How To look younger?

Marionette Lines Exercises

There are many types of wrinkles that appear on a person’s face. Wrinkles between the eyebrows, the smile, crow’s feet and neck wrinkles are very famous. But a little less familiar partner of theirs is the marionette line. We must fear this type of wrinkle as it appears on our face.

Marionette lines appear at the corner of the lips and draw a descending line towards both sides of the chin. They create an effect of a sad person. They are actual an effect of fallen cheekbones.

The appearance of marionette lines must be a red flag as far as looking younger is concerned as they tend to give us a very old appearance. 

Why do we get marionette lines?

There are many reasons for marionette lines. The first is genetics. Due to genetics you can have certain type of facial appearance which can give rise to marionette lines.

Exposure to the sun is another factor. When you move out in the sun without protection your skin comes in contact with the suns UV rays. This creates free radicals in your skin which damages the protein collagen. This protein is necessary to prevent wrinkles like marionette lines.

Other bad habits like smoking also create free radicals in your skin. Pollution is another factor that will increase the formation of marionette lines.

At what age do you get marionette lines?

Although they can appear after the age of 30, marionette lines tend to be more frequent after the age of 40 and can become more pronounced after the age of 50. In addition, they tend to be more pronounced in smokers, since smoking tenses the muscle responsible for its appearance. 

Marionette lines exercises

To get rid of your marionette line we have listed below some exercises for you. Try them and see which ones work for you. This is a list of 6 exercises. Some of them need a chair which will allow you to lean backwards.

Marionette lines exercise number 1

There are many facial exercises that can be done to treat your marionette line. Sit in a chair with a mid to lower back. Your back should be low enough so that you can tilt your head back into the chair easily and comfortable.

For the first exercise sit in a chair, tilt your head back until you can see the ceiling. Now start making movements with your mouth as if you were chewing something. But off course you don’t have to chew anything. Do this exercise for about 15 minutes a day or more for the best results. You will start to see results in a few days.

Marionette lines exercise number 2

Place one or two fingers on each side of your mouth. Gently pull theses fingers towards the ears and hold. Now pout your lips to make a pouting expression. Do this for 10 seconds and then release.

The muscles around your mouth will start to tighten as you do this exercise. Do this exercise for 10 times a day. This exercise will tone and firm the area around your marionette lines.

Marionette lines exercise number 3

Like the first exercise you will have to use a chair that allows you to bend backwards. Sit on such a chair. Tilt you head backwards towards the ceiling. Extend your lower lip as far as possible towards your upper lip. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Then return back to your normal relaxed position. Do this at least five times a day.

Marionette lines exercise number 4

For this fourth exercise you will again have to sit in a low to medium back chair. Now tilt you head back towards the ceiling. Purse your lips as if you are about to kiss someone. Then release after five seconds. Repeat this exercise for around ten times. Then tilt your head to a normal sitting position. Do this exercise for at least five times a day.

Marionette lines exercise number 5

This exercise will help you to plump your cheeks. This will help to reduce the depths of your nasolabial folds. This will prevent the aged look that your get. Start with your lips closed. Now smile gently. Then lift the corners of your mouth. Then, suck on your cheeks till they touch your teeth. Now count till ten. Then relax. Do this exercise for 10 times a day.

Marionette lines exercise number 6

For this exercise sit on a chair. Tilt your head towards the ceiling. Purse your lips as before. This time stick your tongue out and try to touch your chin with your tongue. Extend your tongue toward your chin as far as it can go. Do this for 10 seconds and then return to normal sitting position. Do this exercise for at least five times per day.

You need to try the above exercises one by one to see which ones work the best for you.

How to hide marionette lines with makeup?

You can use a primer while applying makeup. Using a primer can be effective in having a smoother face and hiding wrinkles like marionette lines. Most Americans don’t like to use a primer but it perfectly conditions your skin for other products.

Now you can use your serum to hide marionette line. Mix your foundation with a little serum and apply it to your marionette lines in circular motion.
Now you can use a white pencil or a light concealer after your foundation is done. Paint your marionette line.

If you can’t get rid of your marionette line through exercises then you can surely hide them using makeup. Our above tricks can help you to hide your marionette line.

In conclusion

Marionette are a dead giveaway sign of aging. Therefore it is important to get rid of this line.



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