How To look younger?

Make up tricks to look younger

Most of the tips about looking younger are difficult. Exercise, quitting smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation though effective are easier said than done. Even the easier ones like using moisturisers or sunscreens, drinking water etc. take time to show their effects.

What if you want to look young instantly? That is where you can use makeup tricks to look younger. If you want to look young in 30 days then you can read our article how to look 20 years younger in 30 days?

Looking 10 years younger with makeup is possible, as long as you use it with skill and taking advantage of some little tricks, which we reveal in this article.

All Americans dream of looking younger than their actual age. There is no need to be ashamed of this feeling to look younger.

The thing is that you don’t have to go for expensive treatment options like botox and fillers.

You just need to know how to play wisely with make-up, stealing the secrets of the trade from photographers and make-up artists, remembering that the best results are obtained on well-groomed skin. 

Along with makeup for your face eyebrow care and the right hair cut can make you look younger fast.

Having thick eyebrows and well-groomed hair can complement your makeup tricks to look younger.

We teach you step by step what the tricks to look younger are and how to do them easily.

1. Makeup for younger skin

Photographers use certain tricks to make even the most aged actresses to look younger. Hence one of the tricks to look younger is to steal photographer’s tricks. They know how to make any one look younger using small touches of light.

The light hitting the face accentuates dark circles, in the same way that standing under a ceiling light emphasizes the areas at risk. Indirect lighting is better, such as soft lighting in restaurants, for example.

Yes but how can you use these light tricks in the way you use makeup? Just light up your strategic points with highlighters.

Below are four of the most strategic points that photographers say must be highlighted to look younger.

The wrinkle on your forehead between your two eye brows.

The inner corner of the eye.

The outline of the mouth.

The nasolabial folds or the creases on your mouth that start form your nose and extend to your mouth.

Using the right highlighter to conceal the above four strategic points can make you look 10 years younger in matter of minutes. Ask your beautician for the right type of highlighter for your skin complexion.

2. Foundation to look younger

Yes if you use foundation in a right way then you can take at least 10 years than your age. What you first need is a light reflective and high quality foundation.

Your hand also must be gentle while applying the foundation. Use the foundation on the following points mentioned below.

- On the outer corner of the eye;

- Along the furrow between the wings of the nose and the corners of the lips;

- Around the mouth;

- Under the lower lip.

The important point is not to overdo it. Your skin needs to breathe to look healthy.

How do you figure out your foundation shade?

In natural light, check the appearance of your veins. If they are blue you have a cool tone. If they are green or bluish green you have a warm tone. If you can’t tell which color they are, then you have a neutral tone.

For cool tone choose a foundation with pink, red or blue base. You can then choose shades like cocoa.

For warm tones choose a foundation with gold or yellow base and shade like caramel.

For neutral undertones use a balance between yellow and blue.

3. Eyebrows that make you look younger

Until a few years ago no one paid attention to eyebrows. But that all has changed.

Taking care of your eyebrows is one of the makeup trick to look younger. As we age the natural aging process thins the hair on our brows.

As a result thinning eyebrows make you look older than your actual age. Hence thick bushy eyebrows can make you look younger.

There are many products in the market that can help to bulk up the brows like brow enhancing serums and conditioning gels.

You can also create the illusion of fuller looking brows by using eyebrow makeup. An eyebrow filler like pencil is a great way to perfectly thicken eyebrows.

For natural results use colors darker than your natural hair.

Use a brush to first comb your brows. Comb them upwards. Using a thin pencil nib, gently draw short, light lines up and along the length of your brow to mimic hairs. Ten apply a brow mascara to give extra bulk to sparse hairs.

This method can make your brows thicker and fuller, which will ultimately make you look younger. Read more about can eyebrows regrow here

4. Use a concealer

As you age your skin begins to sag and wrinkles start to appear on your skin. Using a creamy concealer can conceal all the tell-tale signs of aging like wrinkles. A Concealer can also impart brightness to your skin.

Now it is important to choose the right concealer if you want to look younger. Try a creamy moisture based concealer.

Don’t use powder based concealers. They will further accentuate the dryness and patchiness of the skin, making it look older.

Use concealer under your eyes to hide your eye wrinkles and saggy skin present there. You can also hide your crow’s feet which are the wrinkles which appear at the outer edge of the eyes.

Further you can cover dark spots and saggy skin if it is present on your face using a concealer.

Using a concealer can is one of our best makeup tricks to look younger. Only use a creamy concealer.

5. Lips and aging

Lips also age and process begins early on in our lives. The upper lip reaches its maximum thickness at 16 years. After this age the lips begin the slow process of thinning throughout their lifespan.

The reason our lips age is the decreased production of new collagen and elastin molecules. Hence our lips don’t look full and plump.

You can use lipstick shades that can make you look younger. The color of the lipstick will depend on your skin complexion.

If you have a fair skin then you can use bright lovely colors like pinks, oranges and peaches.

If you have dark colored skin use magenta or raspberry which will make your lips look fuller.

If you love the shiny effect, you can opt for a gloss with a mirror effect and filler: it evens the appearance of the lips and makes them appear naturally more turgid.

You can also use lip balm which can make your lips look fuller.

Try the above suggestions and see which works best for you.

6. Use blush to look younger

By using the right type of blush in a right manner is one of our makeup tricks to look younger. Listed below are four tips that will show you right blush to use and the places where it has to be applied.

Like the concealer use creams instead of powders. As we age our skin loses its glow or luminosity. Hence it’s important to use cream bronzers instead of powders

Using the right shade is also important. Now this depends on your skin tone. The shade must complement your skin tone. The trick is to choose a shade which is a few tones darker than yours.

Apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks. As a flushed cheek can make you look youthful.

Don’t use blush on the hollows of your cheeks. Apply it only on the apples of the cheek. Remember when it comes to blush it is all about location.

In conclusion

The above six tips can act as hacks to make you look younger. The good news is that they make you look younger in a matter of few hours.

You can always try a few first so as to see what works for you. What works on long term or what works for a short period of time? What works best for your skin tone?

Experiment and see. Once you get your perfect makeup routine to look younger then you can use it for a long period of time.

But as you age you will have to try something new. As what works for a certain age won’t work after five to ten years.

Above all stay happy and keep smiling as a smile is the best makeup you can wear.

If you want to look young in 30 days then you can read our article how to look 20 years younger in 30 days?


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