How To look younger?

How to look younger naturally

Most Americans want to look young. But when we go to any blog post on anti-aging tips, you will find tips like use sunscreen, moisturize, use anti-aging creams, botox, facelifts, fillers, laser etc. These are non-natural ways of looking young. In this blog post we have tried to give you tips on how to look younger naturally?

There are ways to look younger without spending on creams and moisturisers and treatments. Though they will take longer to show their effects, you will look younger naturally in the long run. It’s important to use most of the instructions listed below to at least look 10 years younger naturally.


how to look younger naturally


1. Smile to look younger

There is a saying which says “Smile, it’s free therapy” by Douglas Horton. This indeed is true as a smile can make a person look younger. This has been proved in a study.

In the study 154 individuals were asked to guess the age of 171 faces of young, middle aged and older men and women. 2052 photographs were there with various expressions portrayed. Each face displayed either an angry, fearful, disgusted, happy, sad, and neutral expression.

The results showed that facial expressions had a correlation with ages guessed.

The age of the faces with neutral expressions were estimated accurately.

While the age of the people with smiling or happy faces was underestimated by at least two years.

Hence a smiling and happy face can easily make you appear two years younger than your actual age.

2. Water therapy for skin

We Americans are so busy that at times forget to drink water. There are many health benefits of drinking water and looking young is one of them. A dehydrated skin cause wrinkles and saggy looking skin.

Water is needed to keep your body hydrated which helps in maintaining your skins elasticity. As you grow older your body loses its ability to retain water. Hence you are required to drink more water as you start to grow older.

As a result people who drink large amounts of water are less likely to suffer from wrinkles and soft lines compared to people who drink less amounts of water.

Preventing the formation of wrinkles and soft lines can help you look younger naturally. This is an important step if you want to avoid using moisturisers and creams.

Besides formation of wrinkles drinking water can help in flushing toxins from your body. This will make your skin glow naturally.

Water also helps with sagging skin and prevents pimples and acne. Read more about hydration and aging here.

How much water is needed for glowing skin?

According to experts you need to drink 3.5 litres for men and 2.7 litres of water for women. This includes all the beverages that you drink. You can also include the fruits and vegetables with high liquid content like watermelons and cucumbers..

3. Home remedy for anti-aging face mask

So if you want to avoid using expensive creams and lotions we have a simple anti-aging home remedy. You can use coconut milk. Many stars swear of using coconut milk. Don’t use it as a drink. Use it as a face mask. Apply the milk on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. Clean the mask with warm water. Coconut milk which is fresh is said to reduce wrinkles on your face.


home remedy to look younger


4. Sugar causes aging

Sugar is known to cause many health effects as we age. Reducing the consumption of sugar can also slow down your aging process as sugar consumption is known to cause aging.

Collagen and elastin are two proteins that make are skin look young. The glucose and fructose present in sugar react with collagen and elastin, producing advanced glycation end products or AGEs. These products cause the formation of wrinkles.

Not all sugars cause aging. When sugar is consumed in the form of fruits, you are usually taking in a lot of fibre. This slows the digestion process of the sugar. Hence the impact is lessened.

Refined sugars are the problem. Foods such as cakes, donuts or soft drinks can cause premature aging as they contain refined sugars.

So if you want to stay young looking then you have to avoid any foods with refined sugar so as not to damage the collagen and elastin network which is the cause of premature aging.

5. Sleep and skin aging

Sleeping is one of the best ways to look younger naturally. Your body repairs itself, while you sleep. This leads to a long list of benefits.

You get a glowing complexion and less puffy eyes when you sleep for eight hours a day. Also you get a happy and healthier appearance.

As far as aging is concerned adequate sleep can take care of your hair health and prevent wrinkles.

When we sleep there is an increased flow of blood to the head. Hence our hair grows stronger when we sleep. But when we sleep for few hours our hair gets less blood and becomes weak. This results in hair loss and ultimately a balding head. Balding head is a prominent sign of aging.

When you sleep your skin makes collagen. This is part of the rejuvenation process of the skin. More sleep means skin is plump. A plump skin will prevent formation of wrinkles.

