How To look younger?

How to get rid of Marionette Lines?

Elastin and collagen are proteins that keeps our skin supple. As we age, our skin loses Elastin and collagen. When our skin loses both, wrinkles get formed. As shown in the image below marionette line appear at the corner of the lips and draw a descending line towards both sides of the chin.

Marionette lines are named after the famous marionette puppets. The puppet heads are formed in two pieces: the mouth is a separate piece from the rest of the head. Due to this construction, we get marionette lines around mouth. Vertical chin lines due to elastin loss are thought to mimic the look of this effect.

These facial lines like the marionette lines can affect what people think about our moods and reactions. Marionette lines can indicate a displeasure or anger. Apart from this lines can make a person look aged.

There are three main reason for the formation of marionette lines. The reasons for formation of marionette lines differ from person to person. Most important factor is age. Genetics also plays it's role. Environmental factors like exposure to sun also can be blamed for puppet lines.

Exposure to strong winds, the sun, and environmental toxins such as cigarette smoke can also increase the chance of facial lines forming. So is it possible to get rid of marionette lines?

There are ways by which we can slow the onset of marionette lines. Good facial hygiene and a general skin care routine can slow the onset of vertical chin lines.

Smoking can also accelerate the formation of these wrinkles. Quitting smoking can go a long way to slow down the onset of marionette lines. Applying sunscreen and moisturiser may also help.

If the above doesn't help then there are treatment options. Plastic surgery is an option. Botox injections that paralyze the local area around the lines to reduce their appearance and prevent them from getting worse. 

A doctor injects Botox into the area around the mouth and chin. Another series of injections involving hyaluronic acid firms the area and restores the smoothness of the lines, filling them.

A physician or other licensed healthcare professional may be consulted if concerns about vertical chin lines are of concern and if a patient is considering cosmetic treatment options. Listed below are ways to get rid of marionette lines.


If you have wrinkles on your neck then we have written an in depth blog post about "lines on neck". We have mentioned a few exercises to get rid of neck wrinkles.


Marionette Lines Exercises

There are many exercises that can be effective in avoiding the appearance of these wrinkles. Even if you already have marionette lines than these exercises will help prevent further damage.

The kiss. Sit in a chair. Put your head towards the ceiling and press your lips together as if you were going to kiss and then release. Repeat it 8 times each day.

These is an easy and effective exercise. The vowels. Say the vowels by opening your mouth wide.

Back to back sit in a chair. Put your head back looking at the ceiling and move your mouth as if you were chewing. Do it for about 30 minutes each day.

Finger on the nose. Put your finger over your nose and squeeze your mouth and relax. Repeat the operation 10 times.

Lip to lip. Bring your head back up and try to bring your lower lip up towards your upper lip. Hold this pose for 12 seconds. Do this exercise 7 times a day?

Make an O. Make an O with your mouth as you stretch your face with your hands.

As you can see, there are many solutions for marionette lines, from routines that you can carry out in your day to day to treatments that will make you see how little by little they fade. One piece of advice: start treating your wrinkles as soon as possible to obtain the best results.



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