How To look younger?

How to look younger at 60?

One of the greatest fears of many American women, but also men, is getting old. It is something inherent in life that should not be opposed but supported. Hence we look for products that may help us look younger at 60.

There are many changes that you can bring to your lifestyle that can make you look younger even in your sixties. Start with a good exercise regime. Clothing, make-up, haircut and hair care but also skin care can do a lot to make us look younger.

In fact, it is possible to look youthful at any age while avoiding the risk of becoming a grotesque caricature of oneself.

Here you will find many ways by which you can look younger. It will be difficult to follow all of them. You can follow the easy ones to have a youthful glow to yourself.



Easy tips s to look young in your sixties

1. Color your gray hair.

Women are stunning creature. For women being stylish is a permanent feature. Even if you are in your sixties you can be fashionable.

One of the most relevant feature of aging is gray hair. It usually starts in your mid-forties and by your sixties one has consistent gray hair. You need to get rid of your graying hair as soon as possible. This one change can make you look years younger than your actual age. Also you can look younger in a matter of minutes. You can color your hair with a professional or do it yourself at home.

To cover your gray hair choose a shade darker than your natural color, to not highlight your grays with a lighter shade. You should pay attention to your skin complexion and eye color while choosing a hair color. The wrong color can make you look older than your age.

Generally speaking caramel, honey, gold and strawberry colors can give you a healthy brightness that can make you look younger.  Going blonde while embracing the grays in a natural way can also make you look younger.

Or you can ask your hair stylist for suggestions. Especially if you have been visiting your hair stylist for a long period of time.

2. Attend to your brows

As we age our skin loses a protein called elastin. As a result hair follicles become brittle and fall out. Also some of these follicles will stop producing hair altogether, which results in patchy eyebrows. Eyebrows also tend to gray as we age.  This is another sign of aging which can be taken care of.

There are many serums in the market which can help to stimulate hair growth in eyebrow follicles. But if you don’t want to use serums than you can apply castor oil or olive oil on the brows to stimulate hair growth. Castor oil is known to thicken the eye brows.

If nothing else works, then you can use different brow makeup products like eye brow pencil to give your brows a fuller look. This can also help with the grays in your brow. This method can make you look younger fast.

3. Whiten your teeth

This is another easy remedy which can make you look younger. Yellow, stained or dirty teeth can add years to the appearances of men and women. 

To compensate for this, combine baking soda with a drop or two of hydrogen peroxide. Brush the formula on your teeth, then let it sit for a minute or two before rinsing off, do not ingest. 

If this doesn’t work then according to the website WebMd you can use in-office whitening. In this process the whitening product is applied directly to the teeth. These products can be used in combination with heat, a special light, or a laser. Results are seen in only one, 30- to 60-minute treatment. 

You will need to consult your dentist for such treatment or any other treatment he or she can provide.

White teeth can make you look a lot younger than your actual age in matter of few hours.

4. Get a haircut

Much of our elegance gets adopted when we are young. Take for e.g. our hairstyles. We use hairstyles which we have been using for years. As a result most of our hairstyles are outdated. You have to get a new hairstyle. This is another step that you can take to look younger than your age. This also is a step which can bring a change very fast.

For women, shoulder-length or shorter hair will make you look younger than long hair, which has a tendency to draw attention to any other part of the face that may stretch or sag. The layers add fullness and bounce, and the bangs will hide forehead wrinkles and distract the paw feet. If you have a round face, opt for overlapping locks that touch your brows. Boxy faces should go for long side bangs, and long faces should go for a full blunt bang that hits above the brows. 

If you've been wearing the same hair style for the past 10 or more years, consider talking to your stylist about an updated look, which can also freshen up your appearance.

A good haircut with hair color can make you look way younger than your actual age even when you are in your sixties.

5. Update your wardrobe

Again our dressing style is something which we have adopted in our teens or twenties. Hence our dresses tend to get outdated. A change in your wardrobe shave at least ten years of the way you look. Yes you can look ten years younger.

First of all wear the right fitting bra. Wear jeans, they are symbols of youthfulness. Choose colors like turquoise, pink and red. This colors can make you look younger.  

White sneakers will always make you look younger. Most important wear sun glasses. This is important as they can hide your eye wrinkles.

Very important thing to do is color your hair as it will match your youthful outfits. Or there will be a mismatch.

The above five steps are not only the easiest but also the fastest to make you look younger. If you use all of them then you will look years younger than your actual age.

A little difficult tips to look young in your sixties

Do cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise is anything that makes your heartbeat fast. From brisk walking, to jogging, running, swimming, cycling etc. All of them fall under the category of cardio exercise.

They can help you to lose weight. Belly fats is another tell-tale sign of aging. By getting rid of your tummy you can look way younger than your age.

