How To look younger?

What clothes to wear to look younger?

Everyone wants to look younger. There are many ways to do so. One of them is your clothing. By changing the way you dress you can look way younger than your actual age. Now some of the clothes that we wear is because they are comfortable. But such clothes can make us look older. If you want to look younger than you need to change them and adopt something new. We have come up with some hacks that will make you look younger. Though all won’t work on everyone, you will need to experiment to see which clothing style suits you and makes you look younger.

Change your wardrobe

One of the first things to do is to update your wardrobe. By this we mean clothes don’t stay in trend for a very long period of time. The latest fashion style keep changing. So watch out for the latest styles and change your wardrobe accordingly. This will make you look trendy.

Avoid the teenage look

Now if you are no longer very young there is a very important rule that you must follow. Just avoid the teenage look. Trying to dress like a teenager will have the opposite effect. This will make you look ridiculous. So look out for stars and models in their forties and find what they wear to look younger. Good taste cannot be ignored, as always in the clothing sector.

Jeans the ace that will make you look younger

Jeans are a set of clothes that can make you look young and energetic. Blue jeans, black jeans or any color jeans. They can make anyone look younger. The main advantage of jeans is its versatility which allows you to combine it with other elegant garments. This is the reason why your upgraded wardrobe must have jeans. Also don’t forget to avoid jeans which are too short or the ones that leave your navel uncovered. This won’t go nice with you if you are too old.

Go for ripped jeans. But here you need to be careful. Too ripped and you will look awkward. A subtle rip and you will look younger.

Look younger thanks to bright color styling

Black is a timeless color. You can wear it at any age. In your teen or in your forties this color goes on with anyone. But black doesn’t give you a fresh youthful look. To get a youthful look then you will have to go for bright colors. Now you don’t have to have your whole look brightly colored. It is enough to set a colorful accent with a statement piece to make yourself look younger. You can go for pastel shades like soft pink, baby blue or lime green if you want to look subtle. 

If you don’t want to be subtle then you can go for red, pinks and purples. These colors have a youthful appeal to them.

So in brief if you want to look younger then replace black with red, pinks, purple and pastels.

Show your wrists

Everyone knows that being overweight can make a person look older than their actual age. So it’s imperative that you dress to look younger by emphasising on the parts of your body which make you look slim. Wrists are such a part of your body. No matter what you weigh your wrists will mostly look slim. So it is important that you roll up your sleeves to expose your wrists.

By rolling just a few centimetres of your sleeves you can create the appearance of a slimmer person. By creating such an appearance you will look like a person who is a few years younger than yourself. Now this is a dressing hack that anyone can use to look younger.

Wear a scarf around your neck

If you have gone through any one of my blogposts then you will know that wrinkles are the most prominent sign of aging. They make you look older. Though some may say they make you look wiser.

But if you want to look younger then you have to find ways to hide them. By wearing a scarf around your neck you can hide your neck wrinkles. Choose a scarf that compliments the color of your outfit.

Using a scarf is another good way to look younger than your actual age. This can be done by women of any age. You can also go for outfits which have scarves. This way you won’t have to worry about the color combination of the dress and scarf.

Wear right fitting clothes

One important thing to do if you want to dress younger then choose the right fitting clothes for you. Don’t wear anything that is too small or too big for you. Try to avoid tops that are too large, baggy pants, wide dresses that hide your shape.  As we have mentioned above being overweight makes any one look older. So by wearing loose fitting clothes will make you look overweight and that in turn will make you look older.

Avoid clothes that are too tight fitting also specially around your mid-section. This will expose your belly fats if you have any. This will again make you look fatter and older.

Instead go for clothes which fit you perfectly. Such clothes will make you look younger and elegant.

Show your ankles

This is a trick similar to our roll up your wrist trick. Most of the times people have slimmer ankles. Even when we gain weight our ankles tend to be slender. If this is the case with you then show your ankles. Do this especially when you have gained weight.

This trick will make you look thinner and create the impression of youthfulness. This is like the roll up your wrists trick that we have mentioned above.

In conclusion

Your dressing can make you look younger. We have provided some important tips and tricks to dress in a way which will make you look younger. Though you will look your age the moment you stop dressing our way. This is a temporary change.


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