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Neck lines treatment

Neck lines are wrinkles that appear on your neck. We get so obsessed with the skin care of our face that we forget that our neck goes through the same harsh treatment that our face gets. As a result we don’t protect our neck nor do we go for neck skin care. This results in the formation of wrinkles on the neck.

Neck lines used to be a sign of aging. But this is not true anymore. Frequent use of mobile phones and laptops have made the appearance of neck lines at a very young age. There are many ways by which you can prevent neck lines like proper skin care routine, use on sunscreen on the neck, drinking 8 glasses of water and sleeping for eight hours. Along with this you can do neck wrinkle exercises to strengthen the skin around the neck and prevent neck lines.

But in this article we would like to address all the nick lines treatment that are available for you. If you have the money then you can surely go for them.

To have a younger looking neck and to get rid of neck lines you will have to go for a treatment called neck-lift surgery. This is similar to facelift as in it helps the neck to achieve a more balance youthful appearance.

As mentioned above the neck is the first area to show age. This is particularly true for people who have lost weight. When you lose weight fast there is leftover, loose hanging skin that has lost its elasticity. Whether you have neck lines or excess skin or fat, a neck lift can bring your neck back into shape.

How is a neck lift surgery performed?

Neck-lift plastic surgery may be performed a variety of procedures, depending on the individual. Three possible neck-lift procedures may include liposuction, cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty.  Typically a neck lift procedure will include liposuction to remove fat. To remove excess skin you may include cervicoplasty. To tighten neck muscles you will have to go through platysmaplasty. By using the three procedure you can get rid on neck lines.
For a less-invasive alternative, you may want to investigate the micro neck-lift.

Who is the right candidate for neck lift?

There is no ideal age for neck lift surgery. As mentioned above neck lines can come at a very young age also due to the use of mobile phones. Therefore the candidates may range from teenagers to senior citizens. There are certain diseases which if you have then you may have to opt out of this treatment.

The Neck-lift Procedure

Neck lifts will always be performed by a board of certified plastic surgeon. The procedure can be done at the surgeon’s clinic or hospital. During neck-left at times more than one procedure is performed so the amount of time required for the procedure can be from one hour to several hours. The procedure may be performed under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. In most cases you won’t need to stay overnight.

Liposuction procedure for neck lift

Liposuction is performed when your neck has excess fats and it looks flabby. This procedure will remove extra fats. It is typically performed first. An incision is made below the chin area to remove excess fats. The fat deposits will be removed by inserting a small cannula (a hollow tube with an opening near its blunt end) beneath the skin and into the fatty tissue. The function of the cannula is to break up the fat. Then the cannula removes the fat. Finally a bandage will be applied to reduce swelling and discomfort.

Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction surgery will show sign signs of recovery. Firstly your neck, jaw and ears will be bruised. They will be swollen for up to ten days. The surgeon will suggest you to keep your head and neck elevated at all times for up to ten days. You may also have to use two pillows when you sleep.

If there is pain then oral pain medication will be administered. To prevent any infection you will also have to take antibiotics. Any dietary guidelines will be set by the doctor. You must also limit physical activity for at least a week. This also includes any exercise that you perform. Report any form of severe pain or abnormal symptoms to the doctor.

The bandage that is worn around your neck can be removed the day after the surgery. Stitches are mostly dissolvable if not they will be removed by the surgeon. This is usually done after seven days from the procedure. Now your final result will be available in about four months. You will find that your neck area is no longer flabby and fewer neck lines.


This procedure is performed to remove excess skin from the neck. This excess skin makes the skin saggy. Therefore you must get rid of this skin to look younger. In this procedure an incision is made under your chin and behind the ears (or possibly in just one of these locations).  Then the surgeon will cut back and lift the skin. This skin will be secured with permanent sutures or some permanent adhesive glue. Finally a bandage and tape will be applied to the incision location to reduce swelling and discomfort.

Cervicoplasty Recovery

Recovery for this procedure is the same as for liposuction. Your neck, jaw and ears will be bruised and continue to swell for ten days. You will have to take painkillers and antibiotics.


This procedure is performed to tighten the middle area of the neck. This will help in getting rid of neck lines. This will also reduce the banded appearance of the neck. An incision will be made under the chin or behind the ears or both. An instrument will be inserted to either remove a portion of specific neck muscles or realign them, which will tighten the middle area of the neck. The doctor will suture areas of the muscles in order to clasp them in best position. Finally a bandage will be applied across the chin to reduce swelling and discomfort.

Platysmaplasty Recovery

The recovery process will be the same as the above two procedures. You will have swelling in your neck, jaw and ears for up to ten days. You will need to take oral pain medication and antibiotics to fight off any infection. Report any severe pain to your doctor.

In conclusion

There are many treatment options for neck lines but the ones we have mentioned in this article are the bet to get rid of neck wrinkles. But if you don’t want to spend money on the procedures then you can go for a cheaper option like neck wrinkle creams etc.


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