How To look younger?

How to get younger looking skin?

Wrinkled skin is the most obvious sign of aging. Hence answering the question “How to make your skin look younger?” becomes very important.

There are certain wrong habits that we have acquired over a period of time. We have to change them in order to achieve the best skin care for anti-aging. Also wrong diet and dehydration contributes to us looking older than what we actually are.

Spend less time with your mobile phone to look younger

Due to easy access to internet, we have started to spend a lot of time on our mobile phones. Social media is also one of the reasons to be blamed. We must reduce the time that we spend in front of our smart devices.

They cause not only a lack of luminosity but also oxidative damage, dehydration and the appearance of spots. Try to disconnect from the any form of smart device for at least 45 minutes before you sleep.

We will be getting good quality sleep. For a healthier skin it is important to be well rested. As sleep is needed for the regeneration of our skin.


If you think you look older than your age then we have written a good blog post on the topic "Best Skin Care for Anti-Aging?". Do follow the methods on the blog post to look younger.


Fight wrinkles with 5 servings of vegetables a day

Your skin has to deal with free radicals on a daily basis. Firstly there are free radicals that are manufactured in our body because of metabolic processes.

Secondly your skin has to deal with the ones that are generated due to pollution and sun light. Finally we have the ones generated because of poor diet rich in bad fats and sugars.

To fight against these free radicals your skin need a lot of antioxidants. It’s true that your body generates its own antioxidants, but they are not enough.

That is the reason why you have to eat at least five servings of vegetables a day.

Vegetables provide the most antioxidants (vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, flavonoids...) that block free radicals and help prevent aging.

What is the most used cosmetic?

All the experts are of the unanimous opinion. If you are only going to use one cosmetic, let sun screen be the one. In fact sunscreen is regarded as the number one anti-wrinkle cosmetic.

The sun causes massive damage to our skin. It is one of most important factors that contributes to aging. Hence a good sun screen is the best anti-aging cosmetic.

Now for your hands you can use gloves when you move out of the house. That is if you don’t want to protect them using sun screen. Let us not forget the sun causes most of the skin damage (in addition to damaging collagen and elastin, which causes thinning of the skin which multiplies wrinkles) let's not forget that it causes spots and, what is worse, skin cancer. Read more about sun and skin care here.

Eliminate toxins and gain radiance purifying yourself

Our bodies over a period of time gather harmful toxins. These are harmful substances that gather in the blood. Through our blood they reach all corners of the body, including our skin.

The effects of these toxins can be seen on our face. Our skin starts to look duller and wrinkles start to form. There are a couple of things you can do to get rid of theses toxins.

First of all reduce the consumption of fried foods, bad fats, sugars and pre-cooked foods. Avoid alcohol. It has a lot of unwanted calories.

The second step is to stay hydrated. Drinking anywhere in between six to eight glasses of water daily will help you to eliminate toxins. Also your skin won’t become dry which will prevent the onset of wrinkles.

Also as mentioned above, eat foods with a purifying effect that coincidentally are the same ones that provide you with a large amount of antioxidants: vegetables.

Take care of your emotional well being

There is a reason why I have kept this point last. As I feel this is the most important to thing to do if you want to have a great skin. Learn to love and respect your body for what it is and for everything it does for you. Making a conscious effort to love yourself can be very beneficial.

When you are happy and relaxed you tend to live a tress free life. You sleep well. It is necessary to sleep for seven good hours. When you sleep your skin gets a chance to rejuvenate. Your eyes look fresher and your skin glowing.

If you are stressed or depressed the effects of it can be seen on your face.



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