How To look younger?

How do celebrities look so young

We all want to look youthful and try a lot of solutions in our quest for eternal youth. We fail with these solutions as we don’t know whether they work or not. So why not ask people who have got results with their anti-aging tactics.

You must have been shocked by how some celebrities never seem to age decade after decade and have surely wondered how they manage to stay beautiful and young over the years.

Well these celebrities have their own anti-aging solutions. But what will surprise you is that many of these tips are very simple. They are also quite affordable and are hardly extravagant.

In some cases it’s their genes but in others it is as simple as using sunscreen every day.

Now there are some expensive techniques that Hollywood stars use to look young. Again there are some that don’t go to the beauty doctor. For e.g. Meghan Markle recently revealed that she uses face yoga for a wrinkle free face. "I swear it works, as silly as you may feel," she shared. "On the days I do it, my cheekbones and jawline are way more sculpted. There's a reason she's in high demand around awards season."

For Jennifer Lopez the secret to her eternal youth is a simple skin care routine. She uses an anti-wrinkle cream and never goes to bed with make-up. She eats a healthy diet and does regular exercise. This is doing wonders for her body. Maybe this is making her look young also.

The secret to 55 year old Halle Berry’s great body is exercise. I know you won’t like this answer. Hard work and constant exercise is what keeps many of our celebrities young. “25 minutes a day, five times a week is enough for a great body!" revealed the 55-year-old beauty. If you look at her the mother of two looks like a twenty year old. So if Halle Berry with her busy schedule can exercise for 25 minutes a day surely you also can find ways to do it.

In case of Penelope Cruz she has got her beauty secrets from her mother. The secrets are actually quite simple like getting plenty of rest and eating healthy foods. She used to smoke and drink alcohol but has quit both the habits for a long period of time. In addition she uses serums.

For Kim Kardashian its self-tanning creams that has giving her that flawless glow. This is what she said on her reality show “No matter what time of year, I love to have a good tan," reveals the 41-year-old.This is her insider tip don’t skimp on expensive products or the quantity. She even applies a final slash on her hairline, so that the parting doesn’t look different from the rest of her body. 

For Gwyneth Paltrow it all comes down to the right skin care routine. This beautiful actress also believes in a super healthy diet. She has developed a morning routine that’s effective at fighting signs of aging. She does daily peeling which stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal. She uses face oil to moisturize her skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

The actress also uses dietary supplements to provide important nutrients for her body. She adds anti-oxidants to her diet which give her skin a fresh glow. She also uses vitamins which are specially made for the female body just before menopause.

For former supermodel Cindy Crawford it comes down to this simple advice "Do everything we know how to do: don't smoke, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and find what makes you happy." 

Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated which prevents formation of wrinkles. Getting enough sleep will help to rejuvenate your skin. The beauty is also an advocate of Chinese medicine. She also recommends a superfood smoothie for breakfast.

Salma Hayek’s has a simple beauty hack, take off your makeup at night. The Mexican star has claimed that she has never gone to bed with makeup on. This routine she has followed even when she was drunk. The actor also likes to cleanse her skin in the morning. She sprinkles some rose water on her face to refresh.

We have all been told by our mothers to use sunscreen and so has Jessica Alba’s mother told her. She believes that it is crucial to wear sunscreen every day. According to her you need to treat skin care as an investment. You only have one face, so it will nice to be kind to your face.

Julianne Moore is another actress who uses sunscreen every day. She has been doing so from the age of 23. And you won’t believe that she turned 60 in 2020. This is the main secret to her youthfulness. Also she makes an attempt to avoid dairy, sugar and alcohol though she is not very strict.

Monica Bellucci the Italian star is the very definition of classic beauty. In an interview with the vogue magazine she had once described the beauty routine. She cleans and moisturizes her face every morning and night.

For Naomi Campbell hydration is the key. This top model has always felt that dry-looking skin ages faster. So she hydrates her skin and applies bright makeup. She loves to use creamy hydrating masks.

Nicole Kidman is a very fair skinned actress. Therefore she uses sunscreen every day. She also uses retinol at night. She always takes off her makeup before going to bed.

Shania Twain the country diva always exfoliates her face every day and uses a C-complex. She claims it made a big difference to her skin. When she is travelling she makes a simple scrub by combining olive oil or face cream with sugar.

Tracee Ellis Ross has fresh and beautiful skin. Her skin care routine includes lots of sleep and hydration. She believes in hydration, both internal and external. According to her hydration is the key. She also uses facials.

Sandra Bullock follows a minimalist skin care routine. She exfoliates once a week and washes her face. In addition to this she is dedicated to an exercise routine and does kick boxing, running and walking.

Hyaluronic acid is Heidi Klum’s secret weapon. This is the secret behind her radiant complexion and wrinkle free face. The German 48 year old model is seemed to be blessed with flawless skin. In order to prevent wrinkles Heidi uses a mask with hyaluronic acid. This miracle substance smoothens the skin in no time. Use it if you want to put an end to crow’s feet and wrinkles.

But most of the stars go through special treatments to enhance their beauty and look young. This is a fact. Exercise, sleep, drinking water, using sunscreen and moisturizing your face can make you look younger. You can even look up to 10 years younger. But if want to look 20 when you are 50 then you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars. This is what most stars do to look younger.

From cellulite removal from laser therapy to buttock lifts, there is something for every blemish. Most Hollywood stars and supermodels have gone through these treatments. These beauty treatments from a skin doctor can make you look like a teenager.


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