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Lines on Neck

When we talk about aging we often tend to miss the hands and neck. Our obsession with face wrinkles usually makes us forget about these areas.

But both the hands and the neck area can make us look old. As a result you need to take care of the neck wrinkles if you want to look young.

Neck wrinkles usually start as fine lines when someone is there in their 30’s. But they stay as fine lines till you move into your 50’s. For most people their 50’s is when wrinkles become more prominent.


lines on neck


Causes of neck wrinkles

Neck wrinkles are similar to your skin wrinkles. The causes are also the same. As we age our body starts to produce lesser amounts of collagen.

Collagen is the protein that keeps the skin firm and wrinkle free. Hence we need to stimulate the production of collagen to have a wrinkle free neck.

Also there are two types of wrinkles with their own separate reasons.

To know why they form, you must first identify what type of wrinkles it is. The smallest wrinkles appear as a result of damage to the most superficial structures of the skin, which is usually related to excessive sun exposure or smoking. 

For example, the simple gesture of pursing your lips to expel cigarette smoke ends up multiplying the wrinkles that appear around your mouth.

On the other hard, thicker wrinkles are usually related to a significant weight loss or loss of elasticity and sagging, the result of aging. In addition, depending on its morphology, there are transverse wrinkles or rings of Venus, which can appear during childhood and become more pronounced, and vertical wrinkles formed by sagging itself.

Another factor directly related to the appearance of neck wrinkles is genetic disposition. If we add to this bad habits such as exposure to the sun or tobacco, or even spending many hours with the mobile, the number and depth of these wrinkles multiplies.


Neck wrinkles exercises


How to prevent lines on neck?

It is better to prevent neck wrinkles than take treatment for them. You have to start taking precautions in your twenties or thirties.

Maintaining proper hydration is vital. Since the skin around the neck is thinner the production of collagen is also less. Hence keeping neck hydrated is very important.

One solution is to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This will keep your skin hydrated and prevent formation of wrinkles as dry skin is known to accelerate the formation of wrinkles.

Water also will make the skin firm and improve its elasticity.

You can also use a moisturiser on your neck to keep it hydrated. Do this twice a day.

Of course, there are practices that are part of our daily lives and that favor the appearance of neck wrinkles. Overexposure to the sun accelerates skin aging as a result of oxidative stress and the consequent loss of collagen and hydration. 

We often forget to give the area the attention it deserves and when we apply our serums or creams we forget to spread them on the neck ... Not to mention the photo protector.

Hence don’t forget to use a sunscreen on the neck whenever you move out in the sun.

An irregular diet as well as the abuse of toxic substances such as tobacco or alcohol are also to blame.

Eat foods that are rich in anti-oxidants such as blueberries, strawberries, papayas and broccoli and use olive oil in your diet.

Quit smoking and drink alcohol in moderation as alcohol cause dehydration and your skin needs to conserve its moisture to prevent wrinkles.

Inappropriate postures maintained, such as spending too much time with your head flexed (looking at your mobile phone, for example) can also favor its appearance. 

Unfortunately, there are other factors such as genetic disposition, against which nothing can be done.

Changing routines

It is up to us to follow habits that delay its appearance. A high percentage of our day is spent sleeping and these hours - you better comply with the 8 recommended hours - as an important cause, if we do it sideways and shrunk, we favor the appearance of wrinkles. 

The solution? Try to maintain your posture and sleep on your back, a gesture that is also recommended to delay the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Another tip according to experts is to use masks on a regular basis. By applying it 3 times a week it is possible to maintain good hydration and nutrition. Dermocosmetics (creams) help to keep the skin hydrated in the area and can delay the appearance of wrinkles, but they are not very effective in improving those that are already formed.

Facial gymnastics, focused on toning the platysma muscle -responsible for neck folds, can also help delay the appearance of neck wrinkles. 


Prevent neck wrinkles


Neck Lines Treatment

But not everything is prevention or lying down. Aesthetic medicine contemplates different treatments for these unsightly wrinkles to which we do not pay the necessary attention.

You can start with using a good anti-aging cream on your neck. These creams are known to tighten the skin. They improve the moisture levels of the skin and keep it hydrated. They even improve the radiance of your skin.

If this doesn’t seem to work there are many treatment options listed below which you can try.

In treatments for neck wrinkles the most common one is the pulsed light. In this treatment due to the energy of the light that is emanated on the skin tiny abrasions are created. This leads to production of collagen and elastin. This helps to prevent lines on neck.

Chemical peeling is another treatment option for neck wrinkles. This treatment is used to eliminate dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This process is called keratolysis. This way the epidermis of the skin can regenerate.

