How To look younger?

How to make my face look younger?

A youthful face is something that everyone desires. Just as physical activity is important for health, so is maintaining beautiful skin. Hence we have to opt for a skin care routine that can lead to facial rejuvenation and elimination of marionette line.

The good news is that you don't have to spend a lot for it. With simple habits it's possible to have beautiful and well hydrated skin.

We Americans lead a busy life style. As a result our skin care gets neglected. Our face also needs to be cared for. A person who wakes up early and sleeps late will hardly worry about the skin. Another reason is due to lack of information about proper skin care techniques.

There are many anti-aging products in the market that are effective. But you don't need to spend dollars every month to rejuvenate your skin. There are numerous ways to get rid of wrinkles and stains and make the face beautiful.

And to help you, we separated some basic tips for facial rejuvenation. Check out!

Facial rejuvenation tips

Moisturizing creams

Moisturizers tend to keep the skin away from dryness. This prevents formation of wrinkles. This is the first step to make your face look younger. It is also great for preventing blemishes and premature aging of cells.

Keeping the skin hydrated makes the skin more luminous and even balance oil. Now the choice of moisturizer depends on your skin type. Try to take advice from your pharmacist. Also go for a cream that does not contain harmful substances. Read more about how to choose a moisturizer here.


Our parents always told us to use sunscreen every day. It is very important to keep the skin of the face and hands protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. They can cause many problems including cancer.

Basically make it a point to carry sunscreen in your bag every day. Apply the sunscreen in the morning and touch up during the day. It's important to use it in the office also when you go to work.

Use the sunscreen when you go to the beach or around the countryside. You have to use it in the winter also. You may not feel the heat of the sun but your skin surely does.

The ideal is to opt for sunscreen with a factor above 30. Look for the most suitable for your skin type and contribute to facial rejuvenation. Read more about sun and skin care here.

Skin cleansing

Most of us Americans live a very busy schedule. We wake up in the morning, apply our makeup, we go to work and finally we come home to sleep. This is a very common routine for those who spend the day away from home. However we must also not forget that we have to clean our skin.

Leaving the skin with makeup remnants plugs the pores and contributes to oiliness, which helps in the appearance of blemishes, blackheads and pimples. This bad habit accelerates aging, and that's not a good thing.


How to make face look younger home remedies

Drink water

Nothing is as important as staying hydrated. It is very important to maintain the health of our body. Water prevents formation of wrinkles. So always carry a bottle of water. Ideally you will need to consume 2 litres of water.

But this also depends upon your weight and race. Water helps absorb nutrients and promotes cell revitalization, true hydration from the inside out. Always whenever possible avoid soft drinks and boxed juices.

These are not substitutes to water. In fact they add calories to your body. You can drink natural flavored waters. In addition to being delicious, they have the properties of the ingredients used in their preparation. Your skin will be grateful to you. Read more about hydration and aging here.

Balanced diet

Having a balanced menu is wonderful, as it helps to strengthen the immune system, prevents disease and provides all the nutrients necessary for the body. The skin is also benefited by those who adopt a healthier diet.

Natural foods, preferably organic, are great allies for the health of the face. Whenever you can, add fruits, vegetables and vegetables with antioxidant action to the menu.

Antioxidant substances fight the action of free radicals and prevent premature aging of cells, which contributes to a young and beautiful skin. Read more about what foods reverse aging here.

Physical exercises

Happy is he who does what he loves, right? That's why practitioners of physical activities can maintain balance between body and mind.

If combined with a series of healthy habits, the practice of physical activities, whatever they are, improves circulation, nourishes the body and prevents premature aging of cells.

Pilates, dance, yoga, weight training, functional training, it doesn't matter. You just need to choose the activity that most resonates with you. Body and mind in balance

A stressed person tends to have serious skin problems such as allergies and, in severe cases, early formation of wrinkles. That's why maintaining a balanced routine and away from tension is so important for health.

The first step to dribbling stress is to have self -knowledge. Knowing who you are, what you want and how to act in certain situations is essential to not be nervous. Invest in activities that give you pleasure, read a book, walk in the morning, chat with friends, have fun. Read more about aerobic exercise for skin here.

Cold or lukewarm water bath

Hot water is very bad for your skin. So avoid having hot water baths. It can damage your skin also. Always opt for warm or cold water.

Did you write down all the tips? By following these steps, you will contribute to facial rejuvenation and will bring countless other benefits to other areas of your body. 

Remember that following just one tip will not make your skin better, you need to have balance as a whole. Even these advantages will be felt gradually, so don't be in a hurry.

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