How To look younger?

Hydrogen peroxide for skin

Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a cosmetic for many skin ailments. This is because when it comes in contact with the skin, the hydrogen peroxide breaks into its two components which is hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen prevents bacteria and germs from surviving on the treated area. This is good when it comes to treating inflammations like pimples. This makes hydro peroxide good for skin when used in small amounts.

You must buy a 3 % hydrogen peroxide solution. This is available at any pharmacy and is not harmful at that concentration. At more than 3 % concentration hydrogen peroxide will be corrosive and won’t be suitable for your skin.

If you buy an acne cream you will find that hydrogen peroxide is one of the ingredient. But if you use directly it will be cheaper for you. For storing you will need to find a cool and dark place. Also be careful that you don’t get it on your clothes as hydrogen peroxide can having bleaching effects even in low concentrations.

But don’t worry at this low concentration it won’t affect your face and you won’t have light spots on it.

Below we have four uses of hydrogen peroxide for skin. We have mentioned also how to use it.

Hydrogen peroxide and age spots

Age spots are formed due to long term exposure to the sun. The suns UV rays accelerate the production of the pigment melanin which gives our skin its dark color. These dark spots are difficult to hide when they are formed on the face. However hydrogen peroxide can help you to get rid of them.
You must be careful to use it in the right amount.

First of all apply a scrub to your face. It can be homemade or you may buy one from the store. Then wash your face well. Then moisten some cotton with the solution and dab it on your age spots. Leave the liquid for a few moments and then wash with warm water. Do this for two times a week. Do this is the evening.

Hydrogen peroxide and wounds

As mentioned above the oxygen in hydrogen peroxide is good to prevent bacteria and germs. This makes it an excellent treatment option for cuts and wounds. But you must be careful in using hydrogen peroxide on your wounds. If your wound is healing on its own then you should let your body do the work.

To use hydrogen peroxide for your wound you will need to pour the hydrogen peroxide in a clean spray bottle first. Then spray the solution on your wounds. Hydrogen peroxide will stop your bleeding faster. One word of caution. Don’t experiment with deep open wounds. In such situations it is best to visit a doctor.

Hydrogen peroxide to eliminate pimples

Anyone at any age will have problems with acne. This skin problem can also occur due to stress, a high fat diet or during menstruation. Hydrogen peroxide can clean pores and if you have popped a pimple then it can disinfect the open wound.

Dab the hydrogen peroxide on your pimple with a clean cotton swab. You can do this more than once a day.

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