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Vaseline Lips - home remedy

You may include all the new skin care products that suit your skin, but Vaseline is a classic that deserves to be a part of anyone’s skin care routine. Using Vaseline for lips has been a traditional way to deal with the problem of dry lips. This moisturizing substance has many incredible benefits for the skin in general. But here in this article we will deal with the problem of dry and chapped lips and how Vaseline can solve this problem.

Why do we get chapped lips?

Chapped lips are the result of dry and cracked skin on your lips. They are caused due to dry or cold weather and sun exposure. Dehydration and frequent licking of your lips can also cause this problem.

The lips do not form fats. This is because they don’t have sebaceous glands. As a result they dry out quickly. Especially during winters when the lips are little or not at all protected from the cold this problem is more severe.

You can get dry and chapped lips despite of your skin type. Which means even oily or combination skin will get this problem due to the absence of sebaceous glands in the lips.

What is Vaseline?

Vaseline is an ointment that is made from residues of petroleum distillation. This means that Vaseline is not a natural cosmetic and is a completely synthetic product. However there is no health risk. Most of the cosmetics are made on the basis of petroleum jelly and are well tolerated by the skin.

In fact Vaseline is more suitable for lip and skin care as it doesn’t contain any allergy causing addictive.

Vaseline comes in white and yellow version. Always choose the white version. This is because white is purer in composition as compared to yellow petroleum jelly.

As compared to lip balm applying petroleum jelly on your lips has two advantages. Firstly a pot of pure white petroleum jelly is cheaper than a simple lip balm. Secondly petroleum jelly does not contain any of the allergenic substances that are often found in commercial lip balms.

Before you apply Vaseline on your lips

If your lips and dry and chapped for a long period of time, you must consult a dermatologist, especially if it is not cold and dry. This along with cracked corners of the lips can be signs of fungal infection or a vitamin deficiency. Your dermatologist can find out appropriate treatment if you have lip infection. If that is not the case you are free to use Vaseline on your lips.

How to apply?

Take a slight amount of Vaseline on the tip of your index finger and apply it on your lips. Don't forget to apply the ointment especially to the corners of your mouth. Since Vaseline is ointment like and greasy it will provide your lips with the moisture it needs. The fatty film will protect your skin from the cold and provide a protective layer to your lips.

Experts recommend applying the cream for at least thrice a day. Also as a tip if you notice that your lips are dry then don’t lick your lips. The liquid combined with the cold will only cause your lips to rip open even faster.

Finally using Vaseline on chapped dry lips has been used for a long period of time. There will be many examples of people you know who can vouch for this home remedy.

In conclusion

Vaseline for chapped and dry lips will work as the reason you get them is because of lack of moisture in your lips. Vaseline works by moisturizing your lips and protecting them from cold and dry conditions.

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