How To look younger?

How can men look younger?

When it comes to aging most of the blog posts on the internet address the problems of women. Very rarely blog posts are written taking men in to consideration. Here is a well written article addressing aging in men. Everyone ages, but you don’t have to show your age on your face.

If a man wants to look younger than his age you need to do a few things. Few simple practices that you must follow. Give your skin the right treatment, choose a good haircut, exercise and retire old-fashioned perfumes.

Check out our tips to take the weight of the years off you. 

men how to look younger

Shave properly

There is proper way to shave. It's no use putting the razor in your face and cutting your beard anyway. You should first point the razor in the direction the hair grows, so you can cut it at the root. This will lead to smoother shaving experience.

Change Perfume

A mistake that most men do is to select a single brand of perfume for their entire lives. As if it were a brand that they want to build. This is right to some extent. Problem occurs if the brand that you use is outdated or out of style.

Try to choose a more happening brand of perfume. Try to find which the latest one are. The ones that the newer generation uses. Try to choose the one that matches your style.

Take a chance on the hairstyle

One of the many reasons you look older is that you stick to your same old hairstyle. . No matter what your hair is, you can make different hairstyles with a few selected products. Explain to your barber or hair stylist how you want your hair to be. You have to retire your old hair style like you have to retire your perfume set.


Marionette lines, also known as puppet lines are a type of wrinkle that appears on the face as a person ages. We have written an in-dept blog post on Marionette line. Do read it.


Removing face hair

One fine day you wake up and notice a tuft of hair in your ear. Or back and shoulders. Or on the eyebrow. From the age of 30, hairs suddenly begin to appear in places where there was nothing before. 

According to experts, this is due to the fact that, around the age of 35, the hair follicles in these regions “wake up after long years of hibernation, being exposed and stimulated by testosterone. 

To get rid of excess hair by jumping out of your shirt, the solution is simple: waxing. For more delicate areas like eyebrows, use tweezers. For the back, shoulders and chest, it is possible to proceed with ordinary hair removal, with a blade, make use of hot wax, or even seek laser hair removal methods

Do bodybuilding seriously

Yes body building is not only for the young men. It’s very important for the not so young men also. So let’s focus on the benefits of hitting the gym.

Studies prove that older men should not only engage in aerobic activities (which contribute to heart health), but also weight training. In our 40’s we begin to loose muscle.

Muscles are mostly proteins or amino acids. Higher amount of amino acids are linked to a longer and healthier life. A good workout will make you look younger and live healthier.

Combat the look of tired eyes

As the aging process begins the skin around our eyes (which is thinner and more sensitive than other parts of the face) loses its elasticity. Bags, wrinkles and crow's feet (those lines in the corners) appear. 

Use a good eye wrinkle cream to get rid of eye wrinkles. You can ask your pharmacist to suggest a good one for you depending on your skin type.

Use Sunscreen

We assume that you've been using sunscreen on your face for a long time. Because we've said a thousand times here on the site that solar radiation is the skin's biggest enemy, at any age: it causes premature aging, accentuates wrinkles like lines on neck, blemishes and predisposes to cancer. 

As we age, the daily use of a face shield becomes even more important, to stop the degeneration of the skin accentuated by the sun. Choose a quality filter, with SPF 50, preferably with anti-aging actives (which help prevent wrinkles). Apply daily to the face, morning and afternoon or whenever you go outside.

Get rid of greying hair

Most men for some reason like their greying hair. It does give a look of maturity, but it also makes you older. If grey hair appear at an early age then one must combat this problem. There are many natural color products available in the market. Consult your hair stylist and choose a good one.

Exfoliate your face

Men of all ages should use exfoliating scrubs, as they deeply cleanse the face and leave the skin squeaky clean, looking refreshed. But for the elderly, the product should be an essential item.

 In addition to unclogging pores, it stimulates skin renewal because it removes the surface layer of dead cells, stimulating the production of new, leafy cells. 

The exfoliator also sets the stage for the moisturizer and anti-aging cream. Free from impurities, the skin absorbs nutrients better and products that prevent wrinkles and blemishes are more effective.

So do use our above tips and tricks to look younger than your age. Read more about how do I exfoliate my skin here.

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