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Neck wrinkles exercises

The skin on your neck like the skin on your face needs to be taken care of. But we don’t pay as much attention to our neck as we do to our face. Neck and hands are two parts of our body which get neglected as a result we get saggy skin and wrinkles on our neck.

The process of aging is the same for your face skin or your neck skin. We have a protein called collagen in our body. This protein is needed to keep the skin firm and prevent wrinkles from forming. As we age the production of collagen comes down and hence we develop signs of aging on our face.

There are other causes of skin aging. The suns UV rays creates free radicals in our skin. These free radicals destroy the collagen in our skin. Other habits like smoking and drinking alcohol are also responsible for collagen damage. Pollution also plays its part. This all leads to aging skin. This applies also to our neck. Therefore it is important to do neck wrinkle exercises to give strength to the skin around our neck to prevent sagginess. We have some good neck exercises but before that we will learn have to know what exactly happens to our neck.

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Neck wrinkles signs

The process of deterioration of the neck begins in our 20’s. As mentioned above this happens due to improper care of the neck. But the neck wrinkles will be visible in your 40’s.

Signs of neck wrinkles like the area drops, the platysmal bands are marked [those vertical cords that run through it], the rings of Venus appear [horizontal wrinkles] and excess fat can lead to a double chin or double chin.

Now we have some good neck wrinkle treatments on our blog, in this post we would like to concentrate on neck wrinkle exercises.

1. Total facelift – An exercise for neck wrinkle

This is an advances exercise that tones the neck, cheeks and double chin. In the total facelift exercise you need to lengthen your neck up and pull your chin up slightly. Do this while grasping collarbones with your hands and pulling them done slightly. Now bring your chin forward and up slightly to support your upper lip with your lower teeth, then try to touch the tip of your nose with your lower lip. Finally lift the corner of your mouth and pulse up and down slightly like your smiling. Do this for eight times. Then relax. Perform this exercise three times a day for three days per week.

2. Swan Neck for face wrinkles

This is an exercise that lengthens your neck and improves your posture. With your neck erect, position your clasped hands under your chin. Rest your elbows on a table. Now try opening your jaw. Put pressure against your hands to activate the neck muscles. Do this eight times and then relax. Do this exercise three times every day.

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How to remove neck wrinkles?

Now we have four easy movements for you to strengthen your neck muscle and prevent neck wrinkles. They must be done daily for 10 times each. They are for people who are lazy as you don’t need to get up. You can even watch TV while you’re exercising. You don’t have any excuses to not these movements.

Keep your chin up high. Now place your hand under your jaw muscles. In this position stretch forward and up. Hold for 10 seconds. Then bring your chin down and relax. This exercise will stretch the skin of your neck and make it firm.

In the second exercise turn your head to one side and stretch your jaw forward. Then return back to the normal position. Now do this for the other side.
In the third exercise you have to hold your head high and the mouth is opened wide. Once the mouth is open the lower jaw is moved in and out alternatively, accentuating the tension.

In the fourth exercise look at the ceiling and stretch your neck. Purse your lips like kissing. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Relax for another 10 seconds.

You must do this exercises daily 10 time each to strengthen your neck skin.

In Conclusion

There are various treatment available for neck wrinkles, but if you don’t want to spend money on treatments then you can try our neck wrinkles exercises to prevent neck wrinkles. These exercises usually act by strengthening the skin around the neck to get rid or prevent wrinkles.


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