How To look younger?

Vaseline skin tightening

Loose and saggy skin makes a person look old. You will have to get rid of saggy skin if you want to look younger and attractive. Vaseline skin tightening is a way by which you can use Vaseline to add volume to your skin. But before discussing the method to use Vaseline for skin tightening let us know the reasons behind saggy skin.

As we age we lose the proteins colagen and elastin to a number of factors. One of the prominent reason is the drop in the production of these proteins due to aging. The suns UV rays are also to be blamed. They create free radicals in our skin which damage both collagen and elastin in our skin. Pollution also plays its part.

Bad habits like smoking and drinking excessive alcohol also play their part and need to be avoided. Finally stress is another reason for saggy skin. When we stress a hormone called cortisol is generated in our skin which damages collagen.

Vaseline can be used for skin tightening. This is because dermatologists recommend moisturizers to prevent skin aging. A moisturized face is plump and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin. Vaseline is a moisturizing product. Hence use of Vaseline can aid in skin tightening.

Benefits of using Vaseline of skin

Vaseline moisturizes your skin and prevents dehydration. It helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin. It’s also rich in vitamin A and E which contribute to the prevention of oxidation of the dermis cells.

How to use Vaseline for skin tightening

You need to first wash your face to remove any make-up, dirt or pollution. This will open up the pores in your skin. As a result the nutrients from the Vaseline will seep deeper. Then take a small amount of Vaseline on your finger. Apply it to lose and saggy skin. Tap gently so that the product is absorbed completely. Do this every night till you start to see results.

How to get rid of saggy skin

You can use our Vaseline skin tightening method to get rid of lose and saggy skin. There are other ways of skin tightening that you can use to add volume to your skin.

Instead of using Vaseline you can use a good moisturizer. There are many available in the market. But before using a moisturizer you will first need to wash your face with a facial cleanser. This will open up the pores of your skin and allow the nutrients from the moisturizer to seep deeper.

Another important step to take if you want to tighten your skin is to start using sunscreen. This will protect your skin from the suns UV rays. These rays create free radicals in your skin which damage the protein collagen which is responsible to provide your skin with firmness.

Since collagen is important to tighten your skin then consuming foods that are rich in collagen becomes very important. Egg whites, bone broth and chicken are foods that are rich in the protein collagen.

Finally you need to avoid stress. Stress creates the hormone cortisol. This hormone also damages collagen. To stress less to tighten your skin.

In conclusion

Vaseline skin tightening is a method by which you use Vaseline to provide volume to your skin. Vaseline has the properties of a moisturizer, which will plump up your skin and tighten it.

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