How To look younger?

Horizontal neck lines

Horizontal neck lines are wrinkles that run parallel to the chin. They are a sign of aging thought they can occur early in your twenties. They make you look older and you must get rid of them if you want to look younger. But before getting rid of them we must know the reason for their presence. This way we can address the causes of horizontal neck lines and get rid of them.

When it comes to the neck and hand people don’t pay attention as much as they pay to their faces. The neck is neglected in many skin care routines. This when combined with aging will result in horizontal neck likes. As we age we get vertical neck lines also.


Horizontal neck lines


Horizontal neck lines causes

As mentioned above aging is the most important reasons for any form of wrinkles. This include horizontal neck lines. As we age the production of the protein collagen reduces. This protein keeps the skin firm. As a result we get saggy skin which is susceptible to to fine lines and wrinkles.

Genetics also plays an important role as far wrinkles are concerned. People with dry skin are more susceptible to wrinkles than people with combination skin.

You can’t change your genes or the fact that you are aging. But there are other causes which are preventable and cause horizontal neck lines.

Exposure to the suns UV rays

When we expose our neck to the suns UV rays free radicals are created in our skin. These free radicals damage the collagen in the skin which results in horizontal neck lines. This damage usually happens in our teens and twenties but the effect is seen when we enter our forties.

Lifestyle factors that cause horizontal neck lines

Smoking cigarettes is another cause of wrinkle formation. The nicotine in the smoke is the reason for its addictiveness. But do you know it creates free radicals in your skin. These free radicals will then go on to damage the collagen in your skin and cause horizontal neck lines.

Another lifestyle factor that causes wrinkles is dehydration. When we drink less water our skin becomes dry. Dry skin is prone to wrinkle formation. 

The “tech neck” phenomenon

During the last few years the use on mobile phones has increased. This has given rise to a phenomenon called “tech neck”. When we use our phones we bend our heads down. This folds the skin of our neck more than ever before. As a result people have started to get horizontal neck lines at a very early age. If the skin is damaged, collagen and elastin in the skin do not function optimally, and the skin cannot resist wrinkling or "bounce back" from folding.

Now that we know the causes for horizontal neck lines we can concentrate on the solution to the problem of horizontal neck lines. If you want to check for treatment for neck lines then read this blog post.

How to get rid of horizontal neck lines?

Look up at your mobile devices

We have mentioned about tech lines and how they are formed due to repetitive movements. The reason behind tech lines is hidden in your posture. When we use our smartphone or any handheld device to look down on them. Wrinkles respond to body movements. You will see wrinkles around the mouth of smokers who have been smoking for years.

You need to prevent this by holding your device in front of you and looking straight ahead. This will prevent you from looking down while using a smart phone and prevent horizontal neck wrinkle.

Vitamin C for horizontal neck lines

You can go for a vitamin C serum as a part of your skin care regimen to prevent neck lines. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to neutralize free radicals that are caused due suns UV rays and pollution. Applying a serum with Vitamin C can therefore help you to get rid of the horizontal neck lines. Many such serums are available online. You can ask your skin specialist for suggestions.

Sunscreen for protection for UV rays

You must apply sunscreen on your neck. This is important as we tend to forget about the neck and use it only on our face. Use a sunscreen of SPF above 30. This helps protect the valuable collagen in your skin from the damage caused by UV rays. Also if possible don’t go out in the afternoon as 90 percent of the UV rays are present during this time.

Other steps to take to prevent neck lines

If you are a smoker then you need to quit smoking to get rid of neck lines. This will prevent formation of free radicals in your body and preserve collagen in the skin. You also need to drink at least 8 glasses of water to improve the hydration level in your skin. This will keep your skin moisturised and prevent horizontal neck lines.

Exercises to get rid of horizontal neck lines

We have two exercises that you can perform to strengthen your neck muscle to prevent or get rid of the saggy skin around your neck. This will in turn help you get rid of horizontal neck lines.

Neck Pinches

This is simple exercise that help you to have firm neckline. Simple neck pinches can help you to eliminate neck lines fast. For this exercise you have to use your thumb and any other finger to gently squeeze your neck skin. Do not squeeze hard to leave marks.  Simply hold the skin without excessive force. Now pull the skin down. Lift your neck and neck muscles against the force of the fingers.

You must start with ten pulls a day and increase slowly to twenty. Try different parts of the skin and different parts of the skin, especially around the area with wrinkles and lines.


This exercise is good for your neck and cheeks. Sit on a chair and tilt your head back. Close your eyes and lips. In this position relax and breathe deeply. Extend the kiss upwards as if you are trying to kiss the sky. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds. Lower your chin and look straight ahead to let the stretch go. Do this for five times. Do this when you wake up and go to bed.

In conclusion

Horizontal neck lines are a sign of aging and you must get rid of them to look younger. There are some precautions that you must take while using mobile devices and use sunscreen when you move out. Also you can do the above exercises to have a firm youthful neckline.  


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