How To look younger?

Rose water skin benefits

Rose is a token of love. You don’t have to be a poet or a romantic person to know this. The smell that comes from roses is lovely. But do you know that rose water can make you look more beautiful and spice up the love between you and your partner. Rose water has many cosmetic benefits. By using rose water in the proper manner you can look younger and prettier.

Why does rose water have skin benefits?

Rose water is actually a by-product of the production of the precious rose oil. The method by which rose oil and rose water are extracted from roses has been known to mankind for ages. Rose water is the condensed water vapour that occurs when rose oil is extracted.

Rose water has many anti-oxidants and other nutrients that make it a common ingredient in most cosmetics. Some of the ingredients that rose water contains are vitamin B, vitamin C, pectins and tannins. Pectins are a natural gelling agent that binds water and tannins are water-soluble polyphenols that are present in many plant foods.

The effects of rose water

Due to the presence of the above rose water is known to be antibacterial, ant-inflammatory and decongestant. Rose water can be used for skin tightening purpose. Rose water is good for oily skin as it can regulate the moisture balance of the skin. Rose water has anti-oxidant properties as it can bind with free radicals and neutralize them. Rose water also helps to preserve moisture in the skin.

Rose water is known to promote blood circulation. This will supply your skin with oxygen and other essential nutrients. A good advantage of using rose water is that it does not clog the pores of the skin and thus it does not promote the formation of blackheads. Rose water has skin lightening properties so it can be used for dark circles and age spots.

The scent from the rose water can be very relaxing and can help with fears, depression and anxiety.

Rose water skin benefits

As mentioned above rose water can have skin tightening effects. This means that your skin will be firmer. As a result you can delay the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin. If you already have them then you can diminish their appearance.

Since rose water fights free radicals it can prevent damage to the protein elastin. This protein is needed to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Rose water helps to preserve moisture in the skin. This will make your skin plump up. As a result the appearance of wrinkles will be diminished. Remember rose water doesn’t prevent the appearance of wrinkles but only reduces their appearance.

Rose water as mentioned above can improve blood circulation. This will provide your skin with essential nutrients which will in turn help you to maintain a healthy glow.

Rose water also has whitening properties and so can be used to get rid of age spots.

The above five benefits of rose water will help you to have younger looking skin. Apart from this there are other benefits of rose water for the skin which are mentioned below.

Rose water can be used to reduce dark circles around the eyes. Soak two cotton pads in rose water and place them around your eyes. Keep them for around 10 minutes. Do this daily. You will start to see a difference in few weeks’ time.

As rose water helps to maintain moisture balance in the skin it is good to treat acne. Being anti-bacterial it will treat acne is a more efficient manner.
Rose water helps with rosacea or reddened skin thanks to its astringent (tightening) and toning (strengthening) effects.

Unlike many products rose water can be used on all skin types. For sensitive skin, real rose water without alcohol neutralizes the pH value of the skin.
Regular use of rose water also increases the protective shield of the skin.

You can use rose water on a daily basis on your face. Keep it for around 10 minutes.

In conclusion

Rose water has many cosmetic benefits and by using it on a regular basis will help you to look younger. It will also help to skin conditions like acne. Finally it will keep your skin moisturised and glowing.

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