How To look younger?

How to can a woman look younger at 40?

The process of aging is simple. As we age the production of the protein collagen comes down in our body. This protein keeps the skin firm and prevents sagginess. Entering 40’s for a woman is an entirely different experience. The phase is called perimenopause, which means the years before and after menopause. During this time the female body is in a transition phase which also effects the skin. As estrogen levels fall the skin becomes thin and loses its elasticity. Add to it years of wrong facial care finally starts to show its effect in your forties. Read this post if you want to know what makes a woman look younger.

Now the aging process is natural, the changes that your skin undergoes in your 40’s can be treated with the right approach. As we know the causes of skin aging it will be simple to get solutions for any woman and look younger at 40

How can a woman look younger at 40?

Vitamins for the skin

We start to lose two percent of collagen after every year from our twenties. The effect of this becomes visible when you enter your 40’s. You can go for a serum that has vitamin C. such a serum will help to enrich collagen in the skin and make your skin firmer. As you enter your 40’s it is important to include anti-aging creams or serums in your skin care routine. You can choose any serum from the internet or ask your skin care specialist to suggest one.

Diet for a woman over 40

When you are younger you can eat any food without gaining weight. But as you age your metabolism slows down and you start to gain weight fast. Try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. This will make you look younger at 40. Avoid white sugar and processed carbohydrates. This promotes skin aging. By maintaining a healthy diet you can also look slimmer and younger.

Skin aging and sun

When we get exposed to the suns UV rays, free radicals are created in your body. These free radicals damage the collagen in your skin which results in aging. Therefore it is important to use sunscreen. But this habit has to be adopted in your teen years. The effects of this wrong skin care will be visible when you enter your 40’s.

But you can still remedy this situation by using sun protection now. Or you can also use a hat when you move out in the open. Try to wear clothes which cover your body. Also use sunglasses to protect you’re the skin around your eyes from sun damage.

One thing while using sunscreen is that you must reapply it every two hours you spend in the open. To know more about how the sun effects skin aging you read this post.

Take care of your teeth

Yellow teeth are a sign of aging which will make you look older. As a woman ages the effects of coffee will be visible on her teeth in the form of yellow teeth. Thus you must get rid of yellow teeth if you want to look younger at 40. You can use a toothpaste with whitening agent. You can even visit your dentist as there are many techniques to whiten your teeth. You can read more about the causes and treatment of yellow teeth here.

Practice more sex

This pleasurable activity is very important if you want to look younger in your 40’s. Most women think that sex is less pleasurable as you age. In fact the opposite is true. As you age you gain experience and orgasm becomes easier to achieve.

Stress is a leading cause of aging skin. When we stress there a hormone called cortisol is created in our body. This hormone damages the collagen and elastin in the skin and cause wrinkles and fine lines.

Now having sex lowers stress levels and in turn there will be lesser cortisol secretion. This will prevent saggy skin and wrinkles on our body. In fact a study conducted on 3500 men and women found that those who have sex for more than 3 times a week look at least 10 years younger. So don’t reduce the number of times you do it just because you have entered your 40’s

Get rid of marionette lines

Marionette lines are the fine line that start from your lips and go all the way to your chin. This line usually becomes more prominent as you enter your 40. So you must get rid if you want to look younger.

Now there are many treatment options available for you if you want to treat them. But it is also possible to get rid of marionette lines by exercise alone. One simple exercise that you can perform is say the vowels by opening your mouth wide open. You can do this for five times a day. You can read about exercises for marionette lines here. Also you can use some makeup to hide marionette lines. But remember to remove the makeup at night time.

Neck line treatment

Neck lines are a form of wrinkles that appear on your neck. They become significantly visible as a woman enters her 40’s. Therefore it is important to get rid of neck wrinkles if a woman wants to look younger in her 40’s. Neck wrinkles can be horizontal or vertical in nature.

There are many treatment options available for you. We suggest you go for a neck life surgery. There is liposuction, cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty. Liposuction is performed to remove excess fats from the neck. Cervicoplasty is performed to remove excess skin from the neck. Platysmaplasty is performed to tighten the middle area of the neck. You can read about the treatments for neck lines in details here.

Hand wrinkle treatment

In the early stages of our life we take a lot of care of our face and forget our hands. We don’t even apply sunscreen on the hands. This results in aging of the hand skin. The skin on our hands become saggy and wrinkles are formed on them. The signs of aging hands are more visible as you enter your 40’s. Therefore it is important to treat hand wrinkles to look younger at 40.

The first thing to do is to start using sunscreen on your hands when you move out of the house. Use a good moisturiser on your hand and exfoliate your hands once a week. One home remedy that can help you to get rid of hand wrinkles is Vaseline. This petroleum jelly helps to preserve the moisture in the skin. If you want to read more about how to have young hands then read this post.

In conclusion

Due to approaching menopause woman tend to age faster in their 40’s. But this situation can be changed by taking care of your skin. By using our above tips any woman can look younger at 40.



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