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Vertical Neck Lines

Neck lines are part of the aging process which begins in our twenties. This happens as our body’s collagen producing capacity comes down. Collagen is the protein that gives strength to the skin and keeps it wrinkle free.

There are other factors that give rise to wrinkles like vertical neck lines. Prime among them is the sun’s UV rays. When our skin gets exposed to the sun’s UV rays free radicals are formed in our body. This free radicals tend to damage the collagen in our skin. This results in loss of volume and elasticity which makes the skin saggy. Finally wrinkles like vertical neck lines are formed on the neck.

Other factors that contribute to the production of free radicals are pollution, cigarette smoking, excessive stress and drinking alcohol. You need to prevent or protect yourself from these factors. But if you already have neck wrinkles then we have come up with some treatments that you can undergo to treat vertical neck lines.

Before looking for treatment options for vertical neck lines let us first know about the difference between vertical and horizontal neck lines.

Horizontal neck lines are the ones that appear parallel to the chin or transversely, we speak of embryonic folds. These are wrinkles which have been present since your childhood.

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As you age and become middle aged you will suffer from vertical neck lines. These neck lines look similar to a turkey’s dynamic neck. The so-called platysma is responsible for this type of neck folds - a skin muscle that, when slightly tensed, already exposes two muscle strands, which then act like folds.


Vertical Neck Lines


How do I get rid of vertical lines on my neck?

To get rid of vertical neck lines you will have to follow a proper skin care routine. The first thing to do is to properly cleanse your neck. We are so obsessed with the face that we tend to forget neck and hands. So you must first cleanse your neck with a good facial cleanser. Then the next thing to do is moisturize your neck. This will give the required amounts of hydration to your skin which will make the skin fuller and less prone to wrinkle formation. You can read this blog post to help you to choose a moisturiser according to your skin type.

Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin once a week. You can try some of our homemade exfoliants. The most important step of all is to use sunscreen when you move out of the house. This will protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays.

Other than this you have to sleep for eight hours daily. This will improve collagen levels in your skin. Also drink 8 glasses of water. This will hydrate the skin around your neck and prevent neck lines. We have mentioned below a list of treatments that you can take to get rid of vertical neck lines.

Treatment for vertical neck lines


This is a treatment that revitalizes the skin and restores its glow. In mesolift you are injected with a series of small injections. The nutrients in the skin depend on the type of skin. These injections may contain vitamins, trace elements, minerals, hyaluronic acid as well as products that stimulate micro-circulation, oxygenation and the production of collagen in the skin. This will result in tightening of skin around your neck which will further prevent vertical neck lines.

You can also try skin boosters which are injections of weakly cross-linked hyaluronic acid compounds which improve the production of collagen. This will smooth the epidermis of the skin. The neck becomes plump and the results last for six months.

Radio frequency for neck lines

In this technique you heat your deep tissue by using electromagnetic waves. This heating leads to reactions which lead to the stimulation of dermal fibroblasts. This will in turn result in the activation of the production elastin and collagen in the skin. This will strengthen the skin which is needed to prevent saggy skin and wrinkle formation.

Support threads for neck lines

These are sutures that are made from absorbable material. They strengthen the skin in two ways. The material of the support threads is such that it promotes the production of collagen at the application site. This will strengthen the skin at the site and prevent its sagging. This will in turn help to eliminate vertical neck lines. As opposed to facelift support threads suspend loose saggy skin by stitching up portions of the same. This will tighten the skin.

Botox injections for vertical neck lines

Botox injections cause targeted muscle paralysis where they are injected. This blocks the signal from nerves to the brain. Your neck where the injection is injected won’t be able to contract. This will relax the wrinkles and soften them. The results of botox will be visible in a few days. The effects of botox injections lasts for four to six months. There will be minor discomfort. You don’t need to take any anaesthesia.

You can also use injection of Prostrolane InnerB which has a mixture to peptides which will help to dissolve fat. This will firm the skin of the neck and prevent vertical lines.

Dermatological peeling for the neck

Dermatological peeling with trichloroacetic acid is also recommended to combat wrinkles for which creams are no longer sufficient. This works by causing the skin to regenerate. This happens after ten days and the effects last for a year. To make it more efficient your dermatologist will combine this treatment with LEDs. Yellow or red light will offer a lifting effect by relaunching the production of collagen, fibroblasts and elastin in the skin.

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Exercises for neck wrinkles

You can try exercises for neck wrinkles. These exercises and yoga work by strengthening the neck muscles. One such exercise that you can perform is to stick out your tongue for sixty seconds.  This will work the area under the jaw.

Another exercise that you can do is in a sitting position raise your jaw towards the ceiling and stretch it as if you are trying to kiss the ceiling.

The last exercise that we have is to lift your jaw up and push your tongue across the top of your mouth. Now smile and swallow.

You can perform these exercises in the morning or evenings. They will help you to get rid of vertical neck lines.

In conclusion

Vertical neck lines are a sign of aging and you must get rid of them if you want to look younger. You can try our skin care routine or undergo the various treatments that we have given you. You need to consult your dermatologist to know which the best treatment for you is and to know its pricing. You can also try our exercises and see if your wrinkles go with exercise.

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