How To look younger?

How to hide marionette lines with makeup?

Marionette lines are most prominent sign of aging which makes you look old. They are wrinkles running from the corners of the mouth down to the chin line. They create an impression of a sad and angry face. This is the reason why we must get rid of them.

If you have an oval and wide face without a clearly defined line of the lower jaw then you are more likely to get them. The good news is we can use makeup to hide marionette lines.

But this is possible only when the wrinkles are not deep. As you age you will get deeper wrinkles and you will apply hyaluronic acid fillers to remove them. Till your marionette lines are not deep you can always use makeup to hide them. But before looking at makeup tricks to get rid of marionette lines let us try to understand the causes of marionette lines.

Why do you get marionette lines?

Three of the preventable causes of marionette lines are suns UV radiation, Pollution and smoking cigarettes. Exposure to the suns UV radiation causes skin damaging free radicals. These free radicals are the prime reason for causing any wrinkles on the face and neck. Pollution is another reason for formation of skin aging free radicals. The last reason is smoking cigarettes. The nicotine in cigarette smoke causes addiction and also forms free radicals in the skin.

You need to use sun protection when you move out in the open to prevent marionette lines. Also if you can quit smoking.

Another reason for formation of the marionette lines is aging. We have a protein in our body called collagen. This protein is needed to keep the skin firm and wrinkle free. As we age the production of collagen reduces in our body. Therefore we get wrinkles on our face, neck and hands. You need to find ways to boost the level of collagen in your skin.

Then there are genetic factors that cause the formation of marionette lines. Certain genetic factors promote certain facial expressions that can promote the formation of marionette lines. This is something that you can’t avoid and need to take treatments for.

Get rid of marionette lines without surgery

We have come up with a few makeup tips for you which will help you to hide your marionette lines. Remember this are makeup tricks and not permanent solutions to your problems. Also don’t forget to remove this makeup when you go to sleep.

1. Hydrate your skin before anything

This is a very important step to follow as moisturised skin will not only prevent the formation of marionette lines but will also make them less prominent. When your skin is hydrated your skin won’t become dry. Dry skin is one of the causes of wrinkle formation.

Choose a moisturiser which agrees with your skin type. You need to know whether your skin is dry, oily or combination. Therefore you can choose a moisturiser accordingly. Hydrating your skin is the first step to hiding your marionette lines. You can read about how to choose a proper moisturizer for your skin type here.

2. Avoid creating base layers so that the product does not accumulate

In an attempt to hide marionette lines and other wrinkles on your face, you tend do the basic mistake of creating a lot of layers with foundation and concealer. This is not the right thing to do. If you want to hide your marionette lines using makeup then the opposite is true. Less is more. Remember makeup can’t hide deep wrinkles. Therefore you don’t have to go for thick layers. The problem with thick layers is that it will make the skin on the face thicker and cause the product to accumulate in the creases.

Use a medium coverage foundation and apply it just once over the face. Then apply a second time over your marionette lines to hide them.

3. Do not overdo the compact or translucent powder

The rule of less is more also applies to compact or translucent powder. When you have oily skin you tend to dry your skin by using more powder on the face and marionette line. But this powder accumulates in the creases of wrinkles and will end up highlighting the marionette lines.  So use lesser amount of compact powder.

Now if you want to get rid of the greasiness in your oily skin then there are alternatives to compact or translucent powders. You can use a product like makeup fixer. This product can fix the oiliness in your skin. It can also make your makeup last longer.

4. Use makeup that have antioxidant actives in them

We have mentioned the need for anti-oxidants for your skin several times in our blog. Any type of wrinkles are formed due to the presence of free radicals in our body. These free radicals damage the protein collagen in our skin. This protein is needed to give strength to the skin and prevent wrinkles. Antioxidants help you to get rid of the free radicals in your skin.

Therefore using makeup products which have anti-oxidants can help you to get rid of marionette lines permanently. You can try to look for fruits like goji berry in the makeup formula. This fruit is rich in fatty acids and vitamin C. Many concealers tend to use goji berry fruit extracts in their products.

What exercises can get rid of marionette lines?

The above makeup suggestions are temporary in nature. Once you wash your makeup your marionette lines will be visible again. To get rid of marionette lines you can try the following exercise.

Place one or two fingers on each side of your mouth. Gently pull theses fingers towards the ears and hold. Now pout your lips to make a pouting expression. Do this for 10 seconds and then release.

The muscles around your mouth will start to tighten as you do this exercise. Do this exercise for 10 times a day. This exercise will tone and firm the area around your marionette lines. You can try some more marionette lines exercises here.

In conclusion

You can try the above makeup tricks to hide your marionette lines. This makeup tricks are a fast solution to your marionette lines problem. But you have to remember that they are not a permanent solution.

You will have to do exercises on a regular basis to get rid of marionette lines. Or you may have to go for fillers. There are many solutions available which are permanent in nature.

One thing to do after using makeup throughout the day is to cleanse your face with a good natural facial cleanser. This will remove the makeup from your skin and open up the pores of the skin. If you don’t do this step then you will end up damaging your skin.


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