How To look younger?

How to look younger than age for guys

Most of the anti-aging skin care routines are filled with women centric products. But even guys can look younger than their age if they want to. But the some of the methods that guys can use to look younger is different from the methods that women use. Like guys have the problem of balding head and ungroomed beard which they can address to look younger.

Men when they look older tend to look more mature. This gives them an advantage in getting jobs that needs a mature person. Like the job of a manager. But looking younger than your age can have its own advantage like you can go for younger girls. This is something that most men want but hide.

So how can a guy look younger that his age. There are two major ways by which a guy can look younger than his age. There are fast changes that can make you look younger in a matter of few days. Then there are habits that you can adopt which can make you younger over a period of time. You need to work on both of them to look younger.

How can I look younger in three days?

You need to address the problem of balding head, vary your haircut, change your perfumes, address yellow teeth, trim excess hair and change your beard style to look younger fast. Let’s address this one by one.

Balding head

According to studies male pattern baldness makes a man look up to 8 years older than his age. People were asked to judge the age of men by looking at them and this is what was reported. So obviously you will need to address this problem if you have balding head.

There is no known treatment for male pattern baldness, but you can use minoxidil which is available over the counter to slow down hair loss. You can also go for hair transplant as many of the celebrities do. This can make you look younger fast. If you are comfortable then you can try a wig also. But you will need to address the problem if you want to look younger than your age.

Groom and trim excess hair

For man at age 30 hair begins to grow from unexpected places. You can see them in your ears, back, shoulders. This happens as hair follicles which were in hibernation wakeup due to stimulation by testosterone. This makes a person look older and is a sign associated with aging. So you need to get rid of the excess hair if you want to look younger.  You can remove this hair with a body groomer. But for the hair on your eyebrows or ears use a tweezer.

Vary your haircut

Most of us have the habit of using the same the same hairstyle as we age. This hairstyle is something that we during our young days. So most probably this hairstyle is out of fashion. So you will need to update your hairstyle to look younger. For this you will have to ask your hairstylist for suggestions.

Personally we feel that short pompadour can make any man look younger. Side part comb over can also make you look younger.

Grow a beard

Growing a beard can be a nice hack to looking younger. You can hide your saggy skin and wrinkles like marionette lines. They will also protect your face from the suns UV rays which can cause skin aging. But this is true only for older man. For younger man a beard will make you look older.

Now you will need to groom your beard so that it is straight. A straight beard will make you look younger. Also you need to be careful to take care of any graying hair on your beard as this will make you look older.

Change your scent

As with our hairstyle our perfumes are usually chosen when we were young. Chances are that they have become outdated. This gives you a good opportunity to update your perfume to something that makes you smell more youthful. Now while doing so you must be careful to go for teenage scents.

Yellow teeth

Having yellow teeth will make a person look older, so must get rid of yellow teeth to look younger than your age. You can try our homemade paste to get rid of yellow teeth.

You need to take 1 tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with 2 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Mix well to make a paste. Brush your mouth with this paste. Then rinse your mouth with water thoroughly.

You can also go for toothpaste that has a whitening agent. But if you want to get rid of yellow teeth in matter of few days then you will have to visit your dentist. There are many treatments which can help you to get rid of yellow teeth and look younger that your age.

Habits to look younger over time

There are some habits that you can adopt which will show their effect over a period of time. But the effects of these habits will be long lasting. You will also have health benefits if you adopt these habits.

Take care of your skin

You need to go for a good skin care routine. It’s a four step process. Start with cleaning your face with a good facial cleanser. Then moisturize your face. This has to be done daily. Twice a week after moisturizing exfoliate your face. You can check for some homemade masks here. This will help you to clean your face, keep it hydrated and get rid of the dead skin. Don’t forget to use these three steps on your neck as well as your hands.

The last step is using a sunscreen of SPF of above 30. This will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays that cause skin aging. By following these four steps any guy can look younger than his age.

Exercise on a regular basis

This step can make you look younger in matter of few months. When you exercise you will lose body fats. This will make you look leaner and younger. Also the sweating will help open up the pores of your skin.

Two important precautions to take while exercising is to use a sunscreen and drink lots of water. This will protect you from the UV rays and keep your skin hydrated as you will lose fluids during exercising.

Quit smoking

This is a habit a guy needs to avoid if he wants to look younger. The nicotine in the smoke is known for its addictiveness, but it also creates free radicals in your body. This contributes to skin aging. So quit this bad habit.

In conclusion

It is possible for a guy to look younger. You can look younger in a matter of days by following the steps in our article. You can also look younger by changing some habits. The point is any guy can look younger.


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