How To look younger?

Skin Elasticity test

The ability of your skin to stretch and bounce back into its original place is skin elasticity. Skin elasticity gives our skin a plump look. As we age due to various factors our skin loses its elasticity. This results in saggy skin and wrinkles. Skin elasticity is highest when we are young and decreases as we age. Aging, suns UV rays, smoking, stress and wrong eating habits are the main reasons that makes our skin lose elasticity. You will need to take the skin elasticity test below to know about the condition of your skin.

To test skin elasticity you will need to go for the pinch test. In this test you need to relax the palm of your hands facing down. Now pinch the back of your hands for around five seconds. Release your skin and count how many seconds it takes for your skin to flatten out. For individuals above thirty it must takes 3 to 4 seconds. For individuals above forty five it must take 5 to 9 seconds. For individuals above 60 it must take less than 15 seconds.

If your skin takes longer to flatten out than the above readings then your skin is losing elasticity faster for your age. There are some steps that you will need to take to improve the elasticity of your skin.

Ways to improve skin elasticity

There are many steps that you can take to improve skin elasticity. Some of them are mentioned below.

The first way to boost skin elasticity is by using a sunscreen. This will protect your skin from the free radicals that damage the collagen and elastin in your skin. These free radicals are formed when your skin comes in contact with the suns UV rays. So use a sunscreen when you move out of your house.

The second way by which you can boost skin elasticity is to quit smoking. Smoking also creates free radicals in your skin. It will take you at least six months to see visible changes in your skin elasticity. Quitting also will help you to get rid of smoker’s lines.

The third way by which you can improve skin elasticity is by eating foods that boost elasticity. Fatty fish like salmon and mackerels preserve moisture in the skin. This will plump up the skin and improve its elasticity.

Eating foods rich in anti-oxidants will help you to get rid of free radicals which in turn will improve skin elasticity. Green tea and berries are a rich source of anti-oxidants.

Nuts like almonds and walnuts are also important to preserve skin elasticity as is a vegetable like broccoli.

Herbs like ginseng and cinnamon are also effective for improving skin elasticity. In fact you can check our cinnamon paste for upper lip wrinkles and judge yourself the importance of cinnamon in fighting skin aging.

Exfoliation is the fourth way by which you can improve skin elasticity. You can go for our homemade oatmeal scrub to exfoliate your skin and improve its elasticity.

Mix a tablespoon of olive oil, with a tablespoon of milk. To this mixture add two tablespoon of oats. Wait till the oats become soft. Finally add a few drops of rose water. Clean your face with a facial cleanser. Rub this mixture on your skin. Gently massage for a couple of minutes. Finally rinse with cold water.

Do this twice a week. After exfoliating your face you will need to apply a moisturizer on your face. This way the nutrients from the moisturizer will seep deeper in your skin. This will happen as the pores of skin will be open due to exfoliation.

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