How To look younger?

How to lose belly fats in a month?

At times you need to lose belly fats fast like in a period of a month. When you have to lose belly fats in such a short period of time there is a chance that you may look older. This will happen as you will also lose fats from other parts of your body like your face. This will result in saggy skin which will give rise to wrinkle formation. Therefore we generally recommend to lose weight over a period of time.

But if you really want to lose weight in a short span of time then you can use our below mentioned tips. If you want to lose weight at a steady pace then you can read about how to lose belly fats here.

Eat more fibre to lose weight

When we eat food rich in refined carbohydrates and sugar we do not satisfy our hunger. In fact they make us hungrier by causing insulin spikes in the blood. We will talk about this later. Instead, eat high-fibre foods like whole grains, oatmeal, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and chia seeds, as they will fill you up more.

We must consume more fibre to lose weight because it helps to slow down your digestion. As a result you are less likely to snack or eat unhealthy foods. To lose weight if you are a man then you must consume 38 grams of fibre and if you are a woman then 25 grams.

Researchers have shown that for people who have difficulty following a strict diet, increasing fibre intake shows a corresponding loss of weight.

Eat less sugar and refined carbs

The most important thing to do if you want to lose belly fats in a month is to consume less sugar or refined carbohydrates (pasta or bread from white flour). These foods have a strong effect on your insulin levels. In case you didn't know, the hormone insulin is the largest fat store in our body.

So by consuming a lower carb diet we get lower levels of insulin. This will give fats more time to get out of the fat store. Your body will start burning this fat stores instead of carbohydrates that you used to consume. By following this one advice will result in a significant loss in belly fats in a month.

Another benefit of consuming less sugar is that the protein collagen in our body remains protected. Sugar is known to damage this protein. Collagen is needed to keep the firm and free from wrinkles.

Drink water before meals to lose belly fats

To get rid of belly fats fast one thing that you can do is to drink water 30 minutes before a meal, this will make you feel full as your stomach is full of liquid. Water also helps as a small hunger brake in between meals.

Now when you drink cold water your body will consume additional calories. This happens as the cold warmed has to be warmed up in the stomach.

Stress makes you fat so relax to lose belly fats

Stress is something that can disrupt every part of your body. But by managing it properly you can help to reach your weight loss goals. This happens as we tend to eat more when we deal with stress. This happens as we use food as a substitute to deal with stress. If you are using food to deal with stress then you must visit a doctor.

So if you want to lose belly fats in a month then you will need to be stress free for the month. Also stress creates the hormone cortisol in your body. This hormone is known to damage the collagen in your skin. This will make your skin saggy and promote wrinkle formation in your skin, which will make you look older.

Aerobic exercises

All the above tips and tricks are related to your eating and drinking habits or on not to stress. Now we have to move on to the more taxing step of exercises. To start with you have to do aerobic exercises. Visceral fats yields quite easily to aerobic exercises. When you run, cycle or swim you burn lots of calories which makes you lose weight. In fact according to a 2011 study publishes in the ‘American Journal of Physiology’ running for 12 miles per week will help you to get rid of belly fats forever.

Now when you walk at a slow pace of 1.5 km/hour you consume about 100 calories. Walking is good if you don’t want to get tired. . A small study published in The Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry showed that obese women who walked 50 to 70 minutes three days a week for three months significantly reduced their visceral fat compared to a sedentary control group.

But if you want to lose belly fats fast like in a month then you have to either run or do brisk walking. In fact, research found that people who walk at a brisk pace of 5 km/hour burn 270 calories every 60 minutes.

Bodybuilding can help you lose belly fats

Apart from aerobic exercises you can do full body strength training if you want to lose belly fats. Doing this will help you to replace your belly fats with muscles. In fact strength training is one of the few activities you can do to speed up your mechanism. This will increase the number of calories you burn at rest.

But personally I feel that if you want to lose belly fats in a month then you need to go for aerobic exercises like running. But if you are not in a hurry then you can do aerobic exercises thrice a week and bodybuilding twice a week. You need to rest for two days a week.

How to prevent saggy skin from weight loss?

The problem with losing fat at a fast pace is that you will get a saggy skin on your face. This will give rise to wrinkles and fine lines on your face and make you look older. You will need to boost the supply of collagen to your body. This can be done by eating collagen rich foods.

You will have to eat chicken white which is pure protein and will boost the collagen in your body. Avoid eating the yellow which is fats that you must avoid if you want to lose belly fats fast. Drinking water is another way to keep your skin tight. This will improve the hydration levels of your skin.

Go for a simple skin care routine involving daily cleaning of your face and neck. Then apply a moisturizer. Finally exfoliate your face and neck for once a week.

By using the above steps you can reduce the sagginess in your skin that will form due to sudden weight loss.

In conclusion

By eating the right foods and doing aerobic exercises you can achieve your goal of losing belly fats in a month. But you must remember that this will cause wrinkles on your face and take necessary precautions.

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