How To look younger?

Tips on how to look younger?

Beautiful, youthful and glowing skin is always in demand. The skin can look beautiful and soft even in older people, and wrinkles should not be feared. Aging is a natural part of human life and it is also getting visible.  In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to look younger.

The best act for skin and external well-being is to enjoy a healthy diet, drink water, avoid smoking and other harmful lifestyles, and cleanse and moisturize your skin regularly. 

In addition to this, there are a few nifty ways to brighten the look of your face with makeup and hair styling. Youthful and beautiful skin does not require expensive bottles or treatments, as many natural products contain a similar effect and effect.


Marionette lines, also known as puppet lines are a type of wrinkle that appears on the face as a person ages. We have written an in-dept blog post on Marionette line. Do read it.


Smile broadly

There was a study that was conducted. People of different ages were asked to look at thousands of photographs. They asked to determine the ages of the individuals.

The facial expressions of the person in the photographs differed a lot. Neutral looking ones were rated closest to their age. The sad looking ones looked older and the happy faces were rated as younger than their ages.

Get rid of perfumes which are not in style

Most of us choose our perfume when we are young. We stick with the same perfumes as we age. Over a period of time are perfumes become outdated. So go out and find which scents are trending.

Avoid scents based on roses and other flowers, as these are perceived as aging scents. Try to find a perfume that today’s youngsters are using and you will start to feel youthful.

Design and highlight

A little shine can go a long way. While giving your skin a beautiful glow, you can use the glow to shape and apply contour makeup to your face. To avoid a cake-like effect, use a creamy highlighter. 

Try to avoid glitter, as this will only accentuate the fine lines. Instead, choose a sophisticated shimmering shade. 

Start by adding a shimmer cream to your cheeks, chin, upper lip and eyebrows. To brighten the eye area, add a glow cream to your corners and add a small amount of lotion to the inside and outside of your eyes.

Use a sun screen

Being out in the sun exposes you to harmful UV radiation. This radiation is very harmful for the skin. It can cause skin cancer. It can also accelerate aging process. Staying in the sun can lead to spots on the skin.

This can affect the complexion of your skin. Also the exposure to UV radiation is known to cause dry skin which can lead to wrinkles like the marionette line.

Use a proper sun screen throughout the day. It’s important to use it even when you are inside your house or office. Hands also play a important part in the aging process. Therefore try to cover your hands with gloves when you are out. Read more about sun and skin care here.

Change your hairstyle

Your hair style like your perfume must be updated on a regular basis. Most of us choose our hairstyle during our youthful days. Many among us usually stick with that hairstyle. This is fine if your hairstyle is still in fashion.

But it will be a major gaffe if your hairstyle is outdated. Go and meet your hairstylist and ask her to suggest something trendy. A hairstyle that is in fashion. You will look way younger than your actual age with your new hairstyle.

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