But all cardio exercises are not an option when you are in your sixties. For beginners purpose start with brisk walking. Try to walk at a decent pace so that your heart beat is elevated. This will help you to lose body fats. Do this for five days a week for 30 minutes.

Once you can walk at a decent pace without losing your breath, then you can go for swimming or cycling. Both these cardio exercises are good for people in their sixties.

Jog and run only if your doctor allows you to.

Eat healthy foods

Foods rich in antioxidants fight the effects of aging and help prevent disease. Foods rich in antioxidants include fruits and vegetables - such as onions, broccoli, apples, red grapes, and berries - as well as moderate amounts of dark chocolate, red wine, and green tea. 

Healthy fats, especially omega 3s, renew skin cells to keep them young and moist. Walnuts and salmon are high in omega-3 fats, as are eggs, cereals, yogurt, and cheeses and milk fortified with DHA - a type of omega-3. 

Also use olive oil in your diet. It is known to contain a lot of anti-oxidants which are known to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Cutting out fatty, fatty foods, which can lead to health problems and trigger obesity, and quitting excessive drinking and smoking - both have been shown to increase cancer and disease risks and intensify the effects of aging. Read here about age reversing foods .

Drink water to get rid of wrinkles

Dehydration is one of the reasons for the formation of wrinkles especially around the eyes. It leads to dry skin. Which results in the formation of wrinkles.

The amount of water needed by the body depends upon the weight and sex of the person. But it is advises to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water to get rid of wrinkles.

Start with two glasses of water in the morning and carry a bottle of water wherever you go.

The above few steps can also make you look younger in your sixties. Though they are not easy to implement. But you must give these three tips a try as they can be beneficial for you as regards to your health.

Eating proper foods and exercise can help you to prevent a lot of old age related diseases. Read here about hydration and aging.

Other steps to take to look young in your sixties

Use a moisturiser

You must keep your skin moisturised to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Moisturising your skin keeps it hydrated. As mentioned above dehydrated skin becomes dry which leads to wrinkle formation.

Your moisturiser will depend on your skin type. So ask your cosmists or your pharmacists for suggestions regarding a good moisturiser.

Don’t forget to apply moisturiser on the neck and hands also. Read here about how to choose a proper moisturizer?

Use an anti-wrinkle cream

Reduce wrinkles with retinol cream or liquid. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that increases collagen production and normalizes cell renewal, which will help prevent dull, blotchy skin that can occur as men and women age.

Retinol can be found in over-the-counter products at your local pharmacy, or you can get a prescription for stronger retinol products from a dermatologist. Apply every night and work through every night for best effects, but apply with a gentle touch. 

Finish with a moisturizer once the retinol cream has been absorbed. Do not use retinol in case of rosacea or eczema.

As mentioned above don’t forget to apply anti-wrinkle cream on the neck and hands also.

Use sunscreen all year

Apply sunscreen every morning and throughout the day. Sunscreen protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays, which not only increase the risk of cancer but can cause premature aging in men and women. 

Sunscreen should be used regardless of the weather, as these rays can pass through clouds. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Again don’t forget to apply the sunscreen on the neck and hands also. Rad here about sun and skin care.

Facial exfoliation

Exfoliating the face with some frequency is a necessary step to renew the skin. In addition to removing impurities and dead cells from its surface, it helps subsequent moisturizing products to absorb and penetrate better. It is important not to expose yourself to sunlight after the peel, so the night is the ideal time to do it. Read here about skin exfoliation ?

Fight the effects of pollution and keep your skin clean

Pollution also greatly accelerates many of the changes that mature skin undergoes. For example, long exposure to pollution causes free radicals that accelerate skin aging, thus favoring the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the skin in certain areas of the face.

In addition, it reduces antioxidants, which worsens tolerance to sunlight and therefore causes skin blemishes. And, of course, it causes impurities to accumulate in the pores and the skin does not breathe.

Thus, a good daily facial cleansing will help eliminate all the residue left by pollution and complementing the cosmetic routine with antioxidant ingredients will keep the signs of aging away for longer.

Now the above mentioned five tips will surely make you look younger in your sixties. But they will take a while to show its effects. How long the effects can be seen will depend upon a lot of factors

You must use the above steps regularly to see their anti-aging effects soon. Also it depends how much your skin looks aged. If your skin has a lot of wrinkles then it will take time for the effects.

In conclusion

I have mentioned many steps that you can take to look younger in your sixties. Some are easy and their effects can be seen easily. Some are difficult but have other health benefits. Some take time to show their effects.

You can try all of them if you want too. Or you can use some of them. Try to find a right combination for yourself. Whatever suits you.

Above all stay positive and happy as nothing is more important than that.



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