How To look younger?

Secret to look younger

There is a simple secret to look younger. In fact there are two of them. If you follow them religiously then you look will look at least 10 years younger than your actual age. They are sleeping for 8 hours a night and drinking 8 glasses of water. Yes the number 8 is the most important number that you must remember as far as looking young is concerned.

You don’t have to spend dollars on expensive anti-aging creams and serums. You just have to sleep for 8 hours and drink 8 glasses of water.

So what is there in water and sleep that can make you look younger. Let us start with sleeping.

Sleep and skin aging

Collagen is a protein in our skin which is responsible to prevent sagging of the skin and wrinkle formation. According to the medical team of the famous website WebMD the skin produces more collagen when we have a good night’s sleep. Therefore it is important to sleep for 8 hours at night so that our skin looks young and we look younger.

Apart from the medical team of WebMD health experts say that sleeping for five hours a night causes up to twice the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on our face, causing it to look older.

Also when we sleep we encourage our skin to carry out its repair process correctly. This happens as our skin is not defending itself against the sun or the environmental pollution that affect it. So if you are using a skin care routine the skin will be able to better absorb the products we are using.

There are many plus points of sleeping for 8 hours at night. According to experimental research conducted by Stockholm University, the people who are sleep deprived will show signs of drooping eyelids, pale skin and more pronounced dark circles. It was also found in the study that the participants who slept for lesser number of hours had swollen, red eyes and the lines of the face were more pronounced.

The effect of sleep deprivation is found to be most on your eyes. Even if you have great eye contour products or the most promising patches, if you don’t get enough sleep your dollars will be wasted. Since our eyes are crucial for showing our rested skin.

Another reason you must sleep for eight hours is that you won’t need to spend huge amounts on makeup.

Tips to sleep better

If you have trouble sleeping then we have some tips for you to sleep better.

Proper lighting for proper sleep

If you have problems with light when you sleep then it is necessary that your room is well darkened during the night. Hide any street lamps or car headlights that shine on your room. When the time comes to wake up it is important that there is some light so that your brain knows that it is time to get up.

Set up a sleeping schedule

Going to bed at a certain time is another important step that you can take to sleep properly. This will make you feel drowsy when the time to sleep comes. Also it’s important to wake up at the particular time. This will ensure you have your proper 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping is a physiological activity. Such activities are planned by the brain. By disrupting sleep the nervous system is unable to prepare for sleep. Therefore establish a proper sleeping schedule.

Exercise or playing your favourite sports to sleep better

Exercise or any physical activity will help you to sleep better as it will make you tired. But we encourage you to indulge in your favorite sport. This won’t look like some routine. The problem with exercise is that you lose interest over a period of time. This won’t happen with your favorite sport.

Now you must remember not to do it before you go to sleep. There are certain hormones released when you exercise that can hamper your sleep.

The right sleeping position

The best sleeping position to sleep is on your back. When you sleep on your stomach your face will come in contact with the pillow. This will lead to wrinkles on your face. Avoid sleeping on the sides as your shoulders will come in contact with your neck. This will lead to neck wrinkles.

If you can’t avoid sleeping on your sides or stomach use satin pillowcase or try silk.

Hydration and aging

Now let us move on to the second secret to look younger which is drinking 8 glasses of water. Drinking water has a direct effect on the elasticity of the skin. Dehydration or drinking less water makes our skin dry. Dry skin loses elasticity. This can lead to formation of wrinkles and fine lines. People who drink large amounts of water also are less prone to skin scarring.

Now as we know wrinkles are the most important sign of aging and we must address this problem. By drinking 8 glasses of water you will look younger. Drinking water also has other benefits.

Drinking water will also improve your skin complexion and give it a radiant glow. This happens as drinking water will flush out the toxins from your body.
Drinking water will also help your skin heal from sun burns. Drinking water will help you to maintain your skins temperature, which will prevent boils and rashes on the skin.

There are many other health benefits of drinking water, therefore we recommend you to start your day with a glass of warm water.

But water is know the only Source for fluids. You can increase your hydration levels by consuming foods that are rich in water content.

Foods that are high in fluids

There are many fruits and vegetables that are high in water content. If you mix watermelon and cucumber you will get 90% water. Therefore consuming these foods will keep your skin hydrated and make you look younger.

Other fruits that are high in water content are strawberries, pineapple and oranges are high in water content. Eating these fruits will keep your skin glowing and youthful.

Vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli, celery, lettuce and cucumber also have lots of fluids. Eating these fruits will also rejuvenate your skin.

There are many other food items with high water content. But consuming the above foods will help the collagen in the skin. These mentioned fruits and vegetables are high in anti-oxidants. Now anti-oxidants and know to fight free radicals which damage collagen. Therefore consuming the above foods has the added benefit of skin protection from sun damage.

Other benefits of drinking water

Drinking water can help in hair growth. This happens as blood flow increases to your scalp. This supplies your scalp and hair with nutrients. Therefore there is a simultaneous rise in hair on your scalp

Drinking water can help you with weight loss. Water does not have any calories and drinking water meals can supress your appetite. This will help you lose weight.

As hair loss and weight gain make you look older. Drinking water will make you look younger.

In conclusion

These are two secrets which can help you to look younger. They are drinking 8 glasses of water and sleeping for 8 hours. 8 is the magic number. If you follow this routine religiously then you will look younger in matter of few months.


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