How To look younger?

How to make hands look young?

All Americans have the habit of shaking hands. We do that when we meet someone. As a result our hands can be seen. If our hands are wrinkled then it’s a giveaway that we are aging. After the face wrinkled hands are the sign of aging.

We use our hands to various activities on a daily basis. We use them to do anything both at work and at home. From writing, to typing on a PC or using our smartphones. We use them to carry out our household chores.


how to make hands look young?


When we clean utensils without wearing gloves our hands come in contact with harmful detergents that may contain sensitizing or irritating substances for the skin.

We also wash our hands. While washing we subject them to significant temperature change. For example in the summer when the ambient temperature is high we put them in cold water to wash them.

This continuous stresses damages the integrity of the skin. This combined with the normal process of aging can make the hands age faster than even our face. For all you may start having hand wrinkles even in your twenties.

How to make your hands look younger?

While this may seem to a very big problem. There are ways by which you can delay the onset of hand wrinkles. If you follow our tips then you surely get nice and smooth wrinkle free hands

Stay hydrated

There are couple of things that you must do to keep your hands hydrated. First thing to do is drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Now the amount of water you need will vary depending on your weight and sex.

If you drink less water than your skin will become dry. Dry skin results in the formation of wrinkles. Read more about hydration and aging here.

Second thing that you can do is to use a moisturizer. Consult your pharmacist on the how to choose a moisturizer for you. It will depend on your skin type and age.

Moisturizers tend to keep the skin hydrated. Therefore it is advisable to apply a moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower and after each wash in order to ensure constant hydration.

Also another important tip is to use a mildly aggressive soap if you wash your hands constantly. Preferably a eco bio soap. Read more about how to choose a moisturizer here.


Marionette lines, also known as puppet lines are a type of wrinkle that appears on the face as a person ages. We have written an in-dept blog post on Marionette line. Do read it.


Protect your hands

When we go out in the sun we are exposed to the sun’s harmful UV radiation. This radiation is known to cause skin cancer. Furthermore the heat tends to dehydrate your skin.

As mentioned earlier this leads to the formation of wrinkles and spots on the hand. So you need to protect your hands from the sun.

You can use a sunscreen on your hands when you go out in the sun. The skin on the hands is thinner than the skin on the face, so it needs to be protected more than the rest of the body to avoid sun damage. 

Ask your pharmacist or shop online for a good sunscreen. Many are available in the market.

You can also wear a pair of cotton gloves to protect your hands from the harmful UV rays of the sun. These can also be very useful when driving as the hands behind the wheel are often exposed to direct sunlight.

Natural Remedies

Use olive oil: - Massage the back of your hands with olive oil before going to bed. Leave them overnight while wearing a pair of gloves. Wash them in the morning with mild soap. You will realise that your hands have become visibly smoother and softer.

Egg yolk: Separate the yellow of an egg from it’s white. Beat it to make a hand wrap. Apply it on your hand and keep it for 15 minutes. Wash your hands with cool water. This is an excellent remedy for chapped hands.

Aloe vera gel: It is useful when small cuts are formed on the hands due to dryness and cracking. Aloe vera gel disinfects because it has antiseptic properties and helps the skin to heal faster.

 If you have an aloe vera plant available, the part that will be spread is the gelatinous one that is inside the leaf;

Honey with vegetable oil: Mix honey with vegetable oil. You can use almond oil. By mixing create a pack which can be used to apply on the hands. Wash your hands with a mild soap. This pack can be used as a regeneration mask for the skin of your hands.

Potatoes: They are useful against cracking and irritation, especially those from the cold. The potato must be washed, peeled, grated and mixed with an oil, which can be the classic olive oil or a seed oil, then applied to the back of the hands and left to act.

The above methods can be used to prevent hand wrinkles and also to treat them naturally. There are many anti-wrinkle creams in the market that are available. They can be used on the hands to prevent wrinkles.

Also there are many cosmetic treatments available. You can consult your doctor to know about the available treatments.

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