Sleep on your back if you want to prevent wrinkles, as sleeping on your face can cause wrinkle formation. Or use a satin pillowcase. Read more about sleep and skin aging.

Best time to sleep for skin repair

9 to 11 p.m. is the best time to go to bed. If you rise early then go to bed by 9 p.m. If you wake up late then go to bed by 11 p.m. Sleep for 8 hours at night.

Tips for better sleep

Avoid using gadgets before bedtime
Don't exercise 2 hours before bed
Avoid consuming caffeine before bed
Create a comfortable sleeping atmosphere

6. Add protein to your diet to look younger naturally

Collagen is a very important component of the skin. It strengthens the skin, maintains its elasticity and keeps it hydrated. One of the effects of aging is lesser production of collagen which leads to formation of wrinkles. Collagen is a protein.

Hence one of the natural ways to look younger is to consume proteins. As we grow old it becomes important to consume more proteins to maximize the production of collagen. Hence foods that contain protein and anti-aging nutrients are good to look young.

Cow’s milk, garlic, macadamia and red quinoa are known to have the above two. But make sure to balance it with other nutrients such as vegetable fibre and fruits that are good for skin health.

7. Benefits of exercise for skin

As mentioned above collagen is a protein responsible to maintain the skins strength, elasticity and keep it hydrated. Research shows that your body produces one percent less collagen after the age of 20. This results in signs of aging like wrinkles as you grow older.

High intensity interval training is known to stimulate the production of collagen. This is a good way to increase the level of collagen in your body.

Also any exercise is known to improve the flow of blood to your body and also your skin. This can give a nice glow to your skin.

Exercise makes you sweat. Sweat acts as a purifier which helps you get rid of impurities and open up skin pores. This helps your skin to get oxygen which results in younger looking skin. When you exercise you tend to get tired which can result in a good night’s sleep. The benefits of sleep for natural anti-aging is mentioned above.

Exercise also helps you to lose the extra fats that has got accumulated over a period of time in your body. Everyone knows that tummy fats is a sign of aging. Hence exercise if you want to look 10 years younger naturally. Read more about aerobic exercise for skin.



8. Anti-oxidants for skin

We are told to use sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. This is a good suggestion but not a natural one. So as this article is about “how to look younger naturally?” we will discuss protection from sun’s UV radiation in a natural way.

The sun’s UV rays produce free radicals in our skin. These are unstable atoms which can damage cells causing skin aging.

Our body produces anti-oxidants to neutralize free radicals. But at times these are not enough. Hence we have to consume a diet high in antioxidants.

You get anti-oxidants in fruits and vegetables. These include spinach, tomatoes, carrots, watermelon and blueberries. Olive oil is also rich in anti-oxidants.

Hence consuming fruits, vegetables and olive oil will help your skin to get rid of free radicals and prevent aging of skin.

9. Consumption of Foods Containing Omega 3

Did you know that foods that contain omega 3 are good for maintaining youthful skin? Consuming foods that contain omega 3 turns out to be one of the Korean-style youth tips. Omega 3 is good for maintaining healthy skin.

The content of omega 3 can not only be found in types of fish such as salmon. However, you can also get these good nutrients from nuts such as walnuts, seeds and if you want it easier you can buy Omega 3 supplements that are widely sold in the market.

10 Effects of high cortisol on skin

When a person is in stress or depression a hormone called cortisol is produced. This hormone is known to break down collagen and elastin in the skin. These results in formation of wrinkles and saggy looking skin.

Avoiding stress is another way to look younger naturally. One of the solution’s to stress is staying happy. It is easier said than done. Start by watching or reading anything that can make you laugh. Do this every morning.

You can engage in your favourite sport as a stress buster.

Stress also effects your sleep pattern. So staying stress free is important to look younger naturally. Read more about stress and skin aging.


Though it is easier to prevent the effects of aging by using moisturisers and sunscreen. It is also easy to get rid of the symptoms of aging by using anti-wrinkle creams and serums. There are many natural ways to look younger.  

The thing about the above tips is that you have to practice all of them. Also they take time to show their effects.

But the results are sure thing. By using them you can look at least 10 years younger naturally.


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