How To look younger?

Hyaluronic acid side effects

Hyaluronic acid was started to use as an injection for aesthetic purposes during the mid-nineties. As the name suggests the injections consist mostly of hyaluronic acid, which gives volume to the injected area. This will diminish the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles on the face. But hyaluronic acid side effects are also common.

These injections are used to add volume to a specific area: nasolabial folds, frown lines (between the eyebrows), crow's feet (corner of the eyes), cheeks, chin, around the mouth, lip contour, Dark circles and cheekbones.

Hyaluronic acid can also be taken as a pill and applied like a cream.

Before writing about the side effects of injecting hyaluronic acid it is important to know why there are side effects. The most important reason being wrong person performing the injection.

Who has the right to perform these injections?

In most countries these injections are injected by beauticians. This happens as anyone can buy them. This is unlike the case with botox where only a trained doctor can inject them. Therefore you must get these injected from a doctor. Their training and their knowledge of the anatomy of the face and body mean that they are the only ones qualified and competent to guarantee the safety of injections.

Doctors are also qualified to maintain hygienic conditions like change of syringe, disinfection of the injected area and using proper topical anaesthesia.

In addition before performing the injection you need to perform a clinical examination regarding the patients’ medical history. The doctor can check for allergies, autoimmune diseases etc. Also there are various brands of products available for different places of injection. A doctor will know which is the best for, which part of the face.

Finally if there are adverse side effects then doctors know how to deal with them. In case of such situations the doctor can treat it with appropriate antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medicines.

The doctor can also monitor for long term side effect if necessary. At times dental surgeons can also administer hyaluronic acid at the level of lips and the nasolabial fold.

Now since we know the main reason for side effects it’s time to know what are these side effects.

Hyaluronic acid side effects

In some cases reddening of the injected area will occur immediately after the injection. This will disappear after a few hours. At times it may take a day to disappear. You will start to feel some pain once the effects of the anaesthesia cream starts to wear off. There will be some bruising also present which will go away in a few days’ time.

When you are taking hyaluronic acid as a pill then there will be hardly any side effects. Only take it if prescribed by a doctor. Also there are hardly any side effects of using hyaluronic acid as a topical cream. Most side effects are due to using it as an injection.

What precautions to take while taking hyaluronic acid injections?

Avoid taking aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and vitamin C for the previous 3 days. You must also remain calm for three hours after the injection and avoid moving your face. You can resume makeup after a day’s time. Avoid exposure to the sun. Use sun protection. Avoid violent sports, sauna, dental care and skin cleaning for the next 3 days. Also avoid taking alcohol for a days’ time.

In conclusion

Hyaluronic acid is safe when used as an oral medicine or topical cream. As far as injections are concerned get them done by a doctor.

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