For this treatment you will have to visit the dermatologist. The dermatologist will choose between glycolic or salicylic or pyruvic acid. A gel consisting of either will be spread on your neck. This gel is left to act for a few minutes. The cream is removed gently. Finally a moisturizing and protective cream is applied on your neck.  

For the third treatment you can go for carbon dioxide laser. This is a choice that an increasing number of women are taking to combat neck lines. This treatment is similar to the first treatment. But instead of using pulsed light a laser is used to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. At the moment, this is the most valid solution that is occurring to eliminate wrinkles from the décolleté.

Like laser you can also use radio frequency treatment. This treatment will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This treatment is less painful than laser. The disadvantage of this process is several sessions are needed to obtain the desired results. Also you will have to attend more sessions to maintain the result.

Meso botox is another treatment that you can undergo to treat neck wrinkles. Small botulinum toxin are injected in the neck muscles to relax them. This will help to prevent the formation of lines on neck. There is a disadvantage with this method as it is not a permanent solution.

When the effect of the botox wears of, the neck muscles will start to contract again and wrinkles will appear. The effect of this treatment lasts for three to four months.

Another revolutionary technique is Nano fat, which consists of micro grafting the patient's own fat in the area. The procedure consists of the intradermal infiltration of small amounts of adipose tissue in an almost liquid state, as detailed by the doctor. Try neck lift for problems of flaccidity and sagging. 

FAQs on lines on Neck

There are many questions our readers ask us about neck lines through email. In this section we have tried to answer these questions for you.

Are neck lines normal?

As you age you will start to get wrinkles on your face, hands and neck. This happens to everyone. So neck lines are normal. Though you can delay the onset of neck wrinkles by using sunscreen and quitting smoking.

Are neck lines attractive?

No. Neck lines make you look older. Therefore neck lines are not attractive, especially for a woman.

Are neck lines permanent?

No. neck lines are not permanent. There are many anti-wrinkle creams for neck that can help you get rid of neck wrinkles.

Are neck lines genetic?

If a person has dry skin type and fair skin tone then the person is more likely to get neck lines or for that matter any type of wrinkles.

Are neck lines ugly?

Neck lines like all wrinkles makes a person look old. So if you don’t want to look old then you need to get rid of them. But we feel that they don’t make you look ugly.

Are neck lines bad?

Neck lines are not bad as in they don’t cause any health related problems. Yes they do make you look old. Apart from this it is okay to have wrinkles.

Are neck lines from fat?

Horizontal neck lines are caused due to excess fats on the neck area. Excess fats causes a build-up of skin which folds.

Can neck lines go away?

Yes neck lines can go away by undergoing lifestyle changes and treatments.

How to remove neck lines?

There are range of treatment options available to remove neck lines. Botox, neck lift and chemical peeling are some of the treatments that our dermatologists recommend.

How to remove neck lines home remedy?

You need half ripe avocado, one egg white and one teaspoon lemon juice. Puree the avocado and add the egg white. Finally add the lemon juice. Apply this home remedy on your face and keep for fifteen minutes. Finally wash your face.

How to prevent neck lines?

To prevent neck lines you will need to use a sunscreen from a very young age. Use a sunscreen with SPF of above 30. You can also cover your neck with a scarf when you go out in the sun. Avoid being out in the afternoons.

How to lighten neck lines?

To lighten neck lines you can use a concealer on the darker areas of your neck.

How to fix neck lines?

Neck lift is a good alternative to fixing neck lines. This treatment tightens the skin on your neck to get rid of neck lines.

What causes neck lines?

As mentioned above neck wrinkles are formed due to exposure to suns UV rays, smoking and aging.

What is tech neck lines?

Tech neck lines are horizontal neck lines that are formed due to using devices like phones or laptops. When we use these devices we move our neck up and down which forms temporary wrinkles on our neck. As we age these wrinkles become permanent.

When do neck lines appear?

Neck lines start to appear on the neck when a person enters their 20’s or 30’s. But for most people they become more visible in their 50’s. If your neck lines are deeper at a younger age then you have premature skin aging.

You need to stop smoking and using a sunscreen. If you are already using a sunscreen then change it to one with a higher SPF.

Will losing weight help neck lines?

Losing weight in the right manner can help you to get rid of neck lines. But sudden loss in weight can do the opposite for any type of wrinkles.

Neck lines in 20s

If you have prominent neck lines during your 20’s or your teens then you are showing signs of premature aging. You need to use sunscreen or use one with a higher SPF if you are already using one.

Quit smoking if you have premature skin aging.

In conclusion

Of course, to achieve the best results, many of these techniques can be combined, thus enhancing their benefits. In addition, following the consistent neck care routine, maintaining proper hydration, using sun protection or being more aware of our postures can help delay its appearance and its depth.

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