How To look younger?

How to remove age spots with hydrogen peroxide?

Age spots are the dark spots that appear on the skin. This usually happens when a person enters their 40’s. They are caused due to exposure to the suns UV rays.

We have a pigment called melanin in our body. This pigment is responsible for giving the skin its dark color. As we age due to the exposure to the suns UV rays the production of melanin increases. This results in accumulation of melanin at certain spots on our skin. As a result we get dark spots.

This all can be avoided if we were using sunscreen in our youth. But since we haven’t done this it is best to look for solutions.

In this post we have come with a solution which involves hydrogen peroxide. But before writing about the home remedy, let me begin by how hydrogen peroxide can remove age spots on legs, face and hands.

Benefits of hydrogen peroxide to remove age spots

Most dermatologists are of the opinion that hydrogen peroxide will harm the skin but here we are talking about using food grade hydrogen peroxide. None of the dermatologists talk about food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is good for exfoliation and hence can remove the dark age spots and expose new skin. This will help to fade out the dark spots. It is also a great bleaching agent.

A word of advice. If you have sensitive skin then you will need to consult your doctor before using it.

How to use?

You need to use the food grade hydrogen peroxide sparingly. So you will need a q-tip. Dip the q-tip in hydrogen peroxide. Dry the q-tip as much as possible. Now apply the q-tip on your dark spots. You need to dry the q-tip as it must not drip of your whiter skin. Try as much as possible to apply the hydrogen peroxide only on the dark spots. The rest of your skin must be kept dry.

Allow the hydrogen peroxide to stay on your skin for around 15 minutes. After this rinse your skin with water and dry the skin. Apply food grade hydrogen peroxide twice a week on your age spots. You will notice a difference in a couple of months’ time.

Any other precautions to take

Once you see a difference in your age spots and they are gone it is important to start taking precautions to avoid them in the future. The best precaution that you can take is to use sunscreen when you move out of your house. Also re apply the same after every two hours of staying out in the sun.

Avoid moving out in the sun during the afternoon as the suns UV rays are the very intense at this time of the day. Use a hat and sun glasses if you have to move during the afternoons.

In conclusion

To remove age spots with hydrogen peroxide you will need to use food grade one. Also remember to use it in a way that it doesn’t come in contact with the skin which does not have age spots.


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