How To look younger?

Why do some guys look younger

Many guys want to look younger. It gives you a chance to attract potential younger mates. But the why do some guys look younger. If we can find an answer to this question then probably we may find ways to look younger. Below are some of the points that can affect the way guy can look. There are some factors that you can’t do anything about. But there are factors which you can change and look younger.


As far as looking young is concerned genetics plays a very important role. A gene has been discovered that plays a role in people looking younger. A study was conducted in which researchers used the genome of 2600 people to discover the gene involved in looking younger.

All evidence found that the MC1R gene is critical to making melanin a hormone which affects skin pigmentation and protects against UV radiation of the sun. Some more studies have found that the people with variants of this gene look on an average two years younger.

The suns UV rays generate free radicals in our skin. These free radicals damage the collagen in the skin. This collagen is needed to keep the skin firm and wrinkle free. Therefore guys with this variant of MC1R gene will look younger than their counterparts.

Now you can’t do much if you don’t have this gene. You can’t change your genes. But there are reasons which can make you look younger and you need to address those.

Male pattern baldness

As you enter your 30’s you will find that you have started losing hair. As you age more you will suddenly find one day that you have a balding head. This is serious problem. Studies have found that a balding head can make you look up to 8 years older.

So if you address this problem any guy can look younger. Now male pattern baldness is a hereditary problem. So like above it is related to your genes which can’t be changed. But you can surely address this problem and find solutions.

As far as medical research is concerned there is no known treatment to prevent this condition. But you can use a solution called minoxidil to slow down the hair fall. This is a temporary solution.

 If you want to get rid of this problem permanently then you will have to go for hair transplantation. There are many clinics in the US which can help you with this. Hollywood celebrities like Tom Hanks, John Travolta and Mel Gibson have gone for hair transplant. So you can also try it.

Skin type

There are three types of skin. Dry, oily and combination. If you don’t know your skin type then you can do a simple experiment to find yours. Take a tissue and rub it on your face. If the tissue has oil on it then you have oily skin. If there is no oil then you have dry skin. If the there is oil only when you rub your forehead and nose then you have combination skin.

It is generally believed that people with oily skin have lesser wrinkles and look younger compared to dry skin. So if you have dry skin then you must use a moisturiser on a daily basis to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. You will have to go for a moisturising cream. They have a high concentration of moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients. Also its consistency is dense hence creams are ideally suited for dry skin.


If you are a Caucasians then there is a chance that you will age faster than blacks or Asians. This happens as darker skin people have more melanin. The more melanin you have the more protected you are from suns UV rays. Therefore if you are a Caucasian you will tend to look older than your Africans or Asians.

This is truer for black people who are living in Europe. As the suns UV rays are present in lesser amount in countries closer to the poles.

Therefore it is important for guys to use their sunscreen when they move out of their house. Use a sunscreen of SPF of above 30 for protection from UV rays. Guys usually don’t use protection and when they are 40 years they look ten years older. Sunscreen will also protect you from skin cancer.  You must also wear sunglasses as the skin around the eyes is more sensitive to the suns UV rays.

Longer Telomeres

There is a process of cell division that is taking place in our body. Telomeres is a region of repetitive division at the end of the chromosome. It protects the chromosome from becoming frayed or tangled.

The telomeres becomes shorter each time the cell divides. Finally it becomes so shorter that the cell cannot divide further and dies.

Now the reason we are telling you this is that a shorter telomeres is associated older looks. Yes if you have a longer telomeres then chances are that you will be looking younger than your age.

It has been found that people who consume Mediterranean food have a longer telomeres. This has been confirmed in many studies. So you will need to eat Mediterranean food to look younger.

It consists of fruits, vegetables, salads and fish. The Mediterranean diet also uses olive oil. This diet is also a healthy diet as it has lots of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.  

Other reasons some guys look younger

There are a few other reasons that some guys look younger than their age. One reason is that they are slimmer and don’t have a bulging tummy. A leaner person usually will look younger. They may also be using a good skin care routine at home. They may be consuming lots of water and sleeping a lot. Both these habits are important as far as looking young is concerned.

Also you need to avoid smoking. This one habit that many guys have contributes to the aging process. Drinking alcohol in moderation is also important. So guys who look younger are the ones who avoid cigarettes and alcohol.

In conclusion

There are many reasons which can make a guy look younger. Some reasons are such that you can’t do anything about them. But for most reasons you can take preventive action and look younger.

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