will safe lots of money which will have to be paid on makeup to do the same.

You will also look more attractive with honey skin tone as your face will always be glowing.

But the best benefit is that you will always look younger for your age. Since your face is properly moisturized your skin will look plump. This will result in wrinkles looking less diminished. As a result you will always look younger for your age.

In conclusion

Having a natural glowing honey skin tone is a sign of your skin being healthy and moisturised. You can get honey skin tone by undergoing a proper skin care routine. Also lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation will go a long way in promoting proper skin health. Finally don’t forget to protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.

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