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Thinning balding hair

Thinning balding hair

Balding hair is one of the important signs of aging. Having a bald head will make you look older than your actual age you must find a solution to this problem. So why do we lose our hair.

More than 90% of hair loss cases in men are due to male pattern baldness. MPB is a form of androgenic hair loss that effects most men. Most of the cases of hair loss will start after your twenties. The rate of progression is different for different people.

Point to be noted is that the younger the age of hair loss, the faster is the hair loss. But in most cases the balding process will take years or even decades.

The majority of Americans aged 40-60 have lost hair to some extent.

Now we do from our expertise know that most men with male pattern baldness are not happy with their situation and would do anything to change it.
This is due to the fact that hair loss can affect many areas of our lives. Our relationships and our work life.

Baldness can cause psychological problems in case of most young men in varying degrees. This is due to the efforts related to hide your balding head. Also the shame that is caused by baldness. Therefore it is important to find a solution to balding hair.

Types of male pattern baldness

In most cases male pattern baldness starts at both the temples. After this your hair will start to thin out little by little on the top of the head as well. In most of the cases the sides and background of the head will remain unchanged. Complete baldness of the head is never the case with male pattern baldness.

Another very common form of hair loss is the receding hairline. In such cases you will have hair loss from both the sides of the forehead and temples. This will lead to a triangular tip at the front of the forehead.

If you are lucky then this will remain the only area of hair loss. This is only in a few cases. In most cases the hair will gradually thin on the top of the head as well as time progresses. The hairline will further recede as you age until it meets the bald area of the scalp.

A less but well known type of hair loss is the thinning in which the hair falls evenly little by little throughout the head. You are lucky if you have such hair loss. This is because you will not notice a receding hairline and hair loss will be difficult to identify. As with other hair loss types, loss of hair does not happen on the back and sides of the head. It happens only on top.

In some cases, hair loss starts at the top of the head. This will leave a thinner area there. This type of hair loss is mostly accompanied by a hair loss around the temples. The hair on the scalp continues to thin and the area of ​​hair loss gradually increases until it reaches the receding hairline at the front of the head. Now the progression of this type of hair loss varies from individual to individual.

What are the reasons for hair loss and baldness?

Now as we age it is normal for us to experience hair thinning and graying. The number of hair and their individual diameter decreases. This occurs evenly on different sides of the head.

Most of the cases of baldness are due to a condition called androgenetic alopecia. Both men and women are susceptible to alopecia. It usually progresses over many years. This is the most common reason for baldness.

Baldness of the scalp (alopecia areata) causes patchy baldness on the scalp, and certain rather rare skin diseases can cause permanently bald scarred areas on the scalp.

Hair loss can be caused by a lot of external causes. We do tight hair styles such as tight plaits. This can result in hair loss mainly in the fore head or temples. This compulsive pulling is called trichotillomania. There are certain medicines that can cause balding hair. The chemotherapy used to treat cancer can cause hair loss. Also retinoid used to treat acne can cause balding hair.

Certain skin diseases of the scalp can be accompanied by hair loss. Atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis often affect the scalp, and the associated skin irritation and scratching can cause hair loss.

Other diseases like iron deficiency or anaemia and thyroid dysfunction can also lead to hair loss.

Treatment of hereditary hair loss:

In case of hair loss due to external factors like tight plaits or medicines used to treat diseases lost hair will come back. Also when you treat skin diseases of the scalp your hair will come back. But when the loss of hair is due to your genes you will need to use certain medications to stop your hair fall.

Solution or foam for hair loss

A minoxidil solution (2% or 5%) is usually prescribed, possibly a minoxidil foam (5%). This solution or foam is applied to the scalp. It can stop hair loss in most cases. This solution at times can result in thickening of hair. This solution stimulates the hair roots.

 A side effect of this solution is that it can temporarily increase hair loss. This is called shedding and it shows that you are responding to the therapy. Other possible side effects are reddened or scaly scalp. You have to use it on a regular basis as if stooped it can lead to hair fall again.

Another treatment that you try is finasteride tablets. They are to be used only by grown up men. Women and children must not take these tablets. This tablets are generally avoided as they can result in impotence. Again once you stop taking this pills loss of scalp hair will start.

Hair transplantation

If nothing works then hair transplantation can be a good option for you. The price depends upon the amount of hair you have lost. But it will generally lie in the range of 4000 to 15000 dollars. There are risks involved like bleeding and infection. You can consult your dermatologist for hair transplant options.

Using a wig

This can be another option to avoid balding hair. This is a lot cheaper that going for hair transplantations. It also won’t have any side effects.

In conclusion

Balding hair can make you older than your actual age and you must find treatment for this problem. You will first have to find the reason for your hair loss. Treatment options include lotions and foams. If nothing works then you can go for hair transplantation.
Getting your hair back will make you look younger and make you confident in life